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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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: Esoterical Laws
Topic:Eastern Esotericism Reading
Eastern Esotericism ReadingA law is the effect of the intelligent and continuous activity of the creative aspect of life, that works together with the physical matter.

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Esoterical Laws

by Athos A. Altomonte

A law is the effect of the intelligent and continuous activity of the creative aspect of life, that works together with the physical matter.

Law of Acceptance

Will you resist, my brother? Will you put an end to the wish to be more useful by turning to the outside? The Law of Acceptance is divine. By accepting our own Way we disperse the fog and free the energies of the soul in our own reality, in the service to humankind and ourselves.

Law of Accomplishment

Accomplishment means that the adept accomplishes fully and effectively to all the duties deriving from the exterior life. When we work in the exterior life at the service of an altruistic ideal and with all the efficiency that we have, by action of an occult rule, the efficiency expressed exteriorly manifests an inner vigor of the same extent. It is taught that inner efficiency produces an illuminated and powerful service. Now let's learn the opposite of this truth.

Law of Adaptation

The old esoterical Commentary says that for the man on the way of progress it is necessary to learn how to develop the gifts wonderfully highlighted in the Work of Nature: flexibility and adaptability .

The initiate as well learns how to develop these gifts, in order to adapt his own inner life to his work of Service.

Adaptability means to be able to evaluate every element of novelty and recent necessity. It means to be able to recognize the strength given off by the events in every new cycle of life. Therefore the ability of adaptation is the ability to keep in constant balance all the different elements moved by the force of mutation that expresses the power of its motion through events.

Whilst ordinary man uses his physical senses to adapt at his best to live in the environment he is part of and where he has to learn to integrate, the initiate places himself at the center of his own part of the world, as a conscious point that focuses coherently through himself the drive of every action and the force of every change.

To reach this point, the initiate must expand the abilities of his physical senses turning them into their subtlest aspect. His conscience enters in contact with purer mental levels that require a perception with a steady and bright sensitivity. The senses, therefore, must adapt to perceive the great spiritual Communion which the single living creature is a fragment of.

Law of Affinity

We must state that the principles at the basis of astrological sciences are emanation, transmission and reception of energies. These energies are transformed into forces by the entity that receives them.

The energies of the Zodiac are attracted by the planets, in different quantities and intensity according to their degree of evolution. This was called the ‘old relation'. This is the energetic relation among all the cosmic Entities, planets and constellations.

Therefore the old relation, according to old esoterical commentaries, is the relation between every cosmic Entity and it intertwines with all the other cosmic lives. This relation is founded on the Law of Affinity, which attracts all the lower ‘similes' to their higher ‘similes' (archetype).

The affinity amongst similes, even when they have a different form, is the cause of the big field of magnetic attraction that supports every Entity. It is the cause of the dynamic reaction that flows from the constellations to the planets within the solar system and from some planets to the forms of life of our planet, attracting other ‘overhanging energies' arriving from other higher cosmic sources.

Like for a planet, for man as well the ability to receive planetary energies (emanated by constellations) and to gain a profit from their intensity and quality depends on the evolutionary degree reached by their own inner structure. When the vitality of the energetic structure of the human being is higher, the energetic receptivity is better and the quality reacting to the organic apparatus is excellent.

We must reflect on the fact that the Law of energetic affinity (spiritual, physical-chemical, mental and emotional) characterizes and rules all the relations of attraction and repulsion between every human element: between men and women, men and men, women and women of every age, gender and type.

Law of Love

Law of Love is the exoterical name given to one of the main functions of the cosmic energy. It is the magnetic and attracting aspect called Great Mother by the common devotion.

In the human being, this law rules the plane of emotions (astral) of the physical nature, aiming at transforming it by attracting it towards the spiritual intuition. At the start, this kind of intuition appears in the form of inner and deep inspiration. This is the first form of communication with the magnetism of the spiritual Triad, for human personality.

The word ‘Law of Love' is too generic to be applied to only one law and one plane of the being; it is enough, though, to give the general idea of the assumption that, in reality, supports a systemic process existing on all the planes of the universal energetic manifestation in every aspect.

As for the Law of Love, other names as well represent different specifics of the same energy. The law of Attraction and Rejection, of Cohesion and of Magnetic Domain all express functions of the same energetic aspect called feminine. In these terms, the initiate can grasp deeper meanings, linked to the negative polarity of the cosmic energy that concurs to the structural steadiness of this universe.

The Law of Love is one of the formal aspects of the Principle (generator-generating-generated) that caused the universal manifestation and that keeps its order, pushing all that exists towards its perfection. Therefore, in a universal sense, the aspect of love is the origin of every form and at all levels of manifestation; the latter are like containers for the vital energy that is hidden into them until, through their destruction, its essence will be free once again to progress towards new aspects.

