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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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Alchemy_of_Fire > Physical and subtle identity
by (2289 reads)
Alchemy of FireThe mystery of life is to know who we really are; we can discover it by re-building our subtle identity.

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Question&Answer > Questions about Freemasonry
by (2056 reads)
Question & AnswerWhat is Freemasonry? What are the goals of Freemasonry? Who can belong to Freemasonry? Is Freemasonry a secret association? Can Freemasonry be considered a religion? To my knowledge there are a ‘female’ and a ‘male’ Freemasonry; is this because the rites are different for men and women? Can Freemasonry be considered the same as a political party? Do Masonic Lodges commit sacrilegious acts? What are the reasons for such a hostile attitude from the Roman Church towards Freemasonry, which we don’t see in any other creed?

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Biblical Studies > The five Seals of the Apocalypse
by (3976 reads)
Biblical StudiesThe opening of a seal is a revelation. The opening of the seven seals that secure the divine scroll is the progressive revelation of God’s Plan to the Church. Each of the seven revelations belong to the Church of the time when it was given, but for the latest members of the Body of Christ represented by the Apostle John, they are all in front of their eyes, in a global vision of the Revelation of Jesus Christ to the Saints, because, as the pastor Russell says: ‘The teachings of the past should never be forgotten.’

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Quattuor_Coronati > Etymology of the titles in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite
by (3539 reads)
Quattuor CoronatiA quick reference to check the origins of titles used by Freemasonry.

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Art&Esotericism > Education to see
by (3359 reads)
Art & EsotericismI don’t believe into supremacy of the knowledge belonging to the old times. I recognize that some of ‘Them’ were able to point out paths whose accesses (mind and conscience) would be difficult to find today, because of the pile of ideologies covering them. The sequence of development of knowledge advanced with time, developing the original ideas, enriching them with new details and multiplying their relations. In actual fact they were made bigger and deeper. Generally speaking, though, we can’t deny the extraordinary ability of the human being to get ‘mixed up’ in his own words.

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Alchemy_of_Fire > From reason to Pure Reason, evolutionary process of mind and conscience
by (2261 reads)
Alchemy of FireThe differences between reason and Pure reason have always intrigued intellectuals, originating discussions that led to a conclusion: reason and Pure reason are the start and finish of the same evolutionary process that involves mind and conscience. Mental development and expansion of conscience start in the reason, freeing themselves from the ties of the physical-animal nature. Therefore the conscious self (the rough Stone of the Masonic catechism) doesn’t recognize itself anymore in the instincts of the lower nature, which it tries and controls. Crisis of the spiritual development by Roberto Assagioli

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Alchemy_of_Fire > How to purify body and mind – Part one
by (2450 reads)
Alchemy of FirePurification is a recurring theme in philosophical, religious and scientific environments. It is presented in different ways, but the most common way of decontamination regards the lunar way. The passive perspective deals with contaminations a posteriori, viz. to recover damage that has already occurred. The solar way, which will be dealt with in the second part, will illustrate the active perspective. It recognizes that the increase of will and self-determination are the main means of human dimension.

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Esotericism_Reading > How to find oneself
by (1939 reads)
Esotericism ReadingReasonably, there are many debates about ‘instruments and methods of growth’. Nobody as yet has mentioned where to find the energy to expand the instruments, which are metaphors of mental, animistic and spiritual aspects. …when planning a route the only useful thing is to expound the details, that is what to do and how to do it.

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Alchemy_of_Fire > All that attracts or repels is always a growth factor
by (1992 reads)
Alchemy of FireAccording to the law of attraction-rejection, what accelerates or slows down the growth process is determined by what attracts or repels the mind. Especially in an education of imitative kind, what tempts us or leaves us indifferent becomes the guide line of our attitude, designating the first goals in our growth.

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Quattuor_Coronati > What does “Quattuor Coronati” mean
by (3509 reads)
Quattuor CoronatiThe martyrdom of the Four Crowned – Sancti Quattuor Coronati – Esonet Project and Quattuor Coronati Each Masonic Communion constitutes a (unique) Quattuor Coronati Lodge or Sancti Quattuor Coronati, in order to promote initiatory research and culture…

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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