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Transmut_of_metals: On metallic Transmutation / 6
FreemasonryThe eye of the mind that visualizes – The use of virtual scenarios – The method of invocation-evocation – The Secret that veils the Work of the Initiate – [‘Mouth-ear’] – [Tyling] – [Copernicus] – The Masonic Secret – Diamagnetism of the mind – [The Power of Mind]

The creation of an inner Bridge between spirit and matter, between physical and metaphysical, between lower self and Self, between Personality and animic Triad or any other name we want to give the starting and arriving points, this art is known to every Mason as Ars Pontificia and the inner transmutation of the Initiate is aimed, so to speak, at putting into ‘communication’ the two counterparts making the inferior simile (recognizable) to the superior and the other way round. Here as well we see the putting in practice of the initiatory Principle ‘By recognizing you will be recognized’.

Documento senza titolo

On metallic Transmutation /6

by Athos A. Altomonte

© copyright by Esonet.it - Esonet.com

The Journey as an inner itinerary towards initiatory transformation

And a short analysis of the meaning of the Masonic Secret

Index: The eye of the mind that visualizes - The use of virtual scenarios - The method of invocation-evocation - The Secret that veils the Work of the Initiate - [«Mouth-ear»] - [Tyling] - [Copernicus] - The Masonic Secret - Diamagnetism of the mind - [The Power of Mind]

The eye of the mind that visualizes

Up to this moment, the eye that visualizes has remained still in an unspecified point of the metaphysical space, the inner space of the mind that contains the whole scenario, the observer and the observed object. Now we want the eye to move its ability for observation in two directions. We will start by moving with circumferences and ellipses around the observed form and later by penetrating the form itself.

Due to lack of space it is not possible to describe the considerable developments that this first training stage involves; we will just mention some of them. This mobility contains the first key of Diamagnetism (which we will deal with shortly) with a new mental polarization that crops up by training the mind to new parameters and perspectives in the metaphysical observation (the planes of inner spaces). This releases a first perception of the principle of multidimensionality and timelessness in the mind. The vision of a form conceived from the center of its inner space offers more than just a simple re-polarization of the perspective parameters, of a mental concept. By remaining suspended with the inner eye in the emptiness of the inner space (metaphysical) the phenomenon of the energetic motion also called silent sound appears very soon to the inner perception of the initiate. This presents itself with the tone of a dominating note, but the researcher must not be confused; the first dominating note that he will be able to hear by effect of the resonance will be his own and not that of the observed form. Only a refining of his own auditory perceptiveness will allow the appearance of his counterpart, just as it happens for the sight; this leads to the sonorous perception of ethereal order first, then astral and so on up to knowing the sonorous aspect of the Triads.

The third level (of the five) of visualization directly involves the field of experience of the Psyche-Soul – the high part of the Psyche, which the esotericist usually distinguishes from the part linked to personality by capitalizing its initial. It doesn't distinguish an experience lived materially from one lived virtually, because between Psyche and experience there is a mental field that we might call, in simple terms, its translator or transliterator of reality and experiences. The Initiate, by activating the eye of the mind in the mental "sphere" (of perceptive conscience) through the visualization, will be able to increase the flow of experiences directed to the Psyche. Through the use of virtual scenarios, he will transmit to it more and more complex, qualified and selected experiences.

The use of virtual scenarios

The first advantages of this method must be found in the speed to sum endless experiences and in the fact that it is not necessary to wait for a difficult concatenation of events, subsidiary time and possible availability of other people to achieve them. These conditions are often fortuitous and occasional and they cause a slowing down in the assimilation of a particular experience, which sometimes make it unfeasible. They can be repeated all the times that is wanted or required. A differentiation of the elements that make them (also characters) will occur gradually, considering them as if they were re-lived and re-interpreted from all the possible "angles" and being able to evaluate and analyze with dynamic meditation all the possible actions and reactions between oneself and the experience scenarios.

As we have already said, the number of virtual experiences can reach infinite and the psychic reactions that originate, considering a high degree of specialization of the visualizer, will be identical to those reacting to a unique, slow, often imperfect and arduously material experience.

In this as well as in any other technical-initiatory topic, the mental ability of the observer will correspond to a higher or lower emotional quality in the lower psychic reaction of Personality and superior reaction of the Psyche.

In this last field of experience as well the visualizer will have to build the ability to penetrate the three-dimensionality of a more and more perfect scenario in forms, colors, sounds and smells up to creating the conditions for a more and more efficient suggestion that overcomes physical reality for its quality.

