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: Esotericism between East and West /1
Freemasonry1. Fundamental postulate of the manifesto – 1. Compendium of the Conference – 3. Defining esotericism in order to distinguish it from exoteric practices – 4. Balance and knowledge are the point of junction between science and initiatory science – 5. God is a greater Idea that lives on the ideas he generates – 6. Various ways of intending esotericism – 7. Intuition is the ‘small’ illumination – 8. The Real Bridge – 9. Recognizing the signs of personal hell – 10. From deep meditation to phantasmal enquiry – 11. The sense of life is often occasional – 12. Essentiality of a correct initiatory education – 13. Education, languages and symbols – 14. The true idiom of the esotericist is the symbol – 15. Numbers: an example of emblematic language – 16. The communion of languages – 17. Triads – 18. Mental order

To fulfill the meanings of human symbology means to fulfill the knowledge of Self and this also means to pass the Threshold of greater Initiation.

Documento senza titolo

Esotericism between East and West /1

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Esonet Conferences


Author and Speaker Athos. A. Altomonte
Rome, 30th june 2001

Index: 1. Fundamental postulate of the manifesto2. Compendium of the Conference3. Defining esotericism in order to distinguish it from exoteric practices4. Balance and knowledge are the point of junction between science and initiatory science5. God is a greater Idea that lives on the ideas he generates6. Various ways of intending esotericism7. Intuition is the ‘small’ illumination8. The Real Bridge9. Recognizing the signs of personal hell10. From deep meditation to phantasmal enquiry11. The sense of life is often occasional12. Essentiality of a correct initiatory education13. Education, languages and symbols14. The true idiom of the esotericist is the symbol15. Numbers: an example of emblematic language16. The communion of languages17. Triads18. Mental order

Fundamental postulate of the manifesto

The archaic initiatory tradition recognizes every living Being in the macrocosm as well as in the microcosm (system, planet, man), as the appearance of the living idea that "animates" it.

In Man as well, the Idea is the central element of his materiality. And he "remains" until the fragment of the idea that animates him "persists". Therefore Man, in his (12) dimensions, is the highest and most representative living Symbol that the researcher can try and achieve.

To realize the meanings of human symbology means to realize the knowledge of Self and this also means to pass the Threshold of a greater Initiation.

Nevertheless Man doesn't represent only an individual microcosm, because he reflects in himself fragments of a superior dimension called macrocosm. But this is not enough.

The individual universe is also the energetic nucleus of lesser microcosms and the central point of dimensions that live within and by him.

The living Being can recognize the macrocosm as the fragment of "Divinity" that lives in himself. To be able to bring one's own mental vision on that fragment of ‘Divinity' means to know the "face of God"'.

But man has the habit of dreaming; therefore we must distinguish the desire that causes the dream from the real meaning of the Being. This means to choose between believing and knowing.

The choice is the fork that separates the large path of the profane from the narrow steep path of the initiate.

Compendium of the Conference

The compendium is a simple memorandum listing the main topics explored during the Conference. It is only a list, not an analysis or a study of the meanings of the subjects discussed; its purpose is to remind these topics to those who participated to the meeting.

First topic. The Number 3

The Triangle represents perfection: Trimurti, Trinity, Triad and Ternary, which manifests itself based on the imperfection of the 4 (the Square): the four elements, the cubic Stone of human personality.

Second topic. The Menorah and the Hanukkah

The ritual candelabra represent the planetary and inner Sky (7 Chakras, 7 Secret Masters in search of Hiram: the Messiah of the Master Builders).

Introduction to the topic of the inner sky and the "re-climbing" towards the super-conscious.

The spiritual aspect of mysticism.

Third topic. «Solve et Coagula»

The phantasmal analysis is the method of "descent" used to meet the deep symbols.

To descend means to learn to "reign" on one's own inner world.

Fourth topic. The Sephirotic Tree or Tree of Life

The 22 paths, in the Sephirotic Tree, represent the journey of the initiate through the ten spheres of conscience of the human universe (man and woman).

The 22 sephirotic paths are linked to esoteric meanings of the XXII Greater Arcana of the Tarot (the Golden Cards of the God Thoth in ancient Egypt ).

