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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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Question&Answer > The initiatory path and the symbol of the ‘Salmon'
by (2470 reads)
Question & Answer…why compare the Adept to a Salmon?

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Question&Answer > The ‘absolute truth' in man's dimension and the power of the word
by (2234 reads)
Question & Answer«My attention and reflection is indeed captured by another statement of yours: the human ability to link the word ‘true' to something. Who can define the quality of a ‘true' thing in such absolute terms and in what measure?»

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Question&Answer > What is the purpose of the word?
by (2024 reads)
Question & Answer…does the re-awakening to a new life occur only after having lived and overcome the nigredo, operation that ‘kills’ personality, ego and pride?

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Question&Answer > Regularity, Freemasonry and utopia
by (2093 reads)
Question & AnswerWhen I read the question: “what does initiatory regularity mean?” something inside me answers that from an esoteric point of view, initiatory regularity is not recognition on paper, but the adherence to universal principles.

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Question&Answer > Opening the eyes of intelligence
by (1970 reads)
Question & Answer…what I would like to say is how often the ‘closed systems’ you talk about are only apparently closed; … if texts considered sacred are accepted in a literal sense and without criticism they become ‘dogmas’, but when we interpret them in different ways do they open doors belonging to the Initiatory Tradition?

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Question&Answer > Welcoming instead of refusing
by (2025 reads)
Question & Answer…we host endless sub-personalities, sometimes made of many other sub-personalities (personally I have known only some of them)… how to exclude all the others?

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Question&Answer > Unknown truths
by (2287 reads)
Question & AnswerWhy the existence of a unique truth and a unique Hierarchy are not accompanied by a unique ‘practical’ teaching? What are differences caused by? Which is the most efficient and useful way to Serve in this painful season for the Humankind?

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Question&Answer > What is a Master
by (2479 reads)
Question & Answer…what does it mean to rouse a master’s interest? Isn’t the (western) pupil who chooses his master?

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Question&Answer > Education and growth
by (2224 reads)
Question & AnswerI think…that the true esotericist searches by himself and for himself. The true initiate knows well that no ‘earthly’ answers can be ‘conclusive’. …I am my only master and I don’t acknowledge any others. Freemasonry is a solitary, egoistic and personal path, free from dogmas; therefore nobody has anything to teach to anybody. Is it possible that the Master must be killed to let the value of his teaching live?

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Question&Answer > The supreme paradox of the initiatory path
by (1988 reads)
Question & Answer… it is what I call ‘to become king of oneself’, to be in the universal balance up to the point of seeing by oneself the ‘Law’, becoming accuser, judge, gaoler and even executioner of oneself if necessary, with mercy as well as equity. Only this represents the true dimension of a free Man and only a free man has ‘freedom’ of choice. But it is a long road and not for many.

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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