The Law of Love and its lower counterpart, which is the devotional aspect (a higher emotional aspect) are tightly connected to the emotional plane of the lower triad of the being, viz. the personality of man and woman.

On the lower emotional plane, polarized on egocentrism and egoism, originate the feelings that make a form of personal and exclusive love.

Personal love originates in a conscience which is not advanced, still too affected by the drives of attraction and possession that originate from the passional essence of the physical nature. When it expands, the ability to love evolves; it is expressed through more and more extroflexed and inclusive feelings (see empathy and empathic intelligence).

Affection becomes more altruistic, it goes from the feelings centered on ourselves to the love for our partner or family. It gradually includes friends, acquaintances, collaborators and similar, farther and farther, up to including everything enclosed in our mental environment.

Patriotism as well is a form of enlarged love but at the same time it is a separating and conflicting passion. The preference towards the part of humanity that is similar to us is an exclusive passion; it is overcome only by sharing an ideal of a higher order: love for the whole humankind. This feeling is preceded by a form of non-conflicting acceptance, where we understand and embrace any appearance and diversity.

Every conflict originated by the egoistic aspect with emotion-desire-passion can be ascribed to the so-called astral plane; every form of passion is bound to degenerate in a form of morbid desire which, if it is not corrected and transmutated, can be consolidated and turn into the biggest obstacle between the conscience of the personality and the conscience of the higher Ego. This obstacle is a form of deeply conflicting inner incommunicability. It can keep separated two planes of the same conscience. This obstacle can be removed by the principle of love that is the only one able to join differences.

The Law of Love has some other important correspondences. One of them is the direct link that joins the feeling of personality to the intuitive plane that precedes the soul and the latter to the spiritual essence of the monad.

This link is the bridge of conscience known to the initiate; he turns it into the highest instrument to learn the metaphysical habitat and it becomes his biggest source of intellectual inspiration.

Love is the main channel of system which, from the macrocosmic universe, is reflected in the microcosm of human individuality.

So far we have paid little attention to the practice of the postulate: “love thy neighbor as thyself”. We have loved ourselves, the people we liked and we were somehow interested in. Love in a universal sense, though, looking at our neighbor as a soul (essentially perfect and with an infinite destiny) has always been only a tale, so far from personal reality that it has been forgotten. Indeed it was a fact that, when expressed with intelligence, could find a bright application in any kind of human relationship. We must say that the new esoterical operators are learning to use these new lines of conduct. The scientific diffusion of the initiatory teaching, for example, is an innovative formula of individual generosity that doesn't hide too much the altruistic love that leads to a common ideal.

This happens by applying a form of balanced thought modeled by intellectual positions which are not aggressive and feelings which are not antagonist that annul the preconception. All must concur to express the worldly unity that in its synthesis marks a line of union between the economical responsabilization and the religious sensitivity able to collaborate with every cultural typology, vanifying the appearances in favor of real needs.

Law of the Old Dominating Good

“The Old Dominating Good rules everything that has been created by God. One day the Dominating Good will replace the Participation to Evil. This will happen because of the spiritual wish of the Humankind.”

This law will be applied in the humankind, when man as well will be able to express his spiritual will. Indeed, the Law of the Old Dominating Good will find its manifestation only when the multitudes will develop the bridge of conscience that joins personality of man (physical mind) and the higher Ego (trans-personal mind) becoming the vehicle of the spiritual will. This will replace the old Participation to Evil which is the main cause of disease. The main elements of participation to evil for man are the following:

  1. the redemption of old errors;

  2. the heritage to be shared with the whole humankind, for having made currents of impure energy of collective origin;

  3. participation with all the other forms of nature, to what the Master of Life (macrocosmic Life) has subdued to the material substance of his own create.

This statement involves several fields. In actual fact it is the sum of two Laws. The first one, the participation to evil, is still valid today; the other one is bound to act in future when the conditions for its realization will be mature.

The process from which the Law of the Old Dominating Good will emerge completely will be gradual, at first almost not perceivable. Through spiritual will, evil and disease will be subjected to a definitive transmutation.

With the exteriorization of the spiritual will down to the plane of personality, the effects of the great heresy that separates physical from spiritual nature will cease.

This will mark the appearance in the humankind of the fifth kingdom of nature, the spiritual one. It will be the end of evil and disease, because they will be destroyed by the good emanated by the spiritual Triad. Good will then dominate on multitudes through the Antakharana. This process of the human conscience will be finished by the individual will of the advanced personalities that will be able to use the spiritual will.

Athos A. Altomonte

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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