The 22 paths and the 10 spheres of conscience of the microcosmic universe reflect themselves in the esoteric interpretation of the 32 degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite and in the 3 initiations that it hides: basal, cardiac and mental initiations. From here we have the analogy with the Caduceus of Hermes.

Defining esotericism in order to distinguish it from exoteric practices

Definition of:


It is Conversational

Use of interpretative languages


It is Analytical

The search for conceptual meanings


It is Descriptive

Study of the Form


It is Analytical

Use of the Idea

Esotericism is nor a profession of faith, neither a philosophy but a method of enquiry .

The microscope is the physical instrument of the scientist; likewise, esotericism is the instrument of the initiate that studies and enquiries with intelligence on subjects of metaphysical character.

The word "intelligence" comes from intelligere, which means to look inside. Therefore the esoteric research is not comparable to sciolism or to a form of encyclopedic culture, but it is something that goes with intuition. Vivid intelligence accompanied by vigilant intuition is a "combination" that can include "what was not possible to know yet". For this purpose, this combination is fundamental for the researcher.

A first, simple but important statement is that esotericism is not something we do, but it is used to go in search of what we don't know yet. The initiatory Path is not made of faith, but of efficient inner realizations that don't contemplate partial results, but only success or defeat, ascents or falls.

For example, if we had to reach the top of a mountain 2,000 meters high, once we get to 1,999 we are really close to the goal, but we haven't reached it yet. If we had to stop at this point, the climbing would fail and the goal would be missed, unless we start all over again. This concept is also a fundamental stone of Karma.

The conclusion is that on the initiatory Path there aren't any settlements or compromises: either you are or you are not.

Balance and knowledge are the point of junction between science and initiatory science

There are endless points of junction between modern science and the ancient initiatory science. Concrete examples are architecture, astronomy, allopathic and surgical medicine. Just as many links we have in the philosophical, humanistic, cosmogonical and theistic thought. In other words, archaic, ancient and modern thoughts still intertwine and intersect both on the sacred and profane level.

Everything started in the Temples, which passed on the initiatory wisdom on the many topics of Man which reached the West from the East. This Axis of junction that joins East and West like one unity is a continuum of knowledge which, between spirit and intellect, is called initiatory Tradition.

We must say, though, that to go East today in search of the ancient wisdom is foolish! As if we wanted to rediscover Roman law by rummaging through the ruins of the Forum or hoped to find the eloquence of Cicero by climbing the Coliseum.

God is a greater Idea that lives on the ideas he generates

The kind of science that the good esotericist looks for is the initiatory one, which we still find everywhere, especially in the principles of the present science.

If the Esotericism in question is a right esotericism, it has continuous links with science such as, for example, holistic and psychosomatic medicine. Psychosomatic medicine is recognized as a science and it cures in the body the indispositions of the soul (the platonic Psichè) and vice versa, it cures the damages caused in the soul by the emotional mind.

Every living being represents a portion of a living (divine) Idea that reunites (relige) every small fragment into a big project. When the sentient being becomes relatively conscious, he perceives the idea of being part of a greater Idea (God), that lives on the ideas he generates.

We represent (embody) an idea and we use ideas to give a meaning to life, ours and others. When life is not yet guided by the light of Free Will, it is marked by the unconscious freedom of choice.

Here is, then, how esotericism, the process of looking inside, becomes a precious instrument useful to understand the small ideas of which we live, the Idea that we don't know we are yet and the greater Idea that generated us. Esotericism, the right and perfect one (as esoteric catechisms say) helps us to get deep inside ourselves, up to meeting the root Idea that "animates" us and gave us our life.

By meeting the Idea that presides inside us (the archetype) we will end up meeting the truest part of ourselves, and recognizing ourselves for what we are, we will not be slaves to what we appear to be any longer.

Various ways of intending esotericism

Surface Esotericism is a "discursive" esotericism which we must be careful with, because the "hear say", the so-called "carried sciolism" often leads to the chaos of false interpretations of reality, supplying new material to the so-called interpretative languages. Therefore people believe that they are better than they are by calling themselves alchemists, hermeticists, Masons or theosophists. People are convinced that they are different, whilst they are only confused. In fact, just like the apex of the initiatory Truth is unique, spiritual, divine and superhuman, unique is also the last and greater Initiation. This can be deduced by the synthesis of the System that is expressed by the sign of a Point or by the word "Unity".

