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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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Imago_Templi: Imago Templi /5.6
FreemasonryThe Sacred Geometry of the Ritual Fires, from the Great Master to the three Pillars of the Temple – the Ritual Stars of Great Mastery – The Geometry of Ritual Fires in the Masonic Lodge.

When a speculative graft, even pertinent to the Temple, was decided in an operative tradition, it was considered that because of its gravity and inertia the thought of certain men would attract the sense of the knowledge passed on to them towards the bottom. But at the same time it was certain that for the attraction towards the top of others, just for that knowledge, the Path that leads to the White Degrees of the Work would be ‘restored’.

Documento senza titolo

Imago Templi /5.6

by Athos A. Altomonte

© copyright by Esonet.it - Esonet.com

Index: The Sacred Geometry of the Ritual Fires, from the Great Master to the three Pillars of the Temple - The Ritual Stars of Great Mastery - The Geometry of Ritual Fires in the Masonic Lodge

The Sacred Geometry of the Ritual Fires – from the Great Master to the three Pillars of the Temple

In order not to lose the sense of our layout and to be able to reconnect to the previous topics and those that will follow, we will set some boundaries here.

The initiation to the Lesser Mysteries is the re-climbing from the world of effects (the illusory world of Chaos) to the world of causes through a constant construction, in the mind, of a rational and geometrical potential that allows the connection by similitude and analogy among all the topics at that level.

The Initiation to the Greater Mysteries, on the other hand, is the reaching, through the rediscovery of the possible Bridges inside and around oneself, of the harmony of the Principles, which reflect in the Human (Initiatory Speculum) mirror of the Intellect (the Mind of the Soul), the iridescent (the Rainbow of the Seven Aspects of the Seven Energies of the System in the Prism of Man) that draws from the Archetype.

The Initiate to the Greater Mysteries lives and comprehends the Wave of Life that moves in and among all things, because it is a unique reality in an infinite manifestation only of effects. If we could get used to keep in mind this seed-thought we would understand why all the Initiates of all the Initiatory Systems tend towards the understanding and their own communion with Space (the Great Mother).

That is the source where the Wave of Life (Will of the One) appears and manifests itself, generating all the Causes of our Universe. The Universe is still a microcosm in the greater macrocosm.

All the possibilities come from the Heavens and all the effects tend to go back to It.

My caution in tracing this path of ours is given by the fact that I would like us to get to the topic with the most flexible attitude possible; there we will play all the sense of our efforts. Sacred Astronomy.

When a speculative graft, even pertinent to the Temple, was decided in an operative tradition, it was considered that because of its gravity and inertia the thought of certain men would attract the sense of the knowledge passed on to them towards the bottom. But at the same time it was certain that for the attraction towards the top of others, just for that knowledge, the Path that leads to the White Degrees of the Work would be “restored”.

The Brother initiated to the Lesser Mysteries lead by the will of the Masonic people to the High Teaching of Great Mastery should represent the harmonious vertex of a peaceful administration in an Institution of peaceful men, stretched towards the recognition of moral and fraternal values among them.

The Great Master Brother Initiated to the Lesser Mysteries should be aware that he represents with His person the impersonal emanation of a Traditionally Natural and Universal Order and he should be able to do it with vigor (of the Order) and (personal) modesty.

Of the two triangles of the Seal of Salomon, the first represents the ascending vertex (the maximum of the minimum), whilst the second Brother is also the descending vertex (the minimum of the maximum).

This is why the second Brother with the highest vigor of the Order it manifests, being the minimum representative, would wear the cloak called Initiatory modesty as an identifying feature.

Here we are, then, ready to get into the heart of our topic.

The Ritual Stars of Great Mastery

In the White Masonry the (real) Initiate to the Mysteries and Great Master, just as it has always happened in the Ceremonials of the Initiatory Temples, taken upon himself all the prerogatives of the Hierophant (from here comes His ancient prerogative to elevate lesser initiates “on sight” thanks to the power of inner recognition that he owns) but, left the Initiatory Staff for the Flaming Sword, enters the Temple preceded by Three Master Masons that hold a Star (ritual candle) each.