It is a very important element to feel completely wrapped and surrounded by the scenario (high-low, sky-ground); likewise it is very important to remember to place the access point in the image behind oneself and to keep it more and more distant as we advance, so that it can close back behind us. In the most uncertain and dangerous situations, the Initiate is able to project his double in front of himself, a double image that will act, so to speak, as a lighting rod. The exact term would be to project a mandala of self, but we will stop here.

We want to add a note that, although minimal, belongs to a higher level than what we have just described.

Thanks to a game of energetic correspondences, which we will not describe here, to the energy of an image created by the will of man (in good or evil), with time and experience a counterpart that doesn't belong to the visualizer will be added. This has its own intelligent "life" (this word is allegorically correct but technically inappropriate, which would be incomprehensible), its own qualities and characteristics. This second cognitive identity comes from the vision that the animic conscience has of the same experience; in the instance of a Major Initiate, the generator will be the monadic conscience.

Depending on the ability of identification and evocative power of man this superior identity of conscience can saturate with its own image-symbols the whole inner space of the image and the visualizer. This double field of experience created between the Act of initiatory will and the spiritual quality (synthetical visual information) is what in the initiatory sphere is called theknowledge by contact (or direct knowledge).

In other words, through this dynamic and interactive progression between Psyche and Personality we reach what is called Illumination. But it is impossible to say more without going into the direct treatment of the subject known as the Dynamics of the Eggregore (or study of the Dynamics of the Eggregore).

The method of invocation-evocation

The last method we want to mention is called invocation-evocation. It is closely connected to the Words of Power of Freeemasonry.

The creation of an inner Bridge between spirit and matter, between physical and metaphysical, between lower self and Self, between Personality and animic Triad or any other name we want to give the starting and arriving points, this art is known to every Mason as Ars Pontificia and the inner transmutation of the Initiate is aimed, so to speak, at putting into "communication" the two counterparts making the inferior simile (recognizable) to the superior and the other way round. Here as well we see the putting in practice of the initiatory Principle «By recognizing you will be recognized».

Once synthetically defined the field where the topic should be placed, let's continue with a few more notes. This "dialogue" between the physical element and the metaphysical essence of man is made compatible by the initiatory transmuting progression and inner techniques. This "dialogue" is indeed called the technique of invocation-evocation. This means, in simple terms, that the integrated Personality of the Initiate calls and his Triad responds.

This "Alliance" doesn't act only in the inner world of the Initiate but from Triad to Triad it can reach any other inner world (sphere of conscience) even without the conscious participation of the Personalities that are immersed into it. Furthermore it can act through bridges up to the external and material one, determining significant events. But we will stop here.

Every method that we have illustrated moves the energies of the adept at different speeds and this inner motion, depending on the will and ability of the operator, destroys, changes, energizes, transmutes and illuminates its electromagnetic field. Therefore it is indubitable that initiatory transmutation cannot exist or occur in the limits of a moral conception, of dialectics or philosophy. Neither can it assume tones of reality if we want to place it into the devotional limits of a formal execution of a Ceremonial or in the symbolic and repetitive representation of the so-called Mysteries which, until they will be considered such, the only real thing they will manifest is the inability of the adepts to understand them.

Although the adept lacks steady points of reference around himself, he often becomes aware that for his own initiatory transmutation something different is necessary and more than what is commonly offered to him by the ordinary and conventional praxis of Freemasonry. Therefore, like many before him, he turns to Ancient Tradition, its understanding and its inner "restoration" that allows him to reach "change". It is an energetic re-elaboration whose generator will be his Mind and his thoughts will be the electric "filaments".

The Secret that veils the Work of the Initiate

We will now deal with a topic strictly connected to the operative achievement of the Initiate, the Secret that veils his Work. It is not our intention to talk about the contents of the initiatory Secret; these are always entrusted to a small number of Brother Initiates, always present in Freemasonry, also and especially in its darkest times. By obeying the Rule of Initiation, they conscientiously transmit the contents only through that method, still all to be understood, that is symbolically called «the mouth on the ear* and the word on the breath»; there's no danger for them of falling into the mistake of narcissistic divulgation at all costs or foolish proselytism that is enjoyed so much by those who, profanely, consider quantity more important than quality in the people they get in touch with. Working on quantity unavoidably leads to the constitution of factions because of the lack of recognition of the initiatory Principle (the ideological flag of lesser initiates), therefore the inner conflict that generates betrayal appears. The foolish brother who introduces Profane people in the Temple because of blind proselytism should not forget this. These profane people are not tyled as the Rule requires** and they often remain as such. Instead, wait freely until it is knocked three times at the Door of the Temple and that your Work is requiredthree times before opening and let another Brother enter, the Initiates say.


* «Mouth-Ear» - It will help to say that the word ear must be meant as ear of the mind.

** Tyling - The serious verification of his intention and real determination to undergo "Transmutation" and not the "Preservation" of his own inner metals.