There are examples of different levels and languages that say the same thing.

The Esotericism of the Depth, analytical, goes in search of conceptual meanings of the principle, the synthesis. Principle and synthesis are two different languages but they express the same concept.

We must not confuse synthesis with summary; indeed, nobody will ever be able to maintain the completeness of a concept by taking out parts of it in order to summarize it. In the summary the structure of the concept is always reduced and therefore approximate, whilst synthesis keeps every part of the thought intact, passing the whole image thought.

For example, let's consider De Chirico, master of pictorial symbolism. How can we resume the sense of one of his paintings full of symbols by only considering some parts of it, without changing completely the meanings of his work? Therefore we must accomplish a synthesis that includes all the symbolic meanings that the author meant to express. The synthesis, which proposes a work in an immediate manner, is symbolic representation.

The symbol is an abstract representation.

If we "enter" the symbol, through the esoteric instrument we get in contact with the idea that generated the representation. Therefore advanced esotericism separates form from essence distinguishing the factors that make it.

Intuition is the "small" illumination

The idea is a flash and intuition is a first small illumination, which must be made steady and present. Everybody experienced an idea as a flash, the "eureka", a moment where they "understood they understood!", although they might not have been sure of exactly what it was. Then, after a few moments, everything became clear and plausible! What happened?

The synthesis of idea has gone down along the Bridge between super-rational and physical mind, unloading compressed meanings (synthesis) at the time incomprehensible. Only after those synthetic meanings have exploded "forming" a concept, they become usable even to a slow material mind.

Like for a sudden intuition, we have first a conscience of a state of quiet, of normal waking conscience. All of a sudden the idea arrives; the quiet is blown by a flash that illuminates it as if a light bulb had been turned on. But in order to understand we must elaborate what happened into our mind.

The physical mind is not used to have such sudden contacts and we wonder if it is possible to increase the number of these contacts. The answer is yes; with a form of particular education we can reach a form of steady intuition.

The Real Bridge

The contact of "him who talks to the sky", the inner sky, the soul, the dome that contains the inner deity called Monad, in the East is called Antahkarana, in the West it is called Bridge, from which come the words pontiff and pontifex (Bridge is "Ponte"' in Italian, Note of the Translator), viz. Him who speaks to the Gods.

All this hasn't only a symbolical value but it is a goal of initiation.

Elevating one's own psychic frequency the intuitive contact becomes more and more frequent, until, once it is stabilized, there is the creation of a new mental condition called intuitive intelligence .

The mental abilities at this point multiply, so to speak. The mind is in put in condition to understand both surface concepts and deep meanings.

This will give form to other "intelligent sensitivities", such as the empathic one (see empathy), or to orient oneself on segments of thought which are not only physical ones (horizontal orientation) but develop on perpendicular planes (vertical orientation); in other words, this is commonly said to be a mind able to "go up" or "to ascend".

Recognizing the signs of personal hell

Is there a difference between intuitive intelligence, Real Bridge , Ars Regia, Ars Pontificia and Antahkarana? In actual fact there isn't, because they are all words that indicate different degrees of the same value, that of expansion of conscience . This is a term used to indicate the ascent towards the super-conscious part of Self.

Before thinking about the contact with the spiritual part of Self, though, we must put "order" in the underground of our conscience. The personal hell where we must go down (the hermetic V.I.T.R.I.O.L.) in order to put "order" is subconscious. This is what we need to "free" and this is the key to explain the myth of the descent in the underworld. We must not dig a cave or climb a mountain, but find the dark inner hell inside us. There, deep down in materiality, we will find all the signs of our disorder. We must find these ideas, free them from the "obscure prisons of vice" where we "thrust them" (metaphor of the "fall" of angels).

By freeing the ideas from the substratum of material conscience (the obscure inner land) through the "wings of initiatory virtue" we regain possession of the "vital energy" that supported them, using it for more suitable and current reasons.