Everybody agrees that the Masonic Temple is the representation of our Planet in Its proportions and by symbolizing the Great Master the Sun, bottom vertex of the Order wanted by the Great Architect, of which the human Order is the specular effect, we will have in Him (the G. M.) and at the same time the presence of the two vertexes..

In Its Function we will see the Vertex of the top triangle represented (which tends to the bottom in order to interact with the matter) and in Its Person the Vertex of the bottom triangle that tends to the top with the strength of the Chorda Fratres that he represents towards illumination and regeneration, in order to pass It on with Grace, with the Staff or the Sword, to the Bodies of his own Brothers that are the Circumference of that Chorda.

Everything fair and perfect for the benefit of the Humankind, which can recognize itself in the Order of Things.

With this premise, we can recognize as true what so far has been passed on to us via mouth-ear and that we can resume from the point of view of the ordinary man, from above to below, thus:

preceding the Great Master;

The first Star lead by the first Master, is the Polar Star. (Ursa Minor)

At present it is the vertex in the orbit of our Planetary Logos.

The second Star lead by the second Master is Alcyone. (Pleiades)

At present it is the vertex of the Sun in the orbit of the Solar System.

The third Star lead by the third Master is Sirius. (Canis Minor)

At present it is the energetic pole of our Solar System.

For the initiate the priority will be: Sirius, Alcyone, Polar Star and Earth.

The Geometry of Ritual Fires in the Masonic Lodge

As we will study further in the next chapter with the Sephirotic Tree, the Worshipful Master, the 1st and the 2nd Guardians represent the three Pillars and the three Lights of the Lodge.

The three Pillars in the Temple make an esoteric triangle with Energetic Aspect.

Esoteric triangle:

W.M. Wisdom Aspect,

II Wisdom,

color Blue,

Planet Jupiter.

1st Guardian Strength Aspect

VI Devotional,

color Pink,

Planet Mars.

2nd Guardian Harmony Aspect

V superior Mind,

color Azure,

Planet Venus.

With reference to the Menorah, the three Lights also make an exoteric triangle, because they are the manifestation in the concrete Work of the Lodge, through the Characteristics of the Planetary Logos indicated by the Ritual Lights on their Drawing Boards.

In order to give a more precise image of what stated above, I created small maps:

Exoteric triangle:

In this first map the exoteric triangle of the W. M. is shown, which with the three-fold Light placed in front of him (exoteric sense) and towards the Bros., is intended to be connected with the third Light of the Menorah; the Planet Mars.

The First Guardian shows a two-fold Light, the Moon.

The Second Guardian with only one light is connected to the Sun.

If this information is enunciated, but most of all left at this point, it lights in the mind a series of irreconcilable contradictions.

But our task is to reconcile them and this is what we will do.

It is said that man must adapt in order to reach his goal. Therefore now we have the appearance of two determining factors. The first one is man and his determination (which will become Will Aspect in the Initiate) and the second is his instrument of service, in this instance the Lodge, sounding board of his will to operate. In the higher stage his sounding board will be in the Order itself.

In our case it is easy to understand how the need to draw from the Top (comprehension of the initiate) is obtained with a specific quality, whilst giving to the outside (the service to the Lodge) needs different characteristics, although complementary to the former.

If this two-fold need is accepted by the mind of man, we will be able to facilitate the contemporary presence of the two aspects, esoteric and exoteric.

I think this is the right time to tell the Brothers researchers, as we will soon find out, that in actual fact the Initiate to the Greater Mysteries is first of all He who has rediscovered in himself the ability to act with all the Seven Aspects manifested in Himself, ruling them.

First Four, then Three. This is the Occult Power of the (real) Initiate Master.

I’d like to invite everybody to think intensely in order to understand what the indication “first sum Four Aspects and then Three” means.

To help the esoterically youngest, I will say that the four Aspects of attribute (VII, VI, V, IV) are connected to the Form in all its manifestation, whilst the first Three (III, II, I) are linked to the manifestation of the Triad (note how they must be read in reverse order).

To Sum the Four to the Three means to bring into manifestation in the Form the Triad itself.

