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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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Question&Answer > : The Dome of Initiation
by (2709 reads)
Question & AnswerI believe that the method for initiatory enquiry of Freemasonry can be summed up by the expression: ‘nosce te ipsum’, written on all our temples...but in knowing ourselves...what prevents a real introspective image is the activity of our ego...which is the first great obstacle. Indeed, V.I.T.R.I.O.L., by rectifying ourselves (heaven knows how many times) we will be able to reach the occult stone...using the plumb line like a line that stabs our ‘skin’...visiting the interiority... if we don’t deconstruct our own mind, we will turn into logorrheic people who, four times a month, meet in a certain place to discuss the sex of angels....

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Question&Answer > : The School of Whys
by (2988 reads)
Question & AnswerWe need to ask: who is (or what is) an advanced student? By which criteria we can call him that? What has an ‘advanced’ student done or what ‘mechanisms’ has he started? And if this is the case, what originated them?

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Esotericism_Reading > : Initiatory Order and individual anarchy
by (2981 reads)
Esotericism ReadingMonothematic egocentrism and intellectual anarchy are the main problems that afflict and divide the humankind; they separate the sentient being from the inner Path, which brings wellbeing and advantages in the physical form as well. I think that these topics should not be underestimated or rejected, but rather faced by researchers (of truth) with the utmost thorough care.

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Question&Answer > : Other principles of esoteric Philosophy
by (2896 reads)
Question & Answer...the superior energetic essence is able to express itself in a physical form: why? …according to which principles does this energy ‘decide' which form to take?

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Question&Answer > : The margins of the greater Brothers
by (2859 reads)
Question & AnswerQ: Dear Athos, I would like to analyze thoroughly the meaning of ‘preparation’, ‘the highest possible model’ and ‘the common margins of universality’.

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Eastern_Esotericism > : The Coming Avatar of Synthesis /1
by (18545 reads)
Eastern Esotericism ReadingAccording to Master D.K. the reappearance of the Christ, the externalization of the spiritual Hierarchy, and the coming of the Avatar of Synthesis, is the one great Event for which all humanity waits.

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Hidden_History > : Nicholas Roerich heads art expedition into central Asia
by (5271 reads)
Hidden HistoryFor the first time in history an explorer into the terrible passes of Central Asia has had as his weapons an easel and brush instead of the implements of a hunter or scientist. Professor Roerich, the world-renowned artist, who is now on an art expedition into Central Asia, has just crossed the passes of Karakorum, Sasser and Kardong, perhaps the most formidable passes in the world.

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Question&Answer > : Sense of the soul and initiatory impersonality
by (3475 reads)
Question & AnswerInitiatory research doesn’t respond to personal needs, but to much deeper drives. Whoever starts the journey in search of the ‘golden fleece’ is not only an Argonaut, but an instrument of the deep conscience (soul). A researcher of ‘light’ cannot help receiving and giving ‘love’.

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Eastern_Esotericism > : Talking about the Soul /3
by (4195 reads)
Eastern Esotericism ReadingThe Etheric Body, the Symbol of the Soul - Emergence and Progress of the Soul - The Angel of the Presence

The life at the heart of the solar system is producing an evolutionary unfoldment of the energies of that universe which it is not possible for finite man as yet to vision. Similarly the center of energy which we call the spiritual aspect in man is (through the utilization of matter or substance) producing an evolutionary development of that which we call the soul, and which is the highest of the form manifestations - the human kingdom. Man is the highest product of existence in the three worlds.

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Freemasonry > : Master Masons
by (3880 reads)
FreemasonryBeing Master Masons doesn’t necessarily mean being initiates. At least, not of the kind of initiation I am talking about, which comes from an inner realization very similar to a metamorphosis.

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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