Also the psychic energy used to interpret mundane roles, models, desires and dreams (being students, children, playmates, citizens, workers, holiday-makers, lovers, soldiers, fathers, mothers, husbands and wives, believers and agnostics) has a price; like any other representation everything has a price in terms of vital energy and it is all part of an "energetic wallet" that, left without any refill, sooner or later will be exhausted, leaving us poor of energies and psychological defenses. In other words, it will leave us weak and spendable.

It is like a bank account...we spend and spend, the money runs out. And we become weak, tired and with no resources. In other words: old. But, as we said, inside ourselves there's a lot of energy to recovery.

From deep meditation to phantasmal enquiry

Do you remember VITRIOL? Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem (see The descent of VITRIOL). But where is this inner land? Today it is called subconscious. Everybody lives, maybe unconsciously, between different planes of sensitivity, called by current science conscious, subconscious, super-conscious or even soul . Words are only conventions. The important thing is not the words used, but the commitment (the Art) of becoming oneself and regaining possession of what we really are, beyond any form and convention .

The sense of life is often occasional

For the initiate life is an occasion not to be thrown away, but to be given the meaning it deserves!

The sense of life? Physically there isn't any sense a priori but that in the karmic sense or the will of the soul. It is not the emotional drives of personality which, on the contrary, make the form of life substantially occasional.

We are the sense of life. We are the directors of our choices, the actors of our characters and the spectators of our representations, of which we often don't appreciate the ending.

When we become aware that we are not like corks at the mercy of waves, then we become careful and protect ourselves from careless choices, actions and words.

Therefore we must take our responsibilities, let's not say it's the fault of destiny, of a nasty Entity, of an irate God, of the karma, bad luck, this or that. Indeed, it's mainly us pointlessly complicating our own lives, as much as we like to pointlessly make it more complicated for our neighbors.

Essentiality of a correct initiatory education

After the standstill of learning and research, we must go on the Operative Path, viz. from theory to practice, from words to facts.

Using terms dear to the hermetic literature, the researcher, once made his choice, goes from the Speculative Path to the Operative Path. Indeed, speculative teaching is only the catwalk that leads to action, to the setting up of what has been "passed on and assimilated" during the fraternal relationship existing between Instructor and Disciple.

In other words, we must take stock of what we have become and what we are capable of after the long period of application on theoretical knowledge.

At this point, it is obvious how essential a factor generally ignored by ordinary esotericists is: a correct initiatory Education.

Knowledge is certainty and without knowledge nothing is built and achieved. But knowledge can only be obtained through an exact, accurate and specific education. Without it, the goals in an initiatory and spiritual field become practically inaccessible and every project of individual progress remains unfeasible. Or, to be more precise, before learning to educate oneself it is necessary to dis-educate oneself from the absurdities of profanity, free ourselves from them and start again in the better view to reach the goal.

We must learn to recognize the "outside" in order to recognize the "inside" of every idea, model or feeling. This means to reflect, not to think, but to reflect. By looking at every meaning through a game of mirrors that reflects from any angle, so many and so different that it is impossible for a reality, a person or a thing to remain disguised or masked by false mental ornaments.

In order to recognize the truths hidden by false appearances, lies, dreams and delusions we must have definite reference points, that cannot be obtained by "I was told". To understand the sense of reality means to reach the intellectual calm that follows the sense of detachment that prevents conscience from confusedly renewing its own material experiences.

Education, languages and symbols

Exoteric traditions are journeys connected to lesser interpretations, whose theorems are often repetitive and indefinite; only a careful exegesis can give them their meaning back, which has sunk into the promiscuity of formal aspects. It is important, then, to gain the ability to re-interpret the formal aspects of those traditions, because they are the cause of the proliferation of different interpretations. We only have to decide how to deal with so many differences; a solution offered to the researcher is also the most radical one.

By going back to the psychological synthesis at the origin of languages and skimming from the formal aspect (interpretation) the sense that we would like to pass on, the scholar will see the resurfacing of the common denominator that links the origin of every thought to the same root. And by recognizing the root of human thought we also reveal its destiny, which, from a common point of conscience, includes in its inalienable trajectory, the sense of its development and of any possible aim (see The Initiatory Praxis).

The important thing is not the language used but the meaning expressed.

