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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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UniversalFreemasonry: Dialogues of an oriental Master
FreemasonryIn its rituality Freemasonry states that the “Light of wisdom” rises in the East. The most prestigious side of every Masonic Temple, in fact, is called «East». So many repetitions can’t be considered a simple coincidence. This little mystery excites the esotericist’s curiosity, led to think that the initiatory roots of Freemasonry are much older than those thought in 1717.

Documento senza titolo

Dialogues of an oriental Master

by Athos A. Altomonte

© copyright by Esonet.it - Esonet.com


Essential preamble

In its rituality Freemasonry states that the "Light of wisdom" rises at East.

The most prestigious side of every Masonic Temple, in fact, is called «East». And east is where the Worshipful Masters, the Presidents of the Chambers of Masters and the seats of the Grand Dignitaries are. In the same way, Worshipful Masters and illustrious guests are seated at East in the Lodges.

At last, Masonic Lodges and Superior Ritual Chambers are all under the jurisdiction of an authority called Grand East.

So many repetitions can't be only a coincidence. This little mystery excites the curiosity of the esotericist, led to think that the initiatory roots of Freemasonry are much older than it is thought, that is 1717.

Many esoterical aspects and rituals are soaked in the memories of the "Light" of an ancient wisdom coming from East which, through an ideal bridge, joins its initiatory science to the Western one. Many initiate would like to discover this link in its integrity and in the respect of the spirit of the oriental mystic. This means to respect its original principles without trying to place them in the western cultural environment, because this would alter their spirit.

A hint for the search of this link is given by the roman-catholic abbot Alphonse Louis Constant (1810-1875).

He was a scholar and an eclectic researcher and he was interested in cosmogonies, theogonies and exoterical religions. Philosopher, ermetist, scholar of magic and Hebrew kabalah, this French priest is famous by the pseudonym of Eliphas Levi.

He wrote authoritative text like: "Dogma and Ritual of High Magic"; "History of Magic"; "La Scienze des Esprits"; " Le Sorcier de Meudon"; "Fables et Symboles"; Eliphas Levi spent his last years as a guest of Gustavo Gebhard of Elberfeld, Persian Consul, who gathered his literary heritage.

Among the works published for the first time in Calcutta, we find the important "The seven magical paradoxes", where the philosopher clarifies the essence of ritual magic: « … Magic is the divinity of man conquered by science in conjunction with faith, and true Magicians are Men-Gods thanks to the close ùnion with the divine principle …» .

A comment to these pages by an oriental master called Koot Humi is a hint of the link between the two initiatory hemispheres. In the publication the oriental master is called E O (Eminent Occultist), but his identity is confirmed.

Following this trace, though, we can't find a link between the Eminent Occultist and any quotation regarding the "mysteries" hidden in the Masonic symbology.

The esotericist, though, must often follow his instinct and many hints show an ancient link between Eastern and Western initiates, a link we can call eternal. Its aim is to select initiates who can inspire better choices to human progress, developing a spirit of civilization that Masonic catechisms call Service to Common welfare, or work

for the Benefit (as antithesis of badness) of Humankind .

In the investigation towards East, we get the clear sensation that the Brotherhood of Rose + Crown is the expression of a mystical relationship between the two initiatory hemispheres. And it is even clearer that the Superior Unknowns working in the West as initiators are actually Eastern masters, possibly belonging to the Brotherhood of the White Hats.

In this direction we also meet another oriental master, source of numerous comments about the initiatory "mysteries" of the Freemasonry, which rekindle the esoterical "atmospheres" transfused in the work of W. Goethe.*


* - "The Green Snake" op. cit.


The extract below opens a peculiar perspective on the birth of the mysteries in the West which, even just out of curiosity, the researcher must know. Starting from the Hebrew influence which marked the birth of the spiritual mythology in our hemisphere, the first part of this essay ends with the explanation of the hidden meanings of one of the main symbols of the Masons. It is the 2 "Pillars" of the Temple marking the astronomical "moments" of the Great Work, of which the Universal Masonry * as well is a protagonist.


* - the universality of the initiatory spirit which already marks a precious part of Masonry must not be confused with the associative internationalism of its political and exoterical side.


* * *

Myth and western tradition

«Every era reflects the previous ones and astronomically there have been 4: Gemini, Taurus, Aries and Pisces. Now the fifth era is starting, the Aquarius one.

In the Gemini era, 8,000 years ago, two pillars represented the initiatory Brotherhood. In the following Taurus era, where Mithra instituted the Mithraistic Mysteries, the symbol was a Bull. In the Aries era the Buddha, Sri Krishna and Shankaracharya appeared. In the era of Pisces, Christ appeared. Today the Two Pillars, left aside any astronomical connotation, are called Jakin and Boas and are the symbol of Masonic Brotherhood.

