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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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Teosophy: Death: a process of liberation and re-unification
Topic:Question & Answer
Question & Answer

Hello… I’ve got a question …… we should consider if the ‘restitution to the universal’ occurs in full consciousness of the being or… this individual life crumbles and forms some other life.. I hope this question of mine is not inopportune or banal… Regards Laran

Dear friend,

allow me to intervene on the matter because it is neither inopportune nor banal, indeed. The question directly touches the ‘core of the matter’ of true Initiation.

For the moment we must leave the complete discussion of the matter you put, because it is part of a bigger subject than that normally dealt with in surface esotericism. In the meantime, we can synthetically treat the subject in these terms: the ‘universal restitution’ (to use the same figurative term) of the energy that ‘animates’ the matter of the physical body occurs unconsciously for the personality of the physical man; in actual fact, he is not ‘linked’ with the life and the intelligent will of that ‘energy’, yet.

Lacking a –link- between material substance (physical mind) and essence of the soul (using another usual term) the energy gathered and kept by the physical mind (the personality of man with all his passional connections), as you write: … it crumbles and disappears, going back to the amalgam of its Mother Form.

In this case man (as a form of individual and separate thought) truly dies, slowly dissolving his own individuality in the ‘vitality’ of space. If we look closer, what really dies in the physical death is his concrete thought, namely his memory.

First the matter of the body disappears, and then the thought connected to the same body, viz. the ‘physical memory’, slowly ‘faints’ until it dissolves. If he is emotionally connected only to the thoughts of his physical memory, he dies as well. Physical man, basically, is only what he thinks; if that thought stops he stops living as well. Even if death ‘doesn’t exist’ in terms of energy, it does exist in his memory. This ‘death of the memory’ complicates extremely the terms of the ‘conscious recovery’ of the following ‘incarnation’ of the intelligent being that ‘animates’ his own matter – like the diver animates his diving suit when he goes under water.

It is not like that forever, though.

If we move the terms of the matter we can modify the link of personal conscience. We can add a further link; that of the part of conscience in contact with the soul conscience (we’ll continue calling it like that).

Before carrying on it is better to repeat a concept which for a long time has originated the worst misunderstandings (to use a euphemism) in the devotional environment.

The second link we are talking about doesn’t affect at all the first one, regarding the physical counterpart. The first link that brings the individual conscience in contact with impulses, emotions, desires and passion of the ‘physical-animal’ nature will be the means to educate our lower nature to the ‘light’ of the superior one.

This double thread, that goes through us and links higher and lower natures integrating them, is the thread of ‘consciousnesses’. It is the conscience of self and the consciousness of what we really are in every part of us. It re-veils (veils twice) us for what we really are and it crosses us completely, integrating every compartment of our complex nature.

This ‘thread of consciousness’ (called conscience bridge or anthahkarana) re-sets the several natures of our identity; it can’t break our ‘presence in ourselves’ of our consciousness, even after the activity of the lower part stopped through the ‘death’ of the physical body.

Resuming: through the second link (which doesn’t annul the existence of the first, against which the ‘absolutist spirits’ of the devotional cults wrongly hurl) we are re-born to the intelligence and the will of the being that animates us with ‘its life’. Through the re-birth of personality the descent is complete; by descent we mean the incarnation of the soul in the physical body which started many ages ago. In the link, soul and personality become one and find themselves as parts of the same Unity of conscience. Mind you: this Unity of conscience has always contained both! The soul in this link resolves the push caused by the Unity to take charge and to ‘dominate’ its lower kingdom. Immortality is then revealed to personality, which until then was separated from its higher nature. The soul doesn’t die! If we connect to its conscience, we can’t lose our individual conscience.

If we have only the first link with intelligence (so to speak) of the physical and animal nature we die, because by death we mean the dispersion of the physical body and the disappearance of the conscious mind, therefore the loss of the memory of self. This latter consequence, though, doesn’t occur in the link with the ‘soul’. Man, then, passes the threshold of – Change – in full conscience.

This is the result of the true Initiation. Here the (true) Initiate can say: I know immortality.

It is not possible to go further into this subject; otherwise we would cross the boundaries of the simple text to become an essay. I hope, though, that the cue I’ve given is stimulating enough to bring attention on the journey mentioned. It is a journey made of initiatory and spiritual Will. It is perfectly scientific although traditional (that is the reason for the term ‘initiatory science’); it doesn’t have anything to do with the cult of personalities (as influential as they can be) and of icons of any nature.

Esonet’s Editorial Staff

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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