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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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Esotericism_Reading > The duty to ''Aspire''
by (3569 reads)
Esotericism ReadingTo follow the Path of the Disciple is not an opinion but a series of facts. Therefore it is not the intention of Esonet Project to lower the intellectual level of what has been transmitted by the initiatory tradition that ‘brings together West and East’. Indeed, to diminish the contents of the initiatory teaching reduces its meanings to the simple ‘chronicle’ of an esotericism that becomes another ‘practice of consumption’ of mass commercialization.

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Esotericism_Reading > Metaphysics and Cybernetics (part 1)
by (6519 reads)
Esotericism ReadingIn the post-modern era – or rather ‘super-modern', according to the neologism coined by Marc Augè – we feed on radical feelings and ideological preconception towards technology. The followers of Habermas and English analytical philosophy claim to be the epigone of the Light and they generally show great trust in scientific rationality. On the contrary, the heirs of ‘active nihilism' show great scepticism about the ability of technology to escape the net of power and cultural industry. The author – making explicit some implicit premises in Heidegger's thought – postulates the possibility of a ‘third' way that doesn't indulge in easy demonizations or optimistic compliances, but proposes to grasp the relations between the virtual world of cybernetics and the creating imagination of mysticism.

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Esotericism_Reading > Second Life: utopia of the second millennium or new globalized shopping center?
by (4560 reads)
Esotericism ReadingThere is a lot of talk about Second Life and the freedom of expression that it guarantees to its users. But is this ‘freedom’ such or, on the contrary, it undergoes the social-economical bonds that rule the conscience of contemporary man? Is Second Life a virtual multiverse of free subjectivity or is it the nth simulacrum of the will to standardize that belongs to the globalized society? The author tries to give an answer, showing the path to a truly ‘free’ cyberspace not ruled by marketing strategies of multinationals.

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Esotericism_Reading > Deleuze, interpreter of the eternal return
by (5384 reads)
Esotericism ReadingGilles Deleuze was gifted with feverish and exalted dialectic ability; in his lessons he covered different subjects with extreme ease. Nevertheless his transgression was limited to the intellectual level, since his private life was that of a normal teacher, married with children. The effort to think the Unthought-of often took delirious and convulsive tones in the Deleuzian writing, such as in the Logic of Sense, a 1969 book.

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Esotericism_Reading > Heidegger and the ‘last metaphysician of the West’
by (6417 reads)
Esotericism ReadingHeidegger retrieves the Nietzschean eternal return and puts it in relation with the will to power, considering it as a metaphysical attempt to practice the control of the becoming in the eternal circle, prelude to the domain of con-temporary technology. The Nietzschean superman becomes the master of the earth who, orphan of a dead God, through the weapon of technology starts carrying out the old Baconian dream of total domain on nature.

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Esotericism_Reading > Words and dreams on the initiatory Path
by (3728 reads)
Esotericism ReadingThis article has been inspired by the impulses that often tie up candidates in the fondness for their ideals. The ideal, then, assumes the characteristics of a Totem. Therefore the totemic vision is the most common deceit of the candidate, who is left alone to direct his emotional impulses; in actual fact he keeps vivifying his personal self, gratifying it in its convictions.

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Esotericism_Reading > Phaistos disc - A new interpretative approach
by (3578 reads)
Esotericism ReadingIn the old continent the most ancient document containing symbols of a very old martial or sacerdotal-martial initiatory tradition (according to some authorsthe so-called ‘chivalrous path' of the initiatory journey) is undoubtedly preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Herakleion; it is the Phaistos Disc, finding of a prestigious Italian archaeological mission at the beginning of the twentieth century.

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Esotericism_Reading > Bataille, Nietzschean mystic of the eternal return
by (3711 reads)
Esotericism ReadingAlmost all French philosophers always tried to read Nietzsche in parallel with Sade, not only along the axis Freud-Marx. The will to power and the superman are well connected with the transgressive subjectivism – ratiocentric or psychotic-oneiric – of the French libertine. There isn’t such a good connection with the Eternal Return, which is apparently a break in the Nietzschean thought. At least until Bataille; he builds his Nietzschean reading on what has been an element of difficult harmonization with the rest of the thought of the German philosopher.

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Esotericism_Reading > Derrida and the essence of the ''female-truth''
by (3389 reads)
Esotericism Reading On the contrary of other French philosophers, Jacques Derrida was influenced more by Heidegger than by Nietzsche. Derrida laid the bases for his deconstructionist analysis on the rocky Heideggerian meditations, re-interpreting the ontological referent of the German philosopher’s thought: the being.

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Esotericism_Reading > Michel Foucault and the «death of man»
by (8873 reads)
Esotericism ReadingTogether with Deleuze, Michel Foucault has been the main exponent of the French studies on the Nietzsche-Renaissance that marked the start of post-structuralism. The word described a varied group of scholars coming from several disciplines, influenced by the linguistic structuralism of Saussurre and the anthropologic one of Lèvi Strauss.

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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