«The hinge of the "mysteries" goes back to the beginning of time, when the sun was in the constellation of Gemini. At that time the two pillars were erected and they were, as all Freemasons know, two cornerstones of Masonry. This symbol highlights the Hebrew influence on the Masonic work, even if it is not Hebrew in the true sense of the word.

If these facts happened such a long time ago, who can say if I speak truthfully or my conclusions are wrong? I will only present the facts as I know them, since I have access to the most ancient known archives.

«The physical energy of the Hebrew people is characterized by creative and intelligent action, whereas the energy of its material soul (Ego) is given by the power of will.

The astrological sign that rules that people is Capricorn and its ascendant is Virgo. Mercury and Virgo have a prominent role in its destiny. In their symbology the "sign of the goat" appears, which hints at the virgin who will give birth to the Messiah.

These short indications will light up the advanced astrologist on the strange events of that people. The use of intelligence explains the tendency to manipulate strengths and energies and to «pull their ropes(???)» in order to reach one's aims. They are natural born legislators and therefore they tend to dominate and rule, because their spirit is moved by power of will.

«In any grouping, both in heaven and on earth, there are always some elements who tend to revolt, to rebel, to show initiatives which are different from those of one's own congregation.

Since this universe was born, as ancient scriptures say in their allegorical language, "there was war in heaven"; "the sun and his seven brothers" didn't act in perfect unanimity* and, as an ancient legend says, one of the Pleiades went lost (the 7 Sisters – Editor's note).

* the Earth is not one of the sacred planets.

«In the Chamber of Council of the Almighty hasn't always existed harmony and peace, but sometimes war and disagreements; some pages of the Old Testament state it clearly.

In a symbolic sense, some children of God guided by "Lucifer Son of the Morning" fell from their very high condition.

The "fall of the angels" was a terrible event in the history of our planet, but no more than a transitory phenomenon in the history of the solar system. A banal accident in the events of the seven constellations of this universe.

In the vital sphere of the fourth Kingdom of Nature, the human one, a similar "assumption of independence" was recorded. It was the "detachment" which characterized the main grouping of humankind. A group of very advanced men, counted as disciples, had a dispute with the planetary hierarchy and detached from the "law of the Initiates".

«The teaching at the time concerned the material aspect of life and at the center of attention there was Nature and the way of ruling it (see Hatha Yoga – Editor's Note).

An old Commentary describes what happened; in reading the rhythmical cadences of this ancient scriptures, it is best to remember that the sentences are referred to the group of disciples who became the founders of the present Hebrew race:

«The inner group which carried human destinies issued this law:

"Detach. Recall in yourselves the power to hold, acquire and obtain.

The children of God who prepare to leave the world of men to enter the light. They proceed always free to their way. They don't keep what they don't have. Free yourselves and go through the gates of peace"

«Some of the children of God waiting in front of those gates, ready to enter when the Word that opens them is said, were loaded with the treasures of the earth.

They were bringing their gifts to offer to the Master of life who didn't need them. They tried to trespass those gates not because of selfishness, but to offer the accumulated treasures of the world and so demonstrate their love.

Again the Word was said:

"Abandon everything and enter without any earthly load". They hesitated and discussed. Some entered the light through the pillars of the gate abandoning everything; they entered free and were welcomed because they didn't have anything.

They proceeded as a group, as a group they progressed and gathered and as a group then answered to the divine command and stopped. They waited in front of the Portal of the Path, holding the treasures gathered in a thousand epochs. They didn't want to abandon anything. They worked hard for that wealth. They loved their God and they wanted to fill him with the most possible amount of goods they had acquired. But they didn't know discipline.

«Again the Word was heard: "Let go what you hold in your hands and enter free".

Three rebelled to that order. Others obeyed, went through the gates leaving them out and they were brought up to the top of joy.

The three remained at the gate, holding tight their treasure.

«This is the secret of the Masonic history and of the killing of the Master done by the three men closer to Him in death and in the grave.

The Freemasons will recognize the three I am talking about.

They founded the Hebrew race. Three advanced disciples which disdained the order to enter the place of light free and without any load.

They wanted to preserve what they had gathered to offer it to God. The unrecognized motive that drove them was love for wealth and desire to save material goods.

The old scriptures tell that they turned to look at the doors of earth. Their friends went on but they remained and the initiatory Masters met in a conclave to decide the destiny of those who, arrived to the Doors of Light, preferred the earthly goods to the service of light.

The Word was heard again by the rebels waiting at the gates.

