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Imago_Templi: Imago Templi /5.5
FreemasonryThis reading method is useful for the Eastern thought as well as for the Western one. Beyond their forms of expression and languages, certainly very different, what the Initiates intended to pass on to those peoples using those languages was identical in their purposes and substance.

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Imago Templi /5.5

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Index: Practical examples of esoteric readingIn search of the Occult Names of the Logoi

Practical examples of esoteric reading

This reading method is useful for the Eastern thought as well as for the Western one.

Beyond their forms of expression and languages, certainly very different, what the Initiates intended to pass on to those peoples using those languages was identical in their purposes and substance.

I’d like to remind you that the Initiatory Language or Senzar is unique and inseparable from national cultures, because it is made exclusively by ideograms and symbols of which Egyptian hieroglyphics are a corrupted expression.

From psychodramas (for the 3rd Caste) and from myths (for the 4th Caste) – see The Four Castes in the Esoteric System and the Initiatory Rule – created and exteriorized for the popular instruction of the unique and universal Sacerdotal Caste, we can learn very distinctly what happens to a quality or characteristic of a Logos, once transformed into a deity with human characteristics and precipitated in the World of Forms and in the illusion of Matter.

For example if we studied Greek Mythology, purely because it is certainly the best known among westerner people, we would learn the hidden Thread of Their teaching.

Jupiter, at the center of the starry vault in the Olympus, symbolizes with its blue tone (sound) the creative influence that affects those Aspects understood by man as Wisdom of Leadership and Ritual Magic. That Aspect, which descending at the level of man transforms and changes its characteristics, mutates into an animal and hunts pretty girls until he can actually mate with them, often leaving as a memento of its passage offspring of ‘superior animals’, demigods. This matches what is said in the Old Testament, as mentioned in the previous pages.

Now, we know how in the Initiate the lower energies that are translated above the waist (the initiatory cord) and more precisely at the solar plexus going up (first real Initiation), light in man the superior Centers as shown in the Caduceus of Hermes.

Therefore let’s imagine the reverse journey. With a fall (as for Angels of sacrifice) towards the lower centers of the Form (of the matter) there would be the energization of the lower part of the non Rectified Personality (V. I. T. Rectificando I. O. L.), the animal, with all the low and instinctual consequences that follow.

It must be highlighted how the superior Centers of man, in the instance of the Aspect of Jupiter, are prepared to reflect in the physical world the energy of Wisdom and Ritual Magic (Sacred Ceremonial of the Logos = Rhythms, cycles and cadences of the Great Book of Nature of the Planet and the Laws of the Books with Seven Seals of which each marks the Life of a Planetary Logos of the System that influences Earth), whilst otherwise we would have the exact opposite effect.

Emphasized lower centers mean satyrism on one hand and Black Magic on the other.

The legend tells the truth.

But the difference between the will of man and the will of a Logos during their action in the matter is the purpose they pursue.

Whilst a superior energy emanates parts of itself up to its own oblivion in the matter in order to prepare its evolution towards the sacred, man, who is the result of that oblivion, tries to seize and dominate it and then use that wealth and power for itself, often to the detriment of the rest of the humankind.

This can be found around us, for example, in the profane use of science.
But it is not fatalistic to say that Destiny (Karma, as the eastern Brothers call it – see The origin of karmic mechanisms, Karma: cyclic expression of justice, balance and distribution of equal opportunities, Binary matrix of the karmic mechanism, or Karma of merit and demerit) always gives everyone what is fair at the right moment.

Venus, for example (Mind aspect in man) known as deity of grace in the form (of mind) and in the aesthetics (of the thought) so much so that it is the reference point of the Muses generating the Sacred Arts of the man-initiate. It appears as a deity of vulgar sexuality every time it is immersed in the gross instincts of the matter, so much so that the profane prosaically connected her name with the perverse aspects that he has produced with the lower use of that energy: venereal diseases.

Saturn, wise planet of trials that like a strict but safe Father shows man the certainty of his journey through the Initiatory Labyrinth marking the passing of time. It immerses its afflatus in the matter and there it is evoked by man; it unleashes a short-tempered and vindictive god generating pain and massacres and an exterminator of people in the name of the Law. A friend God that at that level is better to avoid.

Mars, solar expression of devotion-force-loyalty, protector and Guardian of the celestial Temple, evoked in the negative side of matter and man, arises as a ghost of violence and war. Thus it demonstrates the ability to supervise the savagery of human ignorance and inadequacy for the purposes of the Great Architect, whose name it invokes before pouncing on to destroy its brother.

And all this could continue in the interpretation of any human fact and event.

The esoteric reading system, if understood, means the ability to discriminate because it allows to observe and separate causes from effects, purposes from means and most of all the instruments from the Operator.

