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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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Question&Answer > : What is the purpose of the word?
by (2950 reads)
Question & Answer…does the re-awakening to a new life occur only after having lived and overcome the nigredo, operation that ‘kills’ personality, ego and pride?

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Freemasonry > : Analogy with a living symbol – the Way of the Salmon
by (3524 reads)
FreemasonryOld Commentaries often use metaphors of animals to express particular abilities. The Lion is an example; it is used to symbolize the boldness and the fighting courage. Some Masters have veiled important teachings in images, using animals such as the Elephant, the Tortoise, the Eagle, the Tiger, the Seagull, the Gazelle, etc. In this tradition the image of the Salmon indicates the man who ‘searches’; like the others, it veils the sense of the initiatory postulate.

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Freemasonry > : An instrument of initiatory research
by (3053 reads)
FreemasonryFreemasonry is a precious instrument of initiatory research for those who want to overcome the barrier of its formal and exoteric aspects. Although Freemasonry is not the only mysteric source of the West, it is certainly the most significant container of symbolic representations available to the researcher. It is a complex of ancient and archaic initiatory fragments that, between past and present, build a wisdom bridge for a tradition flowing from the East to the West.

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Esotericism_Reading > : Functions of a Master
by (3122 reads)
Esotericism ReadingThe teaching is necessary. It can be of different levels depending on the ability to interact of the apprentice and the master (empathy bridge called ‘mental synchrony’). The roles are indispensable. The ability of the apprentice is not to carry out orders (he is not a dog to be trained) but to ask the right questions; when the master answers them he can transmit his teaching and therefore himself.

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Science&Esotericism > : Study on the role of leader
by (4679 reads)
Science & EsotericismThe purpose of this article is to inspire a reflection on the idea of group, cohesion and in particular of work group, highlighting the positive aspects and interpersonal dynamics that it expresses. Cooperation and group work are a priority in many organizations. Working as a group is not always easy; it can be difficult to start with, but it pays back because it leads to success for everyone.

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Freemasonry > : ‘To die as oneself’, the highest virtue of an initiate
by (2952 reads)
FreemasonryBefore we can talk about initiatory virtues we should explain what initiation and initiatory identity are. There are different opinions on initiation. Some are symbolic; they last the time of a ceremony and only require the physical presence of the postulant. Some are integral, slow and complex, because they imply the transformation of the being, who ‘dies as himself’.

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Question&Answer > : Regularity, Freemasonry and utopia
by (3052 reads)
Question & AnswerWhen I read the question: “what does initiatory regularity mean?” something inside me answers that from an esoteric point of view, initiatory regularity is not recognition on paper, but the adherence to universal principles.

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Alchemy_of_Fire > : Between East and West. Pain and inner growth
by (3654 reads)
Alchemy of FirePainful experiences can help revise our behaviors. If everything that hurts, grieves and scares us, therefore it repels us, than the escape from mistakes is a source of education. In order to correct and educate ourselves we must develop intelligence and critical sense.

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Esotericism_Reading > : A principle of reciprocity links man and the universe
by (3004 reads)
Esotericism ReadingThere is a principle of reciprocity that links man to the planet and the universe and vice versa. It has always been thought that the universe was part of man and the latter was a living atom of the universe. The participation starts from his aura which, through the planetary aura, absorbs the solar energy it needs. Man takes his nourishment from the planetary substance, transforming the food in physical and mental energy, which he uses to concretize himself and the mental and physical form that he uses to act.

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Freemasonry > : The Chamber of Reflection
by (32337 reads)
FreemasonryThe Chamber of Reflection is one of Freemasonry's most alluring, thought provoking and truly esoteric symbols. The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (AASR) prescribes the profane, before being initiated, should enter a special room which is called Chamber of Reflection (CoR) where they will contemplate why they have chosen to embark on the Masonic path, their life, their past, and their future.

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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