When we start the esoteric research of meanings, the first thing to do is to free ourselves from the bonds of our own language, trying to find confirmation of what we are studying in another language. If the result is positive, viz. if a notion finds confirmation in other traditions, even in a different form, this is the sign that that concept is, so to speak, impartial. And therefore that analogy, despite the difference in languages, is the guarantee that the meaning is definitely uncontaminated. The use of analogy, therefore, is the litmus paper of the esotericist. Finding fragments of meanings in various languages, resuming them and comparing their sense is a realistic counter-proof that guarantees from the corruption of profane cultures.

Among the different methods of approach to a notion we find two distinct, almost antithetical methods. One is based on the statement ("this is this" and "this is that") and one on negation ("this is not this" and "this is not that"). The first belongs to the western culture, whilst the second is used in the East.

The person who states categorically often makes mistakes because of the hurry; whilst the method of proceeding through denial "this is not this and this is not that" leaves more room to confirmation, gradually getting rid of what is not from what could be. Therefore, although the process will be slower, we will have more chances of identifying what really is, without getting lost in the turmoil of hypotheses and suppositions that characterize the affirmative method.

The true idiom of the esotericist is the symbol

When observing a symbol of any kind, we must be careful not to end up "in love" with its exterior form. In other words, we must never fall in the cult of exterior research.

Often those who love research don't do it.

In order for the research to lead to results it is not enough to love it, but we need to be ready to sacrifice many of our preconceptions for it. The predisposition to sacrifice our ideas for the truth is not an ordinary but extraordinary thing.

The true idiom of the esotericist is therefore the symbol. Provided that the researcher acquires the ability to go beyond the exterior reading of the symbolic and representative form, grabbing inside it the veiled meaning that inspired its form.

The sentient being communicates ideas through words and signs. Symbols are therefore the exterior cloths of ideas. They can take different shapes depending on languages. The important thing is to penetrate their form (see The Study of Symbols).

Numbers: an example of emblematic language

Among the symbols that might represent this assumption, surely numbers are the reservoir with more meanings.

Among the numerical symbol the most philosophical is "0" (zero). The metaphysical zero has a receptive, and therefore feminine, nature and it is the forerunner of sacred geometry.

The circumference of the zero is the space or dimension that it contains, holding it, the "." dot.

The Dot is the first sign of cosmic appearance. The One is the first form of the manifested God and all comes from it.

So, without an apparent meaning, the metaphysical zero can, on the contrary, contain absolute values such as the dot.

The dot as well doesn't seem to have any meaning, yet all signs start from a dot .

Placed at the center of the zero, the point becomes the One, solar and divine symbol.

The point in the circumference, then, becomes the Generator of any Number that is circumscribed in a space-dimension, as Archetype (God) of its own manifestation; which, in this case, is the world of Numbers.

Broadly speaking, we might say that the relation between circumference and space reminds us of a stone thrown in a pond. It generates a wave that widens concentrically, up to disappearing by dissolving in the surrounding space. But an "exploding" energy held into a magnetic circumference would not be dispersed; it would be held by the unsurpassable ring that would cause the wave to go back to its source, viz. the emission point which, faster and faster, will send it back towards the boundaries of "its own circumference" up to extend its margins and widen the space contained.

Someone saw in this "mechanism" the analogy with the birth of the universe, therefore it was given the title of "sacred representation". This "energetic Motion" is the principle that gives "shape" to the manifestation, because with its dynamism, it turns inert matter (antimatter) into active, live and vibrant matter.

This is the genesis of the primordial sound (energetic vibration) which, coming from a greater universe, expanded in an inert space and created the cosmic form of this universe.

Popular iconography represents these three aspects (circumference, point and centrifugal motion) in a triad with a human aspect that it calls Mother, Father and Son, inscribed in the Numbers 1, 2 and 3.

1 is the point represented in the image of a Father;

2 is the circumference and the insurmountable link that encloses the space where the manifestation occurs, represented in an image of a Mother;

3 is the result, or effect, of the interaction between point that manifests and circumference that holds. The centrifugal motion of their energy is, therefore, their Son .

