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Masonic_Instructions: Seven Wheels of Energy
FreemasonryRays of relation Ė The position of the Lodge Picture Ė The Sephirot in the Temple Ė The activation of the system Ė Recognizing the triplicity of everything Ė The development of triplicity in the Temple

In this article we will consider the energetic relations inside the Lodge.
In the geometry of the Lodge there are several triangles made of lines of energy that determine some relations, in other words, some rays of relation.

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Seven Wheels of Energy

by Adriano Nardi

© copyright by Esonet.it - Esonet.com

Dedicated to Athos A. Altomonteís work of instruction

Index: Rays of relation - The position of the Tracing Board - The Sephirot in the Temple - The activation of the system - Recognizing the triplicity of everything - The development of the triplicity in the Temple

Rays of relation

In this article we will consider the energetic relations inside the Lodge.

In the geometry of the Lodge there are several triangles made of energy lines that determine some relations, in other words, some rays of relation. For the triangles to be as such it is necessary for them to be closed and we will geometrically call this closure the basis of each triangle. Since we are talking about energies, this basis is a true closure that allows those energies not to be dispersed in the infinite, which on the contrary would be anti-economical.

All rays refer to the Worshipful Master.

From the image it is clear that there is no contact between the two Tylers. The Inner Tyler never speaks to the Worshipful Master, but always either with the 1st or 2nd Guard; the Outer Tyler doesnít need the inner instruction, because he should be the wisest Bro and generally it is said that this role is covered by a Past-Master.

In the Masonic Temple there is something more than a group of people.

The position of the Tracing Board

If what we are saying is correct, we must realize another important element as far as sacred geometry is concerned, viz. that the Tracing Board has a precise position on the floor of the Temple. It will be placed in correspondence with the Sephirah Tiferet, which coincides with the cardiac center, which gathers everything, being the magnetic pole, reflector of the high (subtle) part, the Eggregore. If we place it anywhere else its function will fail because of the lack of the triangle with the cardiac center. It is not a banality, because an error in the position of the cardiac center, therefore of the Eggregore, involves an error in the sacred geometry and in the symmetry of the axis of the center itself, preventing the whole from working.

The Sephirot in the Temple

We started from radiation, viz. the relations between the members of the Lodge; the radiation is closed, otherwise it will be lost, determining a series of triangles. Then there are the collateral relations of closure, which, when joined, originate sephirot. Therefore we can say that we have twenty-two intermediate paths and ten main elements. These can be expressed in a cabbalistic mathematical sense (the letters of the first alphabet) with the Tarots.

You must not think that this subject is only valid inside the Temple; indeed, there are two intermediate levels to consider:

1) That what we described above is a body and therefore it is true both for the Man of the Temple and for man in himself;

2) That the same arguments will be found on a planetary level, the well known Planetary Logos (positive-positive, negative-negative energetic currents).

The activation of the system

The relations between components are in actual fact energetic emanations. What does the real activation of these centers involve? We are, but we donít know that we are; in actual fact we donít know that we are many things.

The device inside us is complete and working; what is missing is the consciousness of the system. The Masters say that we are in a status of sleep, torpor, because we are so intent on the outside that we donít acknowledge the working devices that are there but are not truly activated on the physical plane because we have no conscience of them; by physical plane we mean the brain.

The true substantial problem is in the physical brain, because it is not able to transmit messages from the higher to the lower conscience. The Bridge (the Antahkarana in the East) is the passage between higher and lower conscience through the physical brain.

This is the instruction, to train the brain to receive and not to discover things that donít exist or who knows where they are.

To support what we have just stated a simple example is quite helpful. When we talk about lucid dreams or lucid conscience in the sleep, it means that in the sleep we have a real life, only that the brain canít transmit from the higher to the lower part and therefore we have confusion. It is as if we turned the knob of a short waves radio without finding the frequency band, because we are not able to do so; what comes out of this wonderful device but confused sounds? It doesnít depend on the device, though, but on the delicacy of tuning this device. This is alignment.

