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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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Freemasonry > Transmut_of_metals On Metallic transmutation / 7
by (3124 reads)
FreemasonryThe Principle of identification and mental repolarization – The Mirror, one of Bacchus’ Toys – [The Bridge] – On the meaning of the Masonic Secret – The Secret in the sphere of the Initiate – The symbol of the Speculum in the Masonic Ceremonial – [Saturn ‘the Planet of Trials’]

The Mysteries are in actual fact the source of true ‘revelation’ and only when the mind and the will for good are intimately joined and affect the conscience, the extension of the future revelation is understood. Only then these secrets will be entrusted to the Humankind. They relate to the ability to put the Brothers in the position to consciously operate with the energies of the planet and of the Solar System (Diamagnetism) in order to control the forces inside the planet.

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Question&Answer > Forced chastity and absence of attribute
by (3539 reads)
Question & AnswerQ: Why is chastity recommended for the spiritual journey, so much so that in the Church it becomes the rule of celibacy?

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Esotericism_Reading > Love and Death
by (2312 reads)
Esotericism ReadingLove is always a beginning, whilst death is the accomplishment of an instant. It is a goal but also a life phenomenon that produces the ‘change’. It is a transformation against which we often fight without any other meaning but the fear to get lost.

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Question&Answer > By recognizing you will be recognized
by (2548 reads)
Question & AnswerQ: It has been said that the rule ‘By recognizing you will be recognized’... ‘must be understood for what it is, not for what we would like to see in it’...and also that ‘in the initiatory field we never choose, but we are always chosen’. These two statements appear to be in contrast...is it possible to tear the veil and let a better understanding come through?

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Question&Answer > Being able to Choose
by (2402 reads)
Question & Answer...from today I feel less lonely, your words encouraged and urged me to continue my journey...I would like to ask you another question: what do you mean by expert guide to point out the ‘goodness’ of our thoughts...or rather, where can we find a suitable person? ...I have just approached esotericism but I have already realized that there are people who don’t even know its true meaning, actual ‘charlatans’ or frauds...and I really wouldn’t like to meet ‘one’ of them....

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Esotericism_Reading > Eclecticism against the ties of sciolism
by (3223 reads)
Esotericism ReadingEverybody knows the limits of sciolism and the advantages of eclecticism in the field of research. Without involving initiatory and spiritual eclecticism, the intellectual one is a philosophical method that consists of welcoming and reconciling theories of different systems that express the same topic, consciously structuring them with the purpose of widening the idea at the basis of the different theories or interpretations.

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Freemasonry > Imago_Templi Imago Templi / Book IV - 2nd part
by (2623 reads)
FreemasonryFragrance and man, from Natural to Sexual Magic – Ritual Fragrances – Fumigations in the Temple – Fumigations in the Masonic Temple

The animal-man in his religions has in actual fact only loved or feared himself and his attributes.He tried to escape his own fears by serving a god, but, not being able to perceive the Archetype One, he made it to the likeness of his own desires and fears, creating a monster, viz. Satan.

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Alchemy_of_Fire > The Group
by (3050 reads)
Alchemy of FireA Group linked to the Hierarchy is made by all those Aspirants and Disciples that ‘revolve’ around its Teaching; the latter is expressed by the Masters that rule their Communities. Every Group is ruled by an Instructor, usually an accepted Disciple, able to transmit in the whole the various elements of the Tradition without adding any slant or personal interpretations to it. Nevertheless the Instructor must be able to color the terms of the Teaching to adapt it to the (psychological) language of the Aspirant and to make it perceivable to his ideological and cultural preconceptions and his intellectual relativity.

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Question&Answer > Mind and soul of the initiate
by (2196 reads)
Question & Answer...it doesn’t matter if we use a ruby or a carefully handcrafted red glass; it all depends on the value we give things...

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Question&Answer > Synthesis as an evolutionary instrument
by (2026 reads)
Question & Answer...the humankind is going through a period of involution and a new ‘man’ will rise from the ashes of the old one... ...A great knowledge has been lost in the mists of times... ...the Atlantean race was destined to the development of the Astral body and so on going back to the others... ... our efforts should be aimed at recovery, integration and development rather than regret for an ancient knowledge... ...what should interest us is not the object of knowledge (perhaps the character of the school we belong to)...

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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