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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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Question&Answer > : The supreme paradox of the initiatory path
by (2998 reads)
Question & Answer… it is what I call ‘to become king of oneself’, to be in the universal balance up to the point of seeing by oneself the ‘Law’, becoming accuser, judge, gaoler and even executioner of oneself if necessary, with mercy as well as equity. Only this represents the true dimension of a free Man and only a free man has ‘freedom’ of choice. But it is a long road and not for many.

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Question&Answer > : The metastases of counter-initiation
by (4064 reads)
Question & AnswerThe color black, chaos, life…the path starts from its death… but isn’t black the start of the work?

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Question&Answer > : Wolves disguised as lambs
by (2832 reads)
Question & AnswerSo, who sees the true Light? The pure at heart, I would say. Of course we all think we belong to this category. Or don’t we?

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Question&Answer > : ‘There isn’t a better Christian than the Languedoc Christian’
by (3173 reads)
Question & AnswerI think that ‘Christ’ is a universal symbol, an operative model; can each of us be ‘a Christ’?

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Esotericism_Reading > : Nocturnal and diurnal Man
by (3272 reads)
Esotericism Reading‘How easy is it that a very experienced Brother decides to dedicate to himself, instead of bearing the weight of common burdens?’ Before answering I think it is fair to wonder how a common mind can imagine the thoughts of someone with an uncommon mind. To guess the thoughts of ‘a very experienced Brother’ means to be like him or very close to him. Unless it is a matter of logic and deduction.

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Freemasonry > : Silent Sounds and Names
by (3005 reads)
FreemasonryNeophytes believe that esotericism is a subject to be studied. In actual fact it is first of all a method of enquiry that uses old ‘memories’ to reach the deep meanings of every initiatory proposition. The main key for every proposition is the meaning of numbers, which is overcome, though, by the sonorous interpretation. There isn’t any conflict in this statement, since the knowledge of harmonics (sonorous notes) originates from the interpretation of numbers and geometric relationships that define the inner space of every form.

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Alchemy_of_Fire > : The Middle Way
by (3767 reads)
Alchemy of FireThe ‘Middle Way’ is an aphorism used to represent the ‘tension thread’ caused by the superior Self (Ego) to push the physical conscience (personal identity, transitory personality) to find its Unity in spiritual communion again. The unity is built by the link (Bridge of conscience) between the physical and metaphysical aspects of the real identity of the human being, expressing once more its perfect composition. It then overcomes the primitive conflict between ‘spirit and matter’.

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Alchemy > : Illnesses Of The Soul And ‘Illnesses’ Of The Gods: The Marks Of Time
by (5451 reads)
Alchemy‘I had a dream: I imagined I was a soul that has come back from the ancient Greek world, the soul of an initiate to the mysteries of Dionysus who has been given the chance to cast a glance at the modern world. What would strike me most? Which transformations of our way of living and feeling would attract my attention? Some ‘diseases’ are described; in the popular imagery they were suffered by three gods of the Greek pantheon, Dionysus, Mercury and Apollo. The modern world has ‘forgotten’ the intelligence of the heart; it has been replaced by empty sentimentality. The ability to interiorize experiences has been sacrificed to the myth of speed. The riddance of death and of the relationship with the matter condemns western civilization to lose any contact with the Beauty and the mystery of the world, replaced by false rationality.’

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Science&Esotericism > : On Science, Tradition and Magic
by (6433 reads)
Science & EsotericismAfter a short digression on the achievements of science and maths in the last century and the perspectives open for our future, we face the problem of relationships between science, traditional teachings and ‘magic thought’. We will try to answer some questions: Must Tradition look for confirmation in scientific discoveries? How do we have to consider in the 21st century the vision of the world belonging to the ‘magic thought’?

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Biblical Studies > : Nature and Origins of Evil in the Hebrew Kabala
by (5403 reads)
Biblical StudiesHere are some notes taken years ago about the Kabala and the origins of evil... Why should we wonder about the nature and origins of evil? Many people state that our need to separate light and shadow, good and evil, is only the result of the blindness that prevents us from seeing the unity hidden behind the apparent game of opposites…

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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