It is not that we donít have contact with the Soul, but the higher Ego is simply not interested in the Personalityís disinterest. The higher abstract mind, which reasons synthetically, precisely, rationally, will not be attentive in an irrational contest. It is like our attention, which is not given to one or more children talking, but that reacts immediately if there is a wise person that supplies us with notions we are interested in, because they are recognized by our rational side. By recognizing you will be recognized.

The brain must be trained to recognize impulses that we can also call inspirations (spiritual, artistic, concrete) that comes from the top. The brain recognizes, if trained to do so, those inner impulses that otherwise we wouldnít perceive because they are confused among thousands of other impulses. This is the training of the concrete mind, which is different from saying that the concrete mind leads to initiation.

There are seven energy wheels, as many as the Masons that make a lodge which, if it is complete, become ten.

Recognizing the triplicity of everything

We indicate each center, which is a person, brother or sister, representing him/her as a unit. On the basis of considerations developed in other works we should get rid of any doubts that uniqueness doesnít exist but in perfection; but total perfection doesnít concern us at our level. We know that everything originates from an emanation, but as soon as it is emanated it becomes three.

In lodge we do not have three manifestations but three aspects. They are the Wisdom, Will and Activity aspects.

In order to be sufficient as a presence in the physical world we must develop the three aspects. The development of one of the aspects that neglects the growth of the other two causes an unbalance that is the cause of faulty brothers.

For example we might have the active person who does a lot of things but is dissonant, or he is not generous and helpful; if the activity aspect is not led by wisdom it lacks coordination and balance and it is in danger of not finding a purpose. The person that tries to develop the wisdom aspect but doesnít recognize this aspect in other people, because they are dissonant or muddling, might react with an escape from the world and isolation from others. If on one hand this creates a small private heaven, on the other it leads to not being altruistic; but whatís the point in knowing things if we canít give them to others? The will aspect can lead who knows where when it lacks balancing elements, from search of power to the oppression of other people, or the search of a political redemption in spite of certain moral and ethical principles.

What has been said above is true both if we are talking about the development of an energy center in a man to the detriment of others and in the insufficient development of a single center; when the triplicity is not achieved the system doesnít work. If there isnít any activity, any knowledge or any strength, viz. the fire, a man as well as a chakra, doesnít work.

Therefore recognizing, finding triplicity once again is not only useful to man but also to the part of man and outside man. It is an important aspect which we need to consider.

In order to start this work of recognition we must start from the meaning that we give words. For example, man often confidently takes possession of the word "will". The will aspect is simply an emanation of the higher Ego, therefore it cannot be found in a personality with average evolution; average compared to the man which on the abstract level (the plane of the higher Ego) means still very much affected by the animal, instinctive and impulsive mind. We will have surrogates such as tenacity, obstinacy, etc.

From the alchemic-spiritual point of view the development of the three aspects translates into cooperation between Knowing how to Do, Wanting to Do and Being able to Do; and we canít Do if one of the three is missing.

This shows how the lack of triplicity in the world creates chaos.

This is a big key. Balance, detachment, harmonics, all the applications of mental and spiritual human knowledge cannot be enforced if this triplicity is not acknowledged. The absence of one or more aspects is the origin of chaos. And chaos can be with oneself, in social relations, in not being able to identify oneís own goals.

The development of the triplicity in the Temple

The consideration of the three aspects represented by the Three Lights is what is necessary to the person who chooses to work for this recognition. We must add an element which, if neglected, sooner or later would cause the questioning of the truth and completeness of such considerations.

The development of triplicity is what members of a lodge must do as a group, provided that the higher level is synthesis. When we reach the level of synthesis, we achieve the Three in One. In this way we get closer to something less human and more and more psychic and spiritual.

The real Initiate is simply synthetic. He is the man who has joined the spiritual will, the higher intellect and the intelligent mind (Atman, Buddhi and Manas in the East).

Developing the triplicity means finding the balance, symbolized by the sign of the Scales.

The Three Lights represent these three aspects but they should be three-fold on their turn, if they are truly brothers that tend to be operative.

Expressing the triplicity is also valid for every brother; we will then be closer to reality, because we will be reproducing in our cardiac mirror the three rays that support the activity of our planetary system; the Green, Blue and Red Ray.

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