From a Commentary: “...and then Man becomes a Point of Light for His Brothers...”.

With this I am sure I have said much of what is only due to the mouth-ear instruction.

Continuing with our analysis we will have, for the three Brothers that represent the Three Lights of the Lodge, the need to work in an attractive manner on the three Aspects, in order to emanate them through three characteristics. To simplify our job we decide to use the term “esoteric” for the Aspects and “exoteric” for the characteristics.

For the moment we will not reveal the Sounds that lead to the Words of Power, because they are an integrating part of the instructions of 3rd level of this work.

The Worshipful Master

Spiritual Pillar of the Sephirotic Tree veiled in the Temple

He esoterically uses

He is exoterically manifested by

Jupiter, color Blue, II Aspect

Mars, Color Red, I Aspect

Wisdom (in Proceeding)

Will (to carry out)

Sound of octave, ...omitted...

Sound of octave, ...omitted...

Exoteric key word,…I declare (I state!).

The First Guardian

Passive pillar of the Sephirotic Tree veiled in the Temple

He esoterically uses

He Is exoterically manifested by

Mars, color Pink, VI Aspect

The Moon, color Silver, VII Aspect

Resoluteness (in the Proposition)

Beats times (of Construction)

Sound of octave, ...omitted...

Sound of octave, ...omitted...

Exoterickey word,...I order.

The Second Guardian

Active Pillar of the Sephirotic Tree veiled in the Temple.

He esoterically uses

He Is exoterically manifested by

Venus, color Azure, V Aspect

The Sun, color Gold, through Mercury III Aspect

Conceives and Reflects

Illuminates Shadows (the Apprentices)

Sound of octave, ...omitted...

Sound of octave, ...omitted...

Exoterickey word…I see the Light and I reflect It.

The second map tries and illustrates the presence of the (external) Triangle of Aspect connected to the (internal) one of characteristics.

We are facing a first example of how the Sacred Geometry in the Temples has been conceived and then developed.

Therefore it is the right time to clear all present and future interpretative doubts by stating that the Sacred Geometry is the science of measuring Spaces (vacuums) and of perceiving, through the eyes of the Initiate, its occult Forms in the Temple.

Those invisible Forms are created by the energetic, and therefore sonorous as well, Relations among what inhabits the Body of the Temple.

For those Relations supplied by Man, the Temple lives.

The Temple created by the Adepts (by the physical-ethereal, psychic or spiritual energy), living like man, re-sounds in the Geometrical Relations (Sacred Numbers, Soul of any Form) which are Its occult Sounds just like in Man, Living Temple, is His occult Name (see The symbol-words AUM and OM) to the likeness of His Creator. The occult sound (name) of man is the (three-fold) energetic relation among his superior centers and the Ego and between Ego and Monad.

The Architects, Initiates and Builders, have always known this and they have re-veiled (revealed) it in the Forms of their Work.

This is what you will have to understand clearly before this work ends, because in actual fact it is the only thing that I need to pass on.

For example the triangle forms and creates an ascending note, therefore it represents an acute on the intermediate tone of the three notes of the men that make it. It is a three-fold ascending sinusoid.

If by the Law of Harmonics we calculated all that is included in the boundaries of the Temple, both physical and metaphysical, we would allow ourselves the access to the Mysteries of Sacred Music able to light the forms and evoke the super-mundane at its center, geometrical point not visible to non initiates.

Very few are Those who have access to the Mysteries of the Architects, but even fewer are Those that have access to the Mysteries of the Master Singers*, Their Instructors.


* The Master Singers (not to be confused with the Choristers), as they are called in the highest levels of the Hierarchy, are Those who learn the Art of building and emitting the so-called essential Sounds in a Natural way. And Nature answers Them.

Let’s go back to the three Pillars and the Menorah with another map where we find the previous situation with the addition of the three Fires that strengthen the symbology around the Lodge Picture, of Wisdom (above), of Strength (on the left) and of Beauty (on the right).

The last map shows, at a glance, the relations between all the Ritual Fires of the Masonic Temple and what will be our last official topic, the Starry Vault.

The researcher is not used to take a particular view simply because he is pro or against certain factions of thought or traditions.

