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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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Freemasonry > Imago_Templi Imago Templi /5.6
by (2726 reads)
FreemasonryThe Sacred Geometry of the Ritual Fires, from the Great Master to the three Pillars of the Temple – the Ritual Stars of Great Mastery – The Geometry of Ritual Fires in the Masonic Lodge.

When a speculative graft, even pertinent to the Temple, was decided in an operative tradition, it was considered that because of its gravity and inertia the thought of certain men would attract the sense of the knowledge passed on to them towards the bottom. But at the same time it was certain that for the attraction towards the top of others, just for that knowledge, the Path that leads to the White Degrees of the Work would be ‘restored’.

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Freemasonry > Imago_Templi Imago Templi /5.5
by (1749 reads)
FreemasonryThis reading method is useful for the Eastern thought as well as for the Western one. Beyond their forms of expression and languages, certainly very different, what the Initiates intended to pass on to those peoples using those languages was identical in their purposes and substance.

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Freemasonry > Imago_Templi Imago Templi/ Book 5 - IV part
by (1989 reads)
FreemasonryThe qualities of the Logoi in the Menorah (Part 2) – The Four Keys for the interpretation of the Humankind / Method – The Four Castes in the Esoteric System and the Initiatory Rule

Continuing in our journey we find the qualities of the Planets and how they manifest themselves.
The first manifestation, from the point of view of the individual – which is an inverted version of the real aspect – is made of the Aspects that manifest themselves more visibly in man and that he can recognize around himself. Indeed, man is the unconscious cause of many effects in the five Kingdoms of Nature that surround him.

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Freemasonry > Imago_Templi Imago Templi/ Book 5 - III part
by (2395 reads)
FreemasonryThe qualities of the Logoi in the Menorah (Part 1) – ‘In the Form of the Symbol the Truth is revealed’ – The Monochord and the Harmony of the Spheres of the Pythagorean School.

The mind of man is not allowed to understand much of the (spiritual) qualities of the Seven Lives that rule the Solar System, represented in this great Luminary of the Temple. The reason is also that, as we have said before, every symbolism in the Temple is revealed by its exterior form, in the sense that it hides it twice.

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Freemasonry > Imago_Templi Imago Templi/ Book 5 - II part
by (2562 reads)
FreemasonryIn the Archaic and sacerdotal Traditions, the Children of Light are identified with Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Venus, the Sun and the Moon. Pythagoras taught his Disciples that: ‘The Forces are spiritual Entities, Gods that rule the sidereal sky, independently from how the Planets and the Matter are known and intended on Earth...’

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Freemasonry > The Metaphor of the Widow
by (2207 reads)
FreemasonryThe material body (physical form) in the esoteric interpretation is the Widow, whose children are the spirits of the men that live in it. In the solar (or dry) way they look for the reunification with the Spirit of the Monad (the inner God, Son or reflection of the greater God) and with it the restoration of the ‘primitive state’.

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Freemasonry > The inspiring Muses and the esoteric meaning of senses
by (5993 reads)
FreemasonryThe inspiring Muses – The energetic centers of man – The senses in the development of conscience – The esoteric meaning of the senses

The Muses, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, symbolize the instruments of knowledge, the senses, which inspire any manifestation of thought, art and science. The senses are the instruments used by the individual relate with the environment around him; thanks to them he gains experience and consciousness and he expands his knowledge.

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Freemasonry > Initiatory illiteracy
by (3690 reads)
Whenever I am asked the reason of the existential impasse of Freemasonry, I answer that it is because ‘today we have plenty of words but very few ideas’.
Guenon rightly wrote that Freemasonry is the only Institution in the West able to transmit initiations. But time goes by and Freemasonry today is affected by ‘three bad fellows, which are overshadowing its principles of existence. They are the choices on proselytism, role reversal and initiatory illiteracy.

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Freemasonry > Masonic_Instructions The Sensible Sphere
by (2633 reads)
FreemasonryThe sensibility of the Ego and of Personality – The natural and the initiatory Paths – The descent in the lower worlds – By-passing the mind – It is necessary to enter in order to exit– The recognition of models

Let’s start outlining of this concept, well aware that it is not so much about knowing, hearing, listening to certain notions, but more about applying them on ourselves shortly. Therefore we will carry out this reconnaissance in general terms. In an abstract being, in a certain region of space that we don’t want and cannot quantify, a sensory organ appears; for us it is simpler to call it a perception organ, but in actual fact it is not perception yet. It is a sensible being that appears like a dot.

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Freemasonry > Art and Ars Regia
by (3319 reads)
FreemasonryWhilst reading the text that a Br. Wrote, I found the following statement: '...Perhaps this is why Royal Art is an art rather than a DIY handicraft...'; I am quoting it to show how sometimes, quite superficially, misguiding comments are based on errors of interpretation (based on personal opinion, rather than on the cross-check of definite references, which is the common practice for an esoteric researcher); these comments create doubts rather than light.

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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