"Keep what you've got and accumulate more, but don't take a rest. Pick the fruits of mind and look for power in the big properties, but don't have a home.

Inside yourselves, because you are disciples of the Almighty, you will not have any right to peace, will not know sure victory, and will not be able to keep what you get.

The knowledge of Him who watches over everything will always be dim.

You will have the drive to pick and accumulate, but you will never have the time to keep and enjoy what you gathered.

Go, then, until the time comes, and be again on the threshold of Light, but this time with empty hands. You will enter then, free, welcomed by the Servant of God, and only then you will have peace forever."

«The old legend tells that the three left hurtful and rebels, loaded with their treasures, and in this way the story of the wandering Jew started.

It is noteworthy that one of the major children of God, who operated on earth, summarizing in Himself life and victory, belonged to the Jewish people.

Jesus the Nazarene reversed that condition. Whilst he could everything, he didn't own anything.

He was the first man to accomplish such a goal. He was the descendant of the oldest of the three disciples who rebelled to the "law of Detachment".

«The Jew embodies the prodigal son of the world. He is the symbol of the disciple who hasn't learnt yet the right sense of values. He is the victim of the Law of Light and of his own inability to respect it. He has sinned intentionally, with his eyes open on the consequences. Therefore he knows the law better than anyone else, because he's its eternal victim.

He expressed the law from its negative side; Moses' Law rules most of the world, but still can introduce neither justice nor spiritual legality into it.

«The other group of disciples representing humankind (at that time) passed the ancient Door of initiation and made the first big step.

They came back with a dim and latent memory of the episode that separated them from the three condisciples. On their return to the earthly life, they talked about it, and this was their mistake. It started the antagonism that still exists today under various disguises.

Those disciples accomplished their pilgrimage and entered the eternal peace, but the effect of the initial betrayal in the hidden events of initiation still lasts.

«It is strange that this ancient race, founded by the three, who loved what they had to offer more than what they had to gain, originated the Masonic tradition.

Their story (and, incidentally, the story of humankind) is contained in that dramatic ritual. The reward for their sincerity, because they rebelled in pure honesty, thinking they knew better, was the permission to represent every year the anniversary of that day. The "moment" when they could have entered the light but they refused. And because they had been so close to resurrect from earthly death to life of light, they originated the tradition of mysteries.

They chose death and they killed what «had lived and could have expected a reward and pronounced the Word of power who would have open wide the doors of spiritual resurrection»

«It is told that those three swore to stay together forever, not to leave each other ever. They stuck to the vow for thousands of years, creating that separation that causes antagonism in other races.

Throughout ages the Jew wandered aimlessly. He created most of the beauties of the world. He has given humankind many of its better representatives, but at the same time he has been hated, persecuted, betrayed and hunted.

Symbolically he embodies the ancient tendency to take and keep.

In ancient Lemuria that group was so advanced to count the best members of the path of the disciple.

By keeping their racial and national integrity, as it is characteristic of them, Jews don't absorb or let be absorbed. Nevertheless, their stock is so old that today there isn't any nation that doesn't have its roots in it.

In the West there aren't any descents that can't be linked to that elected people, except for Finnish, Lappish and people of mongol derivation.

What we call Judean blood today doesn't exist anymore. The modern Jew has been deeply influenced by the Anglo-Saxon race. It is only thanks to its racial isolation that it has kept some of its original characteristics untouched.

«It was, precisely, this common origin that led the British Israelites to manipulate the truth in order to state that the history of the modern west comes from the "Hebrew of the Dispersion". The matter is much older and goes back to a time before the stories told in the Old Testament.

If you think about what I said and study carefully the Masonic tradition, many things will be clearer in your mind.»


Gemini and the cosmic Cross

«The a-formal Nature of Gemini's influx appears vivid if we study the sense of Fremasonry. This Worldwide Order, as it has already been stated, was organized under the influx of Gemini which controls it in a very unusual way.

The Form and the symbolism of Freemasonry have changed many times during the thousands of years of its activity. The current slant is relatively modern and surely transitory, but its importance and its history are those of the christic conscience and the interior light and these will last unchanged.

What entered going through the two Hercules pillars (the two disciples Jakin and Boas) and for Gemini, must stay.

The universal Freemasonry (white and spiritual – Editor's note) is the spiritual prototype of the one existing on earth, of which the modern Freemasonry is still a twisted reflection, just as personality is the twisted image of the soul.

«An exact astrological calculation might take account of the moment of the "Great Approach" of the spiritual Hierarchy to the planetary manifestation when the individualization was produced and the 4 th Kingdom of Nature (the human) was born.

That wonderful event occurred 21,688,400 years ago. The Sun was then in Leo. The physical process that started and that determined exterior events took about 5,000 years of maturation and the Sun was in Gemini when the individualization was produced and the Door of the Animal Kingdom was closed.

