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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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Teosophy: First Circle
Topic:Question & Answer
Question & Answer

Welcome Fabio. First of all don’t worry; there aren’t any crystals to be broken here.

Now let’s deal with your reflections:

Q:« In the “Treaty about the Cosmic Fire” I’ve found a diagram that represents ‘part of the Hierarchy’. I was looking for the first circle. It says: on probation: on the path of the trial; disciples (various degrees); initiates (4 degrees) – Does this mean that the first circle is made of people on probation?

Answer: in a Hierarchy that elevates in a concentric shape (spiral) the First Circle can be accessed only by Appeal.

It happens that the person who knocks giving the ‘correct sign’ is called.

To give the right sign means to demonstrate of possessing good qualities, added to the good intentions that characterize every Aspirant. Projects (Services) are entrusted to Disciples accepted by a Master. Sometimes an Aspirant has characteristics which are suitable to the accomplishment of one of these projects. In this case an indirect link will be open between the Aspirant and the Master whom the accepted Disciple refers to.

The first task of the person who is in charge of the Karma of the access of a postulant is to make it suitable to the task he will have to face, answering to the law of Economy or Fair distribution.

We deduce, then, that the key of access to the first Circle is the usefulness to a common Service.

Q:I thought that maybe the ‘First Circle’ can be accessed through these ‘keys’: the application of a method of will and meditation…

Answer: I’d rather say that what you’re listing is the necessary ‘background of knowledge’ to get in touch with oneself.

By recognizing ourselves for what we are and not for what we think we are, or what we dream of being, we can start working on ourselves and get closer to the inner model that is our true image.

Q:The Salmon must ‘return’ that is to ‘go back’, viz. going back ‘in’; when it ‘goes back’ it is only to ‘generate’ the New Man.

Answer: the Salmon is the metaphor of the conscience that rises up (transcends) itself in order to find itself.

At the end of the ascent nothing is generated. We find ourselves and the Light of the inner God (Monad) of which we are the ‘Shadow’.

Between Light and Shadow there’s no conflict but only Love. The conflict is only a result of the confusion that fills the inferior mind with ghosts and obsessions.

Q: .. the ‘fight for Life’? To swim countercurrent = against common sense = the sense according to which the ultimate ‘truth’ has already been revealed. Exercise of the doubt to be applied to the ‘re-veiled’ truth whose true meaning is the occult that is hidden. Furthermore the Salmon must go ‘back’ with the acquired knowledge in order to understand better. It must not be deceived; it must keep in mind that although the water flows with whirling and turbulent movements, the ‘bottom’ of the river or the stream is always still.

Answer: the esoterical symbol of Freemasonry, although not well understood, is the Rooster.

This ‘animal’ is the metaphor of Vigilance, which the Traveler (the initiate) must have.

Vigilance corresponds to the awakening of mind, conscience and super-physical senses (Siddhi), which we will deal with later in more detail.

The non-conformist is vigilant. So it is the man who is not happy with the cultural soups made to silence the minds and hearts of the peoples. The man who decides to walk up the steep hill of obviousness and go against the current is vigilant.

Therefore the vigilance on ourselves, on what is around us and on what charms us and confounds our ideas and inner orientation is the ‘first duty of the Apprentice’; he must keep ‘Quiet’ and develop the ability of the Observer (inner sight).

Q:From “by recognizing you will be recognized” I’ve drawn several meanings…

Answer: this rule refers to the stage where the Aspirant becomes conscious and recognizes an advanced Brother, an initiatory Teaching or a Master; he can distinguish the latter from the multitude of imitations that make bad teachers.

This ‘acknowledgement’ that starts in the Aspirant’s heart jumps to the gaze of the ‘elders’ who recognize and answer to it, welcoming the ‘newcomer’.

Esonet’s Editorial Staff

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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