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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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Freemasonry > UniversalFreemasonry Dialogues of an oriental Master
by (2158 reads)
FreemasonryIn its rituality Freemasonry states that the “Light of wisdom” rises in the East. The most prestigious side of every Masonic Temple, in fact, is called «East». So many repetitions can’t be considered a simple coincidence. This little mystery excites the esotericist’s curiosity, led to think that the initiatory roots of Freemasonry are much older than those thought in 1717.

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Freemasonry > UniversalFreemasonry Esoterical meaning of Dante’s Mountain
by (1984 reads)
FreemasonryIn the Convivio, Tome II, Dante Alighieri wrote: « ...in every Work of Art there are always four meanings, the literal, the allegorical, the moral and the anagogical one (Greek anà-ago: to bring up).…» This criterion that sums up four ways of understanding an idea, gives shape to an ideal mountain to be climbed in order to reach the top and find the immaterial purity of the primogenial idea.

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Alchemy_of_Fire > Mental Alchemy Getting closer to universal knowledge
by (1765 reads)
Alchemy of FireThere isn’t a boundary between “mysteries” and “greater mysteries”. This statement negates the assumption that there is a separation between these two topics which are, on the contrary, projections of the same teaching. The consequence is that the re-veiling (covering twice) or the revealing (opening) of ideas depends on the vision of the mind of which the observer is able (see inferior and superior psychicism); we’ll try and demonstrate it.

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Freemasonry > UniversalFreemasonry Esoterical Landmarks
by (1857 reads)
FreemasonryMany modern traditions preserve the memory of “old precepts”. Nevertheless, they have narrowed their concepts to suit them to the modern society’s culture. This didn’t happen in the past because profane and initiatory cultures were kept separated and they could meet only through scientific principles. This essay reproposes the reading of some “old precepts”disguised as esoterical landmarks and aphorisms. At the end we add a specific form for admission.

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Freemasonry > UniversalFreemasonry Discovering oneself through symbols
by (2020 reads)
FreemasonryThe difference between the esotericist and the collector of enigmatic quotations is that the latter can actually understand the use of this matter. No matter if it’s a methaphor, a symbol, an alchemical formula, a geometrical form, a number, a sound or a colour, the esotericist learns its meaning but also its use.....

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Eastern_Esotericism > Agni Yoga Arjuna, human Icon of the Path of Action
by (1922 reads)
Eastern Esotericism ReadingThe man who is able to build himself and his life, according to a discipline which is invisible from the outside, is called to the Yoga of Fire. He co-operates with far-off worlds and is able to understand the fundaments of evolution. The main characteristic of the School of the “Red Dresses” is the lighting of the fires of knowledge, which allows their Disciples to interact with the more subtle energies and to develop, in this way, the direct-knowledge and the “knowledge through contact” with the Soul.

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Freemasonry > UniversalFreemasonry Initiatory history of Freemasonry
by (2175 reads)
FreemasonryThe author takes us on a journey which goes from the operative Masonry to the esoterical meanings of Ars Muratoria, Ars Regia and Ars Pontificia. From the reading of ancient manuscripts other considerations, of a more pragmatic nature, can also be derived. One of them is that in history causes do not always coincide with events. Sometimes, therefore, causes and facts are contradictory. This seems to happen in Freemasonry, where many practices given out as a fact turn out to be unfounded. When we read the ancient main points of the Freemasonry, the so-called primitive, we find the rules that directed the life of the Freemason in his professional, initiatory and family relationships. In other words, the rules that connected children and wives of the master mason to the Brotherhood of the Freemasons. In the rules between the family and the Freemasonry we find a forgotten aspect. It is what we can call the initiatory consideration for women. Female initiation, even though is acknowledged in ancient manuscripts, is still cause of contradictions and it feeds a religious misogyny which contradicts the origins of Freemasonry. The Freemason will make his own judgement on its value.

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MysteriesOfBuilders > UniversalFreemasonry Arcane symbols – The Hexagram and the sephirothic scale
by (4640 reads)
Mysteries of the BuildersThe Mysteries of the Masons /7

As for any other arcane, the interpretation of this sign depends upon the intuitiveness of the observer, in conformity with a scale of priorities like the one we mention on the first page of this work, formulated by Dante.

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MysteriesOfBuilders > UniversalFreemasonry Arcane symbols – The Pentalpha and the 5 Kingdoms of Nature
by (4091 reads)
Mysteries of the BuildersThe Mysteries of the Masons /6

" ...all religions and sciences reconnect to a single Science, always hidden to the common multitude and transmitted from epoch to epoch, from Initiated to initiated, under the veil of tales and symbols. And this is also true for the legends that the Master Masons placed in the lesser catechisms." - Eliphas Levi

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MysteriesOfBuilders > UniversalFreemasonry The Three Columns of the sephirothic System
by (3652 reads)
Mysteries of the BuildersThe Mysteries of the Masons /5

The structure of the symbol is supported by three Columns. The one on the left is the Column of passive nature, while the one on the right is of active nature and in the middle there is the spiritual one.

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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