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UniversalFreemasonry: The ritual Laver (the sacred Washing)
FreemasonryIs there a way to “purify oneself” from the blemish of sins? There is, according to western mystic and mysteriosophical traditions. In oriental tradition, as well, it is possible to ‘wash’ the chakras from the karmic negativeness. Of course methods vary from a current of thought to another, because of their cultural difference, religious views and intimistic tendency. In spite of all, though, it’s easy to distinguish between the various exoteric methods (external and symbolic) and the esoteric one (inner and effective). This essay outlines the two methods of the “ritual laver”(sacred washing). The former is an exoteric baptism which can be repeated every time it is necessary. Therefore every day and also many times a day. It uses the water element to encourage an induced visualisation to ‘purify’ the energetic centres of the astral body. The latter is an initiatory baptism. In this the Adept uses the catalyzing power of the fire element to induce a direct visualisation which, through the use of inner light, burns the dross of the ethereal body.

Documento senza titolo

The ritual Laver (the sacred Washing)

by Athos A. Altomonte

© copyright by Esonet.it - Esonet.com


We have found a wide range of esoteric chapters between the lines of ancient Commentaries. Their nature is more committed than the common use teachings.

Amongst these the Ritual Laver is one of the instruments that coexist both in the exoteric and the esoteric part of the rituals.

Symbolically its name seems to belong to a memory which comes from the pre-flood age (see the myth of Noah). Basically every popular tradition preserves the memory of a huge natural catastrophe whose survivors, an extended group of men and women, became depositary and propagators of wisdoms prior to the catastrophe (the fall of the meteorite which changed the world). For this reason the fragments of wisdom "saved from the water" became the fundament of initiations.

The same name was given to the Great initiates (to that wisdom) and spiritual guides of humanity which became "Saved from the Water" themselves (see the myth of Moses).

The oral brahminic tradition with the ancient Rig-Veda is the closest source of that "initiatory store" to our Age.

The eye of the expert can find the fragments of ancient ritual traces in every para-initiatory representation. When they are hidden under the thick cloak of exoterism they can't express anymore the original values. An example is the ritual use of the four elements of nature.

The Earth, the re-creation of a physical form; the Water, the re-creation of an energetic form; the Air, the structuring of a sonorous form and the Fire, the re-velation of a solar form: they are not used anymore as features of a vital reality but their presence in rituals is purely symbolic. It is forgotten, therefore, that they are means of a same vital reality which is mythicized by the ignorant but known to Initiates as An intangible Entity.

Water is used in the acceptance ceremony of every kind of ordination. Its aim is to purify the postulant from the mist of the past giving him hope for a light to come.

The exoteric use of the washing, though, is only a symbolic act that states a hope. Whereas ancient precepts assert that the use of soil (material substance), water (emotional substance), air (sonorous substance) and fire (primitive energy) have to be related to the energetic regeneration of the human body.

The safest way to "purify" one's inner energies is through water. Whereas the most advanced method is using the light created (lit) in oneself with an expert method of visualisation.

To sum up, remember that every element and substance contains an aspect of vital energy and it can be used.

The ethereal energy of the planet is used for the re-creation of the physical work. The aerial energy is used to allow the inaudible sound to be heard as sonorous vibrations. The fire energy conveys the many irradiations of the white light. So that also the emotional energy symbolised by water is accepted for real uses.

The ritual laver, though, is not what is sometimes intended, that is the means to reproduce an ideal status of purification. It becomes the act of decontamination of oneself caused by the vibrant will of the postulant. It is an act that completes itself with no need for human complements like the presence of an officiant.

During the ceremony of the symbolic laver the recipient puts himself in a subdued and physically inert attitude. The only thing he's asked to do is to accept, even if involuntarily, while the officiant overcomes his will with a symbolic act.

Whereas in the act of will the adept is required to have a psychically active attitude such that the presence of a will is materialised and made aware of projecting itself through the method of visualisation.

Description of the method

Aside the variations that are made possible by experience, the safest method to realize the regeneration of the energetic centres is the visualization of water.

The regenerative washing will be described with a modern interpretation skipping the description of particular postures used in ancient times. We'll also replace the jet of a natural cascade of temperate water with the more practical use of a shower. The jet must be directed at the front side of the body whilst standing in a straight or slightly oblique position, in such a way to be able to lean on the wall with the shoulders. When the jet will be directed at the back the pivot will be represented by the forehead, which will lean on the opposite wall. In this way the jet of water will reach every desired part with a precision not possible for those who used a water cascade.