The term "mother aspect" (metaphor of the centripetal aspect of the energy) has been coined in ancient times to express the concept of magnetic attraction for simple minds lacking any sort of scientific knowledge. What better image than a motherly hug to express the concept of attraction? Indeed, when approaching symbols it is important to consider the time when certain representations were created. The symbol is not as important as what it represents. The idea, the sense and the truths related to those meanings are more important than the beauty of its form. The esotericist is often a dreamer, an idealist, which should do his best to become a realist, in order to reach the end of his search without lingering on any of the "wonderful details" of the initiatory science.

These wonderful details are made very visible to the postulants, in order to confuse and distract them from pursuing the mysteries of the initiatory path. But unchangeable concepts that remain untouched through eras, resisting in their hermeticism despite cultural fashions, should be considered as proper containers of knowledge, as precious as indissoluble, which were often shared despite the different languages.

Let's consider, for example, the "divine" meanings of 1, 2 and 3. According to two great cultures they are the vertex of a sacred Triangle that in ancient times, in the East, was called Trimurti, later absorbed by the Western culture as Trinity. Therefore in the esoteric research we must get used to recognize the same meaning even when it is presented in different terms.

We have reached the conclusion that motion gives shape to any phenomenal form (the human form as well) is born (is the son) out of the interaction between dynamic aspect of the One and the magnetic attraction of the Two. Furthermore, out of these three aspects, "motion" is the only one immediately perceivable and investigable by the "light of reason".

This Triangle is the synthesis of any manifestation; in it we can recognize the Sun (central point) and its planetary system held by the invisible ring of its energetic circumference, as well as the Big Bang that ‘exploded' this Universe, but also the cardiac Center (chakra) that is the ‘solar' center of our Aura.

They are all meanings that can be superimposed in different spaces, realities and dimensions, in a sequence of correspondences (bridge) that join man to the cosmos, through the individual aura and the aura of the planet, as well as the latter to the aura of the whole solar system, up to joining in the totality of the Universe.

But it seems that languages divide, rather than unite.

The hermeticist doesn't talk like the theosophist who, on his turn, doesn't talk like the alchemist. The latter has perhaps difficulties in communicating with other alchemists anywhere, always.

Not to mention religious faiths, which, far from expressing pure spirituality, not only confuse but sometimes also kill the spiritual essence in wide parts of the humankind, driving to diversity and total disagreement.

Therefore the morale, if we can call it that, is what we mentioned at the beginning of the discussion; we must never fall in love with any form, but we must find the meaning contained in words. Indeed, only ideas are above any term and above the separations towards which languages force us.

The keystone and the solution to the problem is going out from the world of words and getting into the world of ideas. This passage marks the detachment from the feelings of the physical reason in order to project oneself in the constitution of the abstract mind. For this reason, as we will see, it is necessary to reach the "syntheses" of our own thoughts. The mental synthesis, which only involves meanings, brings together any initiate "beyond any form and appearance".

The communion of languages

A great work of communion between meanings is necessary before joining the languages. This means "religere", viz. joining languages through the unambiguity of meanings.

The unambiguity of meanings can be considered as the main "backbone"' of knowledge and wisdom. Instead of rushing through laborious researches trying to manage between the meanings of the many "esoteric labels", let's try and grasp all the realistic meanings of these fragments of truth, going back to the backbone of their meaning.

What could represent the reality of the Initiate better than the Representation of the Ancient mysteries? And what can represent the Ancient Mysteries but the initiatory Tradition?

Therefore staying on this straight rail, especially for the young proselyte, can be useful and not only advantageous, but the experience testified by many good Initiates that preceded him, is the best guarantee of its effectiveness. In the Great Synthesis it overcomes (provided that we know what we are dealing with) the chaos of languages.

In practice we must undo, in ourselves as well, the Babel Tower of incomprehension that collective madness built, chasing the alleged supremacy of each national culture.

We have extraordinary examples to rely on. It is not difficult to find, among so much "dust", important bench marks coming from the East as well as from the West. These are lights of wisdom of those who really accomplished valuable fragments of the Great individual Work: inner metamorphosis or metallic transmutation, however you call it. We should look into our everyday life and compare our questions with the answers of these characters, but also remembering the limits of their humanity. Indeed, these limits make their work extremely supreme and wonderful.


