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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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Esonet.com-Selected Esotericism Readings: Freemasonry

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Freemasonry > Silent Sounds and Names
by (2050 reads)
FreemasonryNeophytes believe that esotericism is a subject to be studied. In actual fact it is first of all a method of enquiry that uses old ‘memories’ to reach the deep meanings of every initiatory proposition. The main key for every proposition is the meaning of numbers, which is overcome, though, by the sonorous interpretation. There isn’t any conflict in this statement, since the knowledge of harmonics (sonorous notes) originates from the interpretation of numbers and geometric relationships that define the inner space of every form.

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Freemasonry > Initiatory morale or apostasy - Part 2
by (2149 reads)
FreemasonryHistory of an alleged spiritual irreverence – Between dogma and spirituality – Genesis of an act of theocratic fundamentalism – The religious excommunication of the Freemasonry.

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Freemasonry > Initiatory morale or apostasy – Part 1
by (2792 reads)
FreemasonryThe exoterical form of Freemasonry is a container of ancient symbols and ritual and allegorical languages. It is an envelope that in its modern disposition has been strongly marked by a biblical Hebraism; this has transmitted in this area as well its whole misogyny.

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Freemasonry > Introduction to the phenomena of higher psychism
by (1895 reads)

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Freemasonry > Secret Freemasonry The system of the three Circles
by (1832 reads)
FreemasonryMeritocracy as the only element for selection and advancement. The idea of a system for advancement based on three circles (or sensitivity levels) is not an invention, but a method of selection based on recognition used by the oldest initiatory schools.

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Freemasonry > UniversalFreemasonry On atheism
by (1754 reads)
FreemasonryStrangely enough, the true atheist is the religious man. The theocrat convinced that he is talking on behalf of God and acting in his place. That is the dangerous atheism for human freedom.

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Freemasonry > UniversalFreemasonry Old and New Initiatory Mysteries
by (2256 reads)
FreemasonryThe itineraries of old historical reconstructions, of which we can catch a glimpse in the work of M. Saunier, can be quite useful for all those searching for the relation between the old Initiatory Ceremonials and their memory kept in the metaphors of Freemasonry.

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Freemasonry > UniversalFreemasonry The genesis of initiatory Freemasonry
by (1893 reads)
FreemasonryThe article tries to bring to light how the hermetic-spiritual mysteries of the Illuminati joined the art secrets of the Freemasons, transforming a guild of craftsmen into a huge initiatory container that must be read and interpreted in the correct way.

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Freemasonry > UniversalFreemasonry Three “Mysteries” of the Secret Masters
by (2057 reads)
FreemasonryMany “esotericists” delight in collecting and preserve riddles of the past but few of them go as far as finding their actual use. It is a duty of the researcher to make every effort to understand the practical and real use of any ritual ideogram.

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Freemasonry > Use_of_languages Examples of hermetic-symbolic language
by (2493 reads)
FreemasonryLet’s start making contact with the meanings of some of the most common signs among the representations of the “sacred”....

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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