Talking about the "secret", it is fair to say that every researcher coming from different cultural extraction with different motivations, has been able to reach the knowledge of all the principles of the so-called Schools of Mysteries, of the East and of the West. Since those inquisitive researchers, such as archeologists, literary men, historians and scientists, have never become Initiates, we can assume that the secret of Initiation cannot be found in revealing those principles; therefore it would be wrong to emphasize its importance. On the other hand, force one's own attention to the symbolic exposition of those "Mysteries" placed in Ceremonials, will be a false journey.

I will give you an example that refers to the first instance; if we reach the knowledge of the Teaching that has been passed on up to the Greater Mysteries of the Eleusis and that revolved around the knowledge of what were called the Toys of the child Bacchus: Dice, Spinning Top, Ball and Mirror, without being able to recognize the deep symbolic meaning and what they referred to, this would lead to considering them as four speculative playthings if not even a mythic product of human imagination. Wrong.

They are the symbolic representations of the whole "structure" in form and energy, of the Universe and the Solar System. The latter, "heliocentric", was known 5,500 years before Copernicus*.

In the second instance, that of symbolic representations, the man with devotional temperament as well will convince himself that only taking a physical posture, moving a foot in a certain way or a hand in another and so on, covering his body with symbols or reciting cryptic Hebrew formulas, certainly doesn't lead to one's own Initiation. Therefore it is fair to consider certain initiations as thepsycho-dramatic emulation of a symbolic representation that hides an initiatory reality.

Now, in this initiatory reality is found the secret, not in the representation of it given by symbols or even less in its dramatic emulation. The Ceremonial represents the Book of Initiation and for the man who can read it, its content in terms of comprehension and achievement is the reality that comes out of it.


* Copernicus – The fact that Copernicus reputation is overrated is demonstrated by the fact that he wrote his theories in the "On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres" in the sixteenth century, but in Europe this information were known 400 years earlier. In the Book of the Hebrew Zohar, written according to their ancient traditions by Moses de Leon, it was already stated: "In the Book of Hammannuah the Ancient we learn that the earth revolves around itself describing a circle, that some (bodies) are above and others below…that there are some districts of the earth which are in the light and others in the dark; the first have the day whilst the latter have the night; that there are districts where it is always daylight and the night only lasts a few instants" – Zohar III, sheet 10, cit. Kabbalah pag. 139.

We would like to remind you that the initiatory reception and transmission are represented by a living-symbol. From the «Brotherhood» the condition of adept and Initiate are expressed in two symbolic positions that represent their inner attitude.

The adept lifts both arms to the sky, assuming the inner attitude of "I become cup (the lower mental form) and I receive from above (from the Secret Master, the Triad) the Light (knowledge) with which I will fill myself up to being full". Progressing his rank (ability and not degree), then, he will stretch out the right arm (active) towards the bottom, assuming the inner attitude of: "all that I receive doesn't belong to me, I give away as much as I have received".

But who is the Initiate available to "give" to? To his simile, which he calls …. omission …., who obeys the Rule of: : «By recognizing you will be recognized». This statement means, in simpler terms, that if the adept won't be able to recognize the Initiate, the Initiate won't show himself to the adept.

«The initiatory Secret doesn't consist of "not enunciating a principle" but it consists of not indicating the methods of fulfillment». Finding the methods of fulfillment are the trials (12) that the adept must pass by himself and possibly only with the help of the older Brother that he has chosen as his exoteric Guide.

Now we will give a series of small examples useful to find our way towards the identity of the initiatory Secret.

It is known that the whole speculative teaching of Tradition shows with wealth of details all the elements necessary to the progression of the adept, up to reaching the Threshold of the Initiation called Major. But the young adept must look carefully around; who is able to tell him "mouth on ear and word on breath" not "what is necessary to do" but "how to do it"?

The Masonic Secret

A lot is said about the art of «building Bridges», «Royal Arch», «Illumination», «Gnosis», «Knowledge by Contact», «Mysteries of the Tabernacle», «Royal Secret», «Sacred Alliance», «Most Holy Numbers», and much more. Is the adept able, though, to point out today one Initiate who can show him, step by step, the method and technique necessary to make the meanings hidden in the "symbolic Containers" concretely operating and achievable?

On the other hand if all those "symbolic Containers" didn't contain a true and achievable Teaching, the whole Masonic Container would be a dream, an illusion. Therefore Freemasonry and the Ancient Mysteries that it contains would be a mirage, a mental perversion, a place through which Men passed on a Philosophy and a Teaching that would be crazy if it was useless.