The name "Triad" is given to the group of aspects that, coming from the same Unity, are known as spirit, soul and thought. They must not be confused with physical mind, which is only their "possible" physical container.

The symbol that "physically" represents a "triad"' is a triangle; this shape is made by the numbers of the Ternary: 1, 2 and 3. It is considered a sign of universal perfection.

The difference between a triad from another is certainly not the name, but the substance it is made of, which belongs to the plane and dimension where it is placed, incompatible with any other plane that is not its, unless there are substantial changes in the original structure. This shows the need for a link that can ‘connect' them without losing their energetic quality.

Following modern terminology, we might associate the energetic structure called atomic and subatomic to the spiritual and soul planes. The different electrical frequencies (vibrations=sound) can be associated to the different planes (density) of the "psychic substance".

These three components of the same greater Aspect (cosmic arcane) don't have any relation with the so-called bio-energy, which takes its origin from chemical grafts and from the hormonal compositions of the material part of man.

The Aura is a field of magnetic energy that contains the mind, even the least organized one. The disorganization of a mind can be deduced from the irregularity of the colored halos that it projects in the Aura. We can conclude that an advanced, and therefore organized mind, "irradiates" just as precise and organized luminous radiations.

But the Aura is more than a simple field of action for the mind.

The Aura is the energetic condensation of conscience. In other words it is the energetic field determined by the presence of the soul, viz. the energetic egg that contains the human nature in every dimension, and that interacts with it in proportion with its psychic organization. Where this mental organization is missing, there doesn't "appear" to be any other sign of conscience other than the part of material conscience associated to the "sensations" and "drives" of the physical-animal nature of man.

Still today the most common type of mind is the disorganized one. For this reason in the world there seem to be the prevalence of astral features. The astral plane (the plane of emotions) is in the Aura, the "halo" of emotional colors closest to the physical body, only preceded by the halo of bio-energy called "ethereal".

The halo emitted by physical emotions stands out for its typical aspect, with spots of dull colors with uncertain and mixed tones. These palettes of opaque and disorganized colors have been documented by the Kirlian machine. This is a device able to take pictures of magnetic fields; it takes its name from the Russian scientist that invented it.

Mental order

By acquiring more and more self-awareness and organizing the levels of his own psychic abilities, the young adept obtains inner order, allowing the mutual relationship and interaction between any aspects of his occult constitution.

Given the diversity of levels necessary for the completeness of its energetic structure, the inner order is indeed nor implicit neither natural but, so to speak, we must conceive it first, then want it and finally impose it to the obtuseness of our own inner drives.

Hans Kaiser's studies on the "Science of Harmonics" tend to identify the condition of inner harmonics that any sentient being can reach by ordering inside himself all the dissonant emotional tones. This would bring the "divine sonorous chromaticity" that he owns in the spiritual planes up to his physical conscience.

But why have sound and motion always been connected between them?

It was stated: energy is motion. Therefore the speed with which energy goes through space creates resistance and that friction is called sound.

The friction-sound is due to the fact that space, like any other shape, is made of energetic but inert matter. Therefore space can be revived only by the presence of active energy that makes it a "living space".

This means that space in any shape or form, from the densest to the subtlest and most immaterial, is "animated" by energy in motion that vivifies any of its inert parts, generating sound by reflection. This is why energy, space and motion-sound can be considered three aspects or a Ternary of manifestation.

Besides, the sound is an important aspect of the initiatory condition as well. Indeed, the true secret (occult) name of an Initiate is the discovery in himself of the Unison (see The symbol-words AUM and OM). The unison (unique sound) is the "harmonious" component that joins the three aspects of spirit, soul and thought, making them complementary.

In the search for an inner order we should highlight the comprehension of our own natural tones and undertones, intervals and unisons in order to understand, correct and use the energetic structure able to express a better mind, viz. more precise, deep, wide and gifted mind.

Up to the reception of the unison there will always be a difference between frequencies (vibrations) of the various components of the energetic substance of the sentient being. Their organization will allow the harmonious interaction between the various aspects that, in the languages of lesser initiates is called: Real bridge or Antahkarana.

In the "rule of the Harmonics", therefore, the illusoriness of the dualism that appear to divide "spirit from matter" finds its conclusion, composing any previous conflict.

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