On the other hand, he is not used either to embracing an interpretation purely because it has been enunciated by one or the other. The researcher has learnt not to believe those who proclaim the superiority of one Nation or the greater wisdom of another; because he knows very well that he must look for reality and simplicity in the use of information, for the instrument he wants to use: his own mind.

I want to point this out because what has been said in the previous pages could create a “fraternal” controversy that I would like to stop before it can even start in the mind of those who follow this journey and break the harmony of the work.

As we will see with further reasons in the next chapter on the explanatory analysis of the Masonic efficiency in the Sephirotic Tree, I have accepted to place, for my convenience and conviction, the triangle of the three Lights in a certain way, which apparently opposes the habits of another part of Freemasonry.

I would like to reassure you that I don't follow a priori English, French or any other country's scents; indeed, I generally avoid the scent of mental haze.

I love the logic supported by in-depth analysis, whose development leads to serious conclusions and the fact that the latter are further comparable to the traces of Tradition, present in various measure and quality in any lesser tradition. Hence the need shown in this work to recognize, at least in essence, all the main lesser traditions of any People or Order.

I reached the conclusion that I should use that triangle in that position as a reference, for many advantageous reasons, some of which I would like to mention, without expecting that what is logical for me is necessarily as such for other people.

I can start by saying that because of my convictions I don”t recognize or agree with the prevailing position given to the Planet Saturn. Nor would I like that it had that position in a Masonic Temple that evolves with time.

As the first triangle is positioned in the Oblong, it perfectly overlaps the second triangle (ascending) of the Seal of Solomon and with the purpose of reaching (from the Pentalpha) the simultaneous work with the Seven Aspects present in the White Hierarchy (the Hexagram), this geometrical triangulation is the most correct.

The W. M. is therefore perfectly aligned between Kether (the Crown), Yesod (the Inner Guard) and Malkuth (the Outer Guard) that covers the System from the world of Chaos; this first alignment occurs between the Pillars B and J of Hod and Netzach, respectively the 1st and 2nd Warden.

The alignment between the heart of Tiphereth is always perfect (the Speculum that reflects the Sun) and the Lodge Picture and Da'ath (the Abyss of Transmutation) where the Altar supporting the Book of Laws is placed and which marks the ideal boundary of the sacred fence where the Sun originates, the East of the Temple.

Furthermore, as we will see, we follow the Tradition in coordinating the Planetary and Zodiacal relations of the geometrical system of the Temple and the masons that represent it.

Otherwise Colors and Sounds will be millions light years wrong in the sidereal distances, like a mathematical equation of an astronomical calculation where a facetious student has changed the place of the comma in a figure.

If I met an initiate mason and he was convinced that the Menorah is a seven-armed candle-holder, that the floor of the Temple is a black and white surface where we put our feet, that the starry vault is a ceiling decorated with many random stars and that only what is seen and touched is true, to that initiate freemason I would simply say that me and him are talking about two different “things”.

On the other hand, if we didn’t keep into consideration precise relations and geometries, it would not be possible to build a proper Middle Chamber (the Square Temple) where those relations and geometries develop and multiply. How can we think of accessing the Circular (symbolic) Temple, once demolished the Pillars of the (fictitious) Temple (see the Ritual of the XXX degree), without following a logical thread (mind) of higher tension (spirit) and blend Top and Bottom?

Many accurate masons, despite having never seen superior Rituals kept in the archives of the Order, let me clearly understand that they sensed how in the so-called superior Chambers of the Rite only the Apprentice Ritual scheme is used, always re-proposed in the various levels with the only variation of the “titles” and batteries (Ritual Sounds, as we will see).

A careful re-reading in this sense (of the load-bearing scheme) of those Rituals would lead to confirm what many have already guessed.

This would appear to be the first symptom of a real inner growth of large groups of lesser initiates and Their requests of greater clarity and comprehension (penetration) of the Initiatory System will certainly bring an answer.

The latter will be the release towards the base of a quantity of information and instructions of higher quality and greater tension.

We will use this image to mentally prepare, to the access into the next topic: the Sephirotic Tree.

torna su

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