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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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Esotericism reading: The Sound of the Matter
Topic:Esotericism Reading
Esotericism Reading«Energy is motion and since matter is energy itself, it moves as well, and by moving it sings.»

Documento senza titolo

The Sound of Matter

by Athos A. Altomonte

In order to demonstrate the motion of energy in the matter let's start by reminding part of the diagram already dealt with in the work about the ‘Magic Squares'.

3 rd level

This is only an abstract notion therefore we will draw from an old Chinese document the idea of how energy moves and how it can move a physical body. This should help us to give an idea on how the old science has always been conscious of how energy moved vivifying the body of Man.

This idea opens the door on the so-called Ars Pontificia, based on the evocating sound of words and the energy of thought. Like an old Commentary reminds us “the life that moves the matter covers our beings, metaphysical and eternal Entities”.

Man is energy at various levels of motions; he creates sounds and tones through the energy of acts, words and thoughts. These tones produce effects on the physical level and are able to affect events and the inner motions of the consciences.

Modern science provides us with very meaningful ideas to connect yesterday's with today's knowledge, giving us a bridge between science and initiatory science.

The following image shows how the energetic motion of the matter generates geometrical, mathematical and sonorous principles, creating unthinkable sonorous languages.

Sonorous forms are the matrixes of the Lambdoma of Pythagoras.

The interaction between energy and matter is the same that connects Man and planet. It shows us once again the precept of Hermes Trismegistus “what is above is what is below”.

The previous image shows the different forms of ‘language' that energy takes when it interacts with the various densities of the matter. The two following ones, by Prof. Donald Beaman , show us the motion of the planetary energy in its typical helicoid form.

These images are the two-dimensional –that is superficial - representation of a three-dimensional – that is deep – reality. In the image beside the thinker R. Bukminster Fuller (inventor, architect, physician and mathematician) shows us a part of the earthly grid in order to calculate the energetic values that link the different areas.

Science is able to calculate the motion of planetary energy; it makes it possible to consider it like a fluid principle with energetic qualities that find correspondences in the universe .

If we want to find the scientific idea of the old traditions we can start with some simple considerations.

Every Temple and Cathedral has been erected at the crossing point between two currents of force and oriented towards the Sun. Otherwise they have been built perpendicularly to a star or a group of stars. For example the Templar Commendas in France follow the exact outline of the Constellation of the Swan.

Another example is the Temple of Stonehenge, whose symbolic meanings connected to the Sun were explained by the Englishman Alfred Watkins .

The Englishman John Michell found in the mathematical map of Stonehenge the details of the New Jerusalem as it was described by Saint John, finding also the analogy between Sun and universal Spirit.

In this paragraph we can't go through the whole process of topographic gathering and the translation in numbers that these researchers used.

We can, though, report their conclusion that determines the magic numbers of the sun:

36, 111, 74, 370 e 666 .

The Old Builders considered the Temple or the Cathedral the representation of the planet and the sky that was above it. This principle was known only to the initiates and can be found in the geometrical ratio of their spaces, which reduced to numbers express the silent sounds that vibrate among their walls. These sounds exalt and touch the heart of those who visit them.

The inner sound of every work is its soul, the vortex of its eggregore; it turns them into centers of energy, linked between each other through an invisible geometry. The same relation, as we said before, can be found in the human body with the planet.

We get then at the link between the teaching in the stone and the principle of illumination .

The inner space of Man is the mind. Once we understand this, the search is similar to the search for the sacred spaces in Temples and Cathedrals. The force of the Psyche is tThe silent sound of Man, the tone that characterizes him it is the force of the Psyche. Therefore the superior Will is the aspect of man that corresponds to the sonorities of the sacred spaces. Both fields of energy live and irradiate. The only big difference is that the tonalities of the sacred spaces are “staticill and unchangeable”; whilst the mobility of the mind is limited by the inability of man. Otherwise it would be infinite, like infinite is the range of its possibilities (see article ‘The Secrets of the Aureolas').

Finally, to elevate the quality of the mental energy means to elevate the qualities and defenses of the body; psychosomatic medicine is starting to understand this.

Athos A. Altomonte

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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