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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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Question&Answer > Castel del Monte, an energy-point
by (3055 reads)
Question & AnswerQ : I cannot but confirm the impressions mentioned previously: i) As soon as I saw the shape of the octagon from the distance I stopped and stared at it for some time – totally attracted by something I cannot describe with words; ii) It is obvious that in eight centuries nobody has built anything nearby – the octagon stands out clearly and isolated; iii) The octagon has not been built as a living space, therefore it is not a castle, etc…; it is a Philosopher's Dwelling, a place non-place where one can be engrossed in meditation.

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Question&Answer > Debts and credits of the ‘many ourselves’
by (3202 reads)
Question & AnswerThe fact that language can be complex and affected or simple and within the reach of people who don’t know Italian very well, is something that concerns knowledge, notions, school. In other words, it is at the level of brain and reason, whilst Knowledge and Wisdom can be found in people who can’t even read. There are many examples of illiterate Wise men. Doesn’t the use of an ‘educated language’ risk the exclusion of people on the basis of their knowledge of Italian?

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Question&Answer > Diversity and Synthesis of initiatory systems
by (3053 reads)
Question & AnswerQ : ... therefore can we somehow reach initiation leaving aside the belonging to any esoteric organization, through the achievement of an inner consciousness that transcends doctrines and rituals, or do we need to pursue a method once reached this status?

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Question&Answer > Who needs ‘Pied Pipers’?
by (3157 reads)
Question & AnswerQ: The Catholic Church has spread news of its condemnation of the New Age movement through the Press ....

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Question&Answer > The Heart of the world
by (3166 reads)
Question & AnswerAccording to Guénon's writings (but not only them…) it is obvious, from his point of view, the existence of a ‘primordial tradition'. […] I think that primordial tradition exists and it has a meaning in the initiatory journey of those who want to free themselves. I don't think that this belief is in contrast with scientific laws and discoveries.

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Question&Answer > Transmutation of the sexual energy
by (3530 reads)
Question & AnswerQ: In carrying out the Great Work, if an individual, during various cycles of manifestations, is able to accomplish the first and most difficult part, and by following the ‘humid path' he gets in contact ‘by attraction' with a soul that has achieved the second part of the work by following the ‘dry path', can they re-join the two flames of the Athanor by meeting sexually? And ‘fix' everything? This is a question that I was asked and that I could only answer through intuition, since I don't have any experience on the subject. What do you think? Can a ‘Sacred' sexual act between two Divine sparks actually re-join the Great Flame?

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Question&Answer > Religious Dogma, the prison of the soul
by (3212 reads)
Question & Answer‘Jesus Christ tells his disciples, that is yesterday’s Church as well as today’s: ‘Who listens to you listens to me, who despises you despises me as well. And who despises me despises he who sent me’. Esq. Mr. Altomonte, by despising the Church, you despise God. Why do you do it? …the Catholic Church is…at the same time a divine and a human society…’

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Question&Answer > The dimensions of appearance
by (3527 reads)
Question & AnswerQ : ...Orientals talk about several bodies, such as physical, double ethereal, astral, mental and spiritual. The soul is not considered; is it perhaps identified with the astral body?

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Question&Answer > Reversal of roles in modern Freemasonry
by (3019 reads)
Question & Answer"In all honesty I haven’t found satisfactory answers, if the goal is real initiation, which for me means ‘rebirth’, new man, loss of metals, at least partially. On the other hand, if the aim is more culture, the Masonic journey is fine, but it is not my main goal. Now I see in the various Masonic associations an almost generalized tendency to pure speculation and I wonder: will Freemasonry be able to give the necessary instruments to build the new man?"

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Question&Answer > The symbol of the mirror
by (3225 reads)
Question & Answer«The Essence is only revealed in the form of the predisposition of the individual that receives such revelation and nothing different ever happens. Therefore the subject that receives the essential revelation will only see his own ‘form’ in the mirror of God; he won’t see God, it is impossible for him to see Him, although he knows that he can’t see his ‘form’ other than through the divine mirror. This is completely similar to what happens in a material mirror: if you contemplate forms, you don’t see the mirror but you know that you can see the forms or your own form only thanks to the mirror. Therefore God is the mirror where you can see yourself, likewise you are His mirror where He contemplates His Names. Well, they are nothing but Himself.» - Ibn al ‘Arabî

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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