If this was true, then, why men with great intellectual qualities and abilities would have spent, through epochs, the best part of themselves to defend and preserve those symbols, with the ingenuous and simple appearance of, for example, the «Templar Camp» at the 32nd degree?

The latter considered only in its literal and exterior form of "military" camp, appears as a myth, historically untrue, a legend without initiatory meaning and as a consequence useless for the adept. Therefore, because of the lack of initiatory usefulness, it is clearly an illogical interpretation, faulty and unreliable that opportunely hides a completely different reality, like a "perpetual astronomic Calendar" for the use of the Initiates able to recognize and interpret it. Furthermore, as well as the "camp", the intention was to direct the attention of the Profane man on the true interpretation of the three White degrees of Freemasonry, making the lesser Masons themselves believe that at the top of the initiatory Pyramid there are three "administrative" degrees; as if, paradoxically, the Tradition of initiatory and universal Brotherhood wished the presence at its top of zealous officers and diligent clerks.

All the minimalist "opinions" on the meanings of those initiatory "Containers" cover, for the non-introduced man, all the meanings that they are supposed to preserve and that form the body of the covering that is called by lesser adepts the Masonic Secret. But of course this is not the context suitable to spread the particulars in detail.

Diamagnetism of the mind

The young researcher must be reassured that all that he is able to see around him and perhaps even more really exists and it is concretely achievable; it is not sufficient to learn its difficult hermetic language in order to reach the innermost essence of its deep meanings, because they are covered by a fine veil of mental depolarization that makes them incomprehensible at the contact with a materially polarized mind only in the physical brain, not in the mind.
This is the "mechanism" of the initiatory Secret, an inverse conceptual polarization that is transmitted by the Brotherhood in the Teaching called "Diamagnetism of the Mind". Psychic Diamagnetism is the "occult key" that unveils the Royal Secret and it is the ability of the Initiate to depolarize himself from a lower cerebral focalization and to psychically re-polarize the (mental) reading of the Mysteries in their original density*, so that their highest meanings are simple and obvious.


* The Power of Mind – In simple words, the energetic intensity of the mind deriving from the whole energetic body of man called magnetic Aura, and not only from the brain, produces a psychic acceleration (speed) that, if it is concentrated (focalization) in the right measure on a determined mental concept (psychic sphere) allows a strong dynamic penetration which in ancient times was called the Power of the Mind. This higher speed allows the access into certain spheres of thought that are indeed unperceivable or even invisible for slower (material) minds.

Being in the right ideal collocation and with the right mental approach it's a good start but, in order for that secret to dissolve and disappear under the «eye of the mind», we need to create the right focalization (Fire), the Power of Mind, where there can be the reflection of the Intelligent Aspect that permeates any natural element and that the Mason calls the Great Architect of the Universe.

Any reflex that appears in the magnetic field of the Psyche, no matter where it comes from, must be re-polarized (transliterated) into a "language" comprehensible to the lower mind, which must re-transmit it, through the brain, to Personality, delegated seat of the waking conscience of the man immersed in the matter (threshold of attention).

From the scientific point of view Diamagnetism is the property of some substances that, placed in a magnetic field, magnetize in an opposite sense.

Therefore, psychically, it represents the ability of the Initiate to react by modifying itself in opposite and repulsive sense to the mental, lower and material field where it is immersed.

We must highlight the similitude with antimatter, a physical being totally similar to the matter, but where individual particles (electrons – protons + and neutrons) are replaced by the relevant antiparticles. Therefore, if a portion of matter meets an equivalent portion of antimatter they are both destroyed (scientifically this is called annihilation) and generate energy. It is believed that in the Universe there are several concentrations of antimatter, actual galaxies. This energetic antagonism of a part of the cosmos has always been interpreted in popular Cosmogonies with the allegory of Evil, reduced to the figure of Satan, anthropomorphized representation of the "negative pole" present in the sphere of Universal (macrocosm) as well as in the individual sphere of man (microcosm).

In actual fact we call Satan that portion of the Archetype ONE, God, that the Non-Principle, not manifested, manifest of Itself, by its own will, in the Matter, reflecting (that portion in the Human sphere is the sum of all Monads) but momentarily losing the direct domain. It will go back to It spontaneously, due to an action of self-conscience that it didn't have before and recognizing itself for its true divine nature. Plus, it has also the Power on all the lower material Kingdoms that it has learnt to win and rule ("and in the Name of the Father you will administer Justice in your domains"). This is why Initiates see the whole Cosmogony linked to the immersion in the Matter not as a "sin" or a "fall" but as an "Act of Sacrifice", consciously wanted, of the Superior Being (the perfect spiritual sphere that cannot "fall" but voluntarily, as an Act of Service) towards the lower being (the material sphere, perfectible only with the altruistic help of the superior Being).

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