«It has been told that Sagittarius bears the evolution of man because the Sun was there when the spiritual Hierarchy started the approach meant to stimulate the forms of life on the Planet.

"However Sagittarius ruled the period of the subjective approach."

The Sun was in Leo when, by effect of that "excitement" the physical individualization was accomplished.

It was in Gemini when the approach was crowned by the foundation of the spiritual Hierarchy on earth. This is one of the typical secrets of the Masonic Rituals, because the symbol used for that sign, Gemini, is the origin of the two pillars known to the Masons.

In a symbolic sense we can therefore state that:

1 – LEO rules the degree of Apprentice.

2 – GEMINI governs the degree of Fellowship.

3 – SAGITTARIUS rules the degree of Master, until the resurrection of the inner Master.

4 – CAPRICORN governs the final part of the Ceremony completing the Real Arch.

«The crucial matter, though, to be solved in any case, is the sense of motion around the Wheel of Life (see allegory of the "squaring" of the temple – Editor's note).

«The orthodox horoscope regards the personal life and the Form is linked "on the Wheel that spins from right to left" (Aries, Taurus); whereas the soul is attached "to the wheel that spins from left to right" (Aries, Pisces).

This antagonistic ways of the Wheel that "spins on itself", as the Bible says, cause the conflict that occurs in the life of the individual, of humanity, of the planet.

On the Mobile Cross, in the first stages of evolution, the conscience is completely identified with the Life of the Form, of the self-conscience, of the self-preservation to reward itself.

When it (the conscience) starts slipping in the group conscience and identifies itself with the soul and its aims, there is an interlude. This is the stage of the Firm Cross.

On this subject we can observe that the experience of the Three Crosses has a Masonic meaning and is linked to the Blue Lodges:

1 – Mobile Cross is represented in the degree of Apprentice;

2 – Firm Cross is represented in the degree of Fellowship;

3 – Cardinal Cross is represented in the degree of Master.

Many things will become clearer in Freemasonry when its astrological implications in the "inner motions" of personality and soul will be investigated and understood. And also much more will be revealed on the subject of life and the individual, when the destiny of some Planets in some signs will be thoroughly studied and understood, and their symbolic meaning will be interpreted.

* * *

«It is interesting to consider that the aspect of concrete and scientific knowledge rules the development of the conscience by revolutionizing its triangle LEO-SAGITTARIUS-AQUARIUS.

This great triangle rules the relationship which connects it, through the mind, to the spiritual Hierarchy and the approach of this to that.

From the Lemure epoch

SAGITTARIUS, the Past: the impulse impressed then continues.

Mental Development: instinct, intellect, intuition.

Work of the Initiate: To elevate humankind to the top of the Mountain of Initiation.

Work of the spiritual Hierarchy: to elevate the mass conscience.

LEO, the Present: to take advantage of the original outburst of this sign.

Psychical Development: growth of the answer apparatus and synthesis of the inner consciousness.

Work of Apprentice: to learn to gain knowledge.

Work of the spiritual Hierarchy: the self-conscience of Leo originates the Conscience of the Group of Aquarius.

AQUARIUS, the Future: fusion between initiatory center of humankind and spiritual Hierarchy.

Expansion of the Soul: acknowledgment of the correlation.

Work of Fellow: to build and serve the Temple of Humankind (spiritual – Editor's note).

* * *

… in Gemini six forces meet, therefore the double triangle called Seal of Solomon, is one of the symbols which links Masonic tradition to the fundamental Dualism.

In the store of the Man in Gemini we find all the inner powers (Forces), except for the stabilizing energy of the ritual aspect.

«Humankind and will of God, and Humankind and its Destiny ritually meet (see vital rythms and cycles of the great Book of Nature – Editor's note) in the Three allegorical Temples* of Humankind.

«The progress of the heart precedes the progress of the head.

The emotional nature and the senses develop before the mind. The Cardiac Center becomes active before the Head Centre. Love must always be present if one wants to use power without risk. Therefore its Light must be lit before one uses consciously the Light of Life…


* The Tabernacle, ephemeral and temporary in the desert: symbol of the Soul fixed in the physicality (world) which lasts only one life.

Solomon's Temple, more beautiful and lasting, symbol of the covering of the soul which stays eon, increasingly awakening its beauty until the major Initiation, the one of the inner awakening (metaphorically represented in the 3 rd Masonic degree – Editor's note).

Ezechiel's Temple, not yet revealed, is of an unacceptable beauty; symbol of the spiritual covering, Home of the Father of the many homes, the "Auric Egg" of the Occultist.


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