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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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Esotericism_Reading > Esotericism and alimentary praxis
by (2271 reads)
Esotericism ReadingEsoterically the human being is made by mineral substance, animal substance, psychic substance and spiritual substance. The nourishment that feeds the physical body contains characteristics and radiations of the birthplace that, once absorbed, stabilize in the cells and determine their organic-emotional characteristics.

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Esotericism_Reading > Listening, Seeing, Thinking – the first initiatory virtues
by (2104 reads)
Esotericism ReadingIt is necessary to discover which instruments are contained in the Case of the Great Architect of the Universe, as the perennial Teaching tells us. This Case and its instruments are the real touchstone for the Apprentice Master.

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Freemasonry > Compendium for the Master Tiler - Masonic rules for tiling
by (2539 reads)
FreemasonryThese notes have been written to avoid the loss of the experiences developed during the tilers' courses held during the 1978-79 and 1980-81 at the Order in Turin, Italy. This compendium doesn't claim to resolve all the aspects of tiling but to highlight its most relevant features, since tiling is one of the most important ‘operative' functions of Freemasonry towards the profane world. In particular, if an unsuitable or undeserving postulant is admitted by mistake, this has repercussions on the Institution.

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Esotericism_Reading > Esoteric Teachings in Catholic Cathedrals
by (4498 reads)
Esotericism ReadingGothic cathedrals are an excellent example of hiding in plain sight. The cathedrals, with their “spiritual architecture”, where gravity is seemingly overcome by the flying buttresses externally, and where walls through architecture seem dissolve into light to allow the visible manifestation of the power of god to penetrate the building as it penetrates the soul... These buildings seem to defy gravity, great masses of stone soaring upward, yet seemingly as light as air, giving us a psychological lift from earth-like mind to heaven-like mind.

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Freemasonry > The Carpet
by (2341 reads)
FreemasonryCan therefore an oriental carpet deliver a secret, esoteric message to whoever is able to receive it? My answer is affirmative and, on the other hand, “the wind blows wherever it pleases”

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Freemasonry > Orientations and Perambulations
by (2318 reads)
FreemasonryTo orientate, or to orient, means to face or turn to the east, to the rising sun, thus receiving light and heat, that were, especially in ancient times, the primary source of energy. So, men used to orient themselves to face the east, the sun, in order to receive energy and then balance it inwardly.

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Freemasonry > Chain of Union
by (4616 reads)
FreemasonryFreemasonry is a “Peculiar Morality, veiled in allusion and illustrated by symbols.” Of course, there are many types of symbols, there are visual symbols, pictures, oral symbols, which primarily make up speech, and demonstrated or enacted symbols. The Chain of Union is an “enacted” symbol, that is, a rite by gesture.

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Esotericism_Reading > Pompeii
by (2175 reads)
Esotericism ReadingIn Pompeii, in the Architects' House, there is a particular mosaic, the photography of which is often shown in Masonic texts. It was the emblem in the floor of the Triclinium and man thinks that the naturalistic representation of the skull and of the mason's tools is an allegoric reference to the lapsing of the human life and the looming death. In my opinion, however, the tile conceals a deeper mean-ing. I strove to find it and I want, therefore, to share with you my thoughts.

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Hidden_History > The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem
by (4268 reads)
Hidden HistoryFollowing the thread of documents, we reach the conclusion that not all of the Templar Order was dissolved. Many warrior-monks entered the high ranks of other Orders, in Scotland and Spain, where they continued standing out for they courage and loyalty. Others, it is said, found hospitality in the Confraternities of Freemasons, where they continued erecting Churches and Cathedrals. Since the knights templars were ordained monks, some could return in the shadow of monasticism. The re-joining of the Templars to the monastic Order obtained a Bull of acknowledgment from the pope who succeeded to Clement V, the one who wanted their dispersion . According to the author of the essay, though, the transformation of the ‘Ordo Templi' ( Order of the Temples ) didn't stop; it led to the intimate mysticism that originated the Rosicrucian Confraternity.

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Alchemy_of_Fire > The Egg of Columbus and the initiatory path
by (2595 reads)
Alchemy of FireMisunderstandings and misdeeds of a mind that lies – To want to fly – The Egg of Columbus of the initiatory path. The best quality in man is the creative experience he has and he can transmit. It starts from the desire for knowledge, which is only partly satisfied by books; indeed, formal reading doesn’t reach the deep meanings of which we only perceive the presence (root meanings and archetypes). This limit is the boundary between learning and knowing, between abstract sciolism and direct experience, practice and experiment.

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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