You will start concentrating the jet on the centre situated on the top of the head and gradually going down to cover with water the lower energetic ganglions, washing them both on the front and the back.

Whilst concentrating the jet of water, point after point you will start visualising the centre which will appear like a circular shaped gap. You will start feeling and then with experience seeing, that from this gap flows, as if from an underground source, a dark liquid which sometimes looks like slightly diluted ink.

During the washing the operator will keep a psychologically active attitude, supporting with a mental action the scouring effect of the water aimed to discharge the sediments pouring out of the orifice.

The filth will colour the water which will turn from dark to brown. It will become clearer and clearer until it will be barely perceptible in the flow of water which drags the colour across the body to disappear down the drain.

Once scattered, the dark colour will be replaced by a blood-red coloured emission which will flow from the energetic centre like spring water.

Red is the colour of the vital part of the body, therefore its appearance means that once the superficial filth has been discharged, the action has started on the median part of the energetic centre.

This colour will fade with the flowing of the water and will be replaced by a light pink colour that will gradually turn lighter and lighter until it will become a thick and milky white.

As it happened for the previous colours the white will fade as well until only the flow of clean water will be left. This is the sign that what was supposed to be discharged has been exhausted and the washing can be suspended.

An important element to remember is that during this operation (whose duration is subjective) the water must have a scouring effect also on the energetic filth of the rest of the body surface. As a matter of fact, even if directed to specific points, the water keeps flowing across the whole body, scouring all the energy deposited in the epidermis.

The ability to visualize what you want to obtain through the water element will increase with experience. And according to one's ability the effect on the energetic centres, on the emotional mind and the physical body will increase as well.

The sentence that sums up the effect is to expel the negativeness through energetic transpiration. In other words, is based on the action of the will to transude or transpire negativenesses, expelling them outside through the exit points of the energetic centres.

The will, then, is the propulsive means that turns thought into reality.

Map of the points where to direct the action of will.

Head, main centres*: centre at the top of the head (fontanel), centre of the forehead, centre of the throat (Adam's apple).

Minor centres: eyes (for what you've seen), nostrils (for what you've smelt), ears (for what you've heard), mouth (for what you've said).

Scouring effect: forehead, nape, neck, shoulders, chest and back under the neck.

Bust, main centres: centre situated between shoulder-blades, root of the heart at the epicentre of the back and its apex situated in the centre of the chest, more down, the solar plexus.

Upper limbs: centres on the palms of the hands and phalanxes of the fingers.

Scouring effect: arm and forearm.

Abdomen, main centres: lumbosacral centre, genitals.

Minor centres: liver and spleen.

Scouring effect: thighs and glutei.

Lower limbs: centres in the soles of the feet.

Minor centres: toes.

Scouring effect: thighs, glutei, femoral biceps, calves, ankles and back of the feet.


* This is a trace of the centres of the hidden physiology of man. As esoterists know there are many more vital centres: for example, there are 12 only on the head. And the Number 12 (the centres of the head) can be a suggestion for those who want to direct towards esoteric astrology which, contrary to the exoteric one, occurs in the inner sky of man.


The use of this method will possibly leave a pleasant exhaustion and a slight dazing. But with time the rhythmical use will reveal the advantages of a physical answer that accompanies mental clearness, intuitive approach and inner serenity. The inner elements that will arise will be the right approach to learn how to know oneself.


Analysis of the psychic instrument

Anyone who has a certain intellectual ability can come to the conclusion that the power of any ritual instrument doesn't lie in the instrument itself, but in the mental power and state of mind of the person who uses them.

Many are thrilled by the research for magic, holy and divine. They look for them in physical instruments, such as fire, candles, mirrors and crystals, pentacles and formulas of ancient cabbalas. Others are fascinated by music, chants, perfumes, colours. But is it really through physical means that one can find magic, holy or divine?

The answer is hidden in man's mind, which is the true instrument of his conscience and soul and can build or destroy worlds made of thoughts, dreams and fantasies.

The mind (not the brains) opens or closes the doors to sorcery just as it opens or closes the doors to well-being. The power or pride of the mind, as its ignorance, can imprison man confining him to the land of his physical being or can let him float freely up to the sky.

The thought is a gift given by "the gods" and it is as dangerous as it is wonderful. It is dangerous if man utterly believes in the freedom of choice. Freedom that, like a deity with blinded eyes, doesn't let him be completely conscious of what he's choosing. On the other hand it can free the mind from the narrow shell of the physical reason and let the blindfold of his own material nature fall from his eyes. Man can then reach the Free Will that, enlightened by its own nature of Son of the Light, will be able to direct the steps of his own destiny with confidence.


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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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