Therefore we might apply it to all events and find in them the four interpretation keys. From that of the blind, the man who lives isolated from all the rest in his own material Form, to the infinite key of those who live on the plane of the spiritual observer.

In search of the Occult Names of the Logoi

This topic is an exemplary passage to objectively realize how, but most of all why, at a certain level there are two apparently incompatible positions on the same subject. The exoteric position against the esoteric one.

On one side the depth of certain ancient notions hidden among the folds of the Temple, on the other the only apparent incompatibility that separates the scientific researcher, sometimes too materialistic, from the esoteric researcher that sometimes forgets about the matter in his tension towards metaphysical issues.

These contrasts lead, especially recently, to two incompatible positions of thought that not only ignore each other, but indeed fight each other with great ado, creating in the minds of the observers that chaos that disaffects the multitude of aspirants of any level and language from any research of the pleasure to understand.

In actual fact I am convinced that this incompatibility originates from two rigidly radical positions, the result of a series of one-way interpretations seen only from one point of view, which allows nothing to the hypotheses of the other.

For this reason we will understand that the truth doesn’t reside on either bank of the river of knowledge, but it dwells in the harmonious and helpful meeting between the two positions, each drawing strength and advantage from the other, in order for the creation of the fusion in man’s mind that allows him to open a way through his dark whys.

As far as we are concerned and as usual, we will follow the thread of our reasoning whilst remaining between the two banks and on the line of the current, in order to avoid beaching and at the same time giving ourselves the possibility to observe what is visible on both banks; leaving the individual to draw his own conclusions and the choice of which topic ‘to disembark on’.

Let’s try and give ourselves a rule in order to easily move within the ever three-fold topic:

Sound – Harmony of the Spheres – Sacred Music. This three-fold study leads the researcher to being able to recognize the Occult Names of all the Forms in manifestation.

The Initiate Brothers teach us that the dynamic wave of an energy (the Father) touching the energetic static field of one of the seven levels of manifestation (the Mother), creates a qualified vortex in reactions of motion (the Son) which, although similar to each other, each manifesting a form with different qualities and characteristics of that different level.

The energetic dynamicity touching a static field produces a tension, to which a vibration responds. This is motion. The primordial Sound therefore shows itself from the Unclothed for the three-fold effect of Tension-Vibration-Motion.

The Sound Archetype and the Light Archetype in contact with seven different energetic graduations in the Space of manifestation, create and produce in permanence seven Standards of Color that manifest seven Musical notes, which in turn refract in seven Tones.

In the interpretation of Tones we find the Harmonics of Tone-sound and Tone-color.

Therefore, in simple words, we can state

a general Rule A:

Every energetic wave in its journey necessarily resounds on the ‘matter’ in three conditions. (So called) Spiritual Condition and its attributes, (so called) Animic Condition and its attributes, (so called) Physical-Concrete Condition and its attributes. This will show similar but not equal effects.

And a general Rule B:

For those three-fold Conditions occurring at the manifestation we have the Prime Cause (cause of the One and not the ONE), unapparent, unknowable and inscrutable, because the only part of itself that it shows is its Will (the One) to Manifest itself in the Supreme Form called the Great Architect of the Universe.

With the risk of appearing aberrant talking of men in such a context, I’d make a consideration, following the thought of the previous paragraph. How Freemasonry could appear the day that it met a Great Master (finite and manifest concept) who truly manifested the (initiatory) Will of the Order (metaphysical and immanifest concept). We would really reach the true constituting premise of Universal Freemasonry (third level).

Back to us, the Prime Cause that we call the ONE produces the manifestation of the One that masons call G. A. and that has the Archetype of any form manifested in the Three Worlds.

The Archetype modulates its own presence through the Standards and they manifest themselves by Cycles, Cadences and Rhythms.

They form Causes (world of causes) and they create Effects (world of illusion, because it is in unstable and random forms) and to each action always corresponds a reaction and that reaction is the essence of the Karma or destiny marked in man.

Having made a little clarity in us through the exposition of the premise to the topic in two general Rules, I think it is now obvious how Sound-Light are the universal language of manifestation.

Here necessarily ends our journey through this topic for this level of research.

In order to connect to the expansion of the third level we should first build up, in ourselves, all those forgotten relations that allowed the Key (between vertical and horizontal) to be Broken (IV degree of the Scottish Rite) for the lesser Brother as well as for the profane.

To recompose the Broken Key means, on an esoteric level, to recreate the relation in Man between microcosm and macrocosm, through the comprehension of energy,

and their exoteric attributes
Universal Religion

The Word is not lost for the BROTHERS but it is revealed to Them. This is the path of Initiation.

Therefore we must have reached the Starry Vault of the Temple in order to elaborate at best the development of what we have so far recognized, in order to find the occult names of the Logoi as well as those of men.

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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