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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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Esonet.com-Selected Esotericism Readings: Freemasonry

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Freemasonry > Transmut_of_metals On metallic transmutation / 2
by (5460 reads)
FreemasonryThe symbol of the sword – From the reality of Principles to the mirage of opinions – Transformation and Transmutation – Initiatory modesty – Intellectual speculation – Flaming pentalpha

The initiatory principles of Freemasonry are universal, timeless, unchangeable and in their synthesis they lead to the sensitive contact with the Great Architect. But if those Principles are not known or applied, the adept will reflect only his own personal qualities or characteristics of Freemasonry. It happens, then, that one believes that there are several types of Freemasonry, such as symbolic, speculative, ritual, initiatory, esoteric and exoteric, manifested and occult; in actual fact this is the result of a mirage.

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Freemasonry > Masonic_Instructions If we are the Order, it must be within us
by (3639 reads)
FreemasonryThe Order within us – Know Thyself – Approaching the small initiation – The energy in the microcosmic pentalpha

When we talk about the Order, we assume that we are the Order, most of the times taking it for granted. But if we are the Order, it must be within us. If we become aware that we already are the ‘system’ but we don’t acknowledge it, the conflict remains. The ‘system’ in its various levels already exists inside us; we must just acknowledge it through the instruction and there is no point in activating it because it is already active.

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Freemasonry > Transmut_of_metals On metallic transmutation / 1
by (3832 reads)
FreemasonryIntroduction – [Ancient Tradition of Mysteries] – The three-fold essence of man – The being to transform and transmute – [Illustrious Brother – Human Law]

The Calendar of our planetary Logos (the meaning of Logos is: eternity of the Sound, Verbum of the mystics) moves through a four-cycle Rhythm (the four Great seasons of the Planet). Hermeticists call these cycles Ages of Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron. In actual fact these are symbolic names given to rhythmical motions of the planetary energy, which we can resume in ‘tension, emersion, crisis, immersion’. These cycles-rhythms are the same that cadence the life of the Triad-Man, which is the most qualified element of manifestation of the Logos.

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Freemasonry > Imago_Templi Imago Templi - Book I
by (4624 reads)
FreemasonryThe Chamber of Reflection – The Fittings – The Room of lost steps – Astrological references in the Chamber of Reflection

This is the second of the six works that I consider necessary to propose in order for the Mason Brother to access the higher or Mystery Initiations, not only symbolically but also for the Light acquired through his knowledge and the ability to use the instruments hidden in the Tradition of the Order of the Temple.

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Freemasonry > Masonic_Instructions The hexagram and the development of the triangles
by (4696 reads)
FreemasonryThe hexagram is an ancient symbol also known as ‘King Solomon’s Clavicles’; it is a seal that opens many doors, more that we can imagine. In the two overlapping triangles we recognize the synthetic symbol of a transcendent reality. There are many keys to its interpretation, and this is true for every symbol.

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Freemasonry > White Freemasonry and initiatory praxis
by (5227 reads)
FreemasonryIn its initiatory meaning White Freemasonry is not only the circumscribed and exoteric associative expression with which it is usually represented. In actual fact, to reach white initiation means to touch an apex of omni-comprehensive, therefore universal, thought whose content annuls any conceptual disparity of form and expression. Therefore initiation is a synthesis of undifferentiated consciousness that arises from a more advanced model of conscience, able to tone down the multitude of mental images used to represent a reality.

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Freemasonry > Masonic_Instructions Illusion of the form
by (3344 reads)
FreemasonryEverything that surrounds us and that is knowable through our senses, we can say that it exists; usually we say it’s real, although its guise (what we see) is substantially illusory. This is because every representation veils in its form the underlying life that is its cause. Therefore any reduction of metaphysical reality into physical forms (language, symbol, ritual, etc.) as much as it can be close to the metaphysical reality, it’s physical and therefore it’s not real.

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Freemasonry > Modernism, paradox of ancient mysteries
by (3378 reads)
FreemasonryI think that there can be several convergences between the crudeness of realism and the polemic verve of perennialism. Especially if they are expressed with a rigor similar to science rather than close to the passional and compromising criterion of ignorant cicisbei wearing loud scarves. To ‘call a spade a spade’ is an attitude unwelcome in the ‘upper-class salons’ of certain Masonic groups.

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Freemasonry > Masonic_religiosity Biblical origins of the term Landmarks
by (3845 reads)
FreemasonryWe have already discussed at length about the link that joins religion and Freemasonry with catechisms, numbers and symbols. The concept itself of ‘Landmarks', an apparently ‘true British' expression, has biblical origins, therefore Hebrew, like most of the main Masonic and religious symbols in the West.

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Freemasonry > Masonic_religiosity Secret numbers in masonic catechisms
by (36436 reads)
FreemasonryThe religious feeling is a widespread aspect in every level of Freemasonry, in every office and ritual act. The presence of a religious soul can’t be ignored; on the contrary, it must be understood in its deepest aspects. We will complete the journey through the most representative symbols of Masonic religiosity, up to the numbers hidden in its symbols.

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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