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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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Journey Great Work: The Journey through the Great Work /2.3
FreemasonryThe constitution of Lesser and Greater languages in the esoteric Commentaries – Of the manipulation of the Teaching – Profanation of the Mysteries – ‘By recognizing you will be recognized’

All the elements through which the ‘relative’ comprehension of the ‘whole’ reality is developed are included in the teachings that are traditionally called esoteric Commentaries.
Commentaries and Books of Truth, passed on through ordinary ways, have all been subjected to deep manipulations, because the exoteric hierarchies have always tried to demonstrate that they were their true representatives, reducing them up to the point of containing them within their authority.

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The Journey through the Great Work /2.3

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Of the manipulation of the Teaching

The balanced reawakening of the conscience element is achieved through an expansion of one’s own horizontal Axis (exterior perception) and a simultaneous penetration on the vertical Axis of perception (inner perception), seeking comprehension and recognition of every element of the physical and psychic habitat where one is immersed, which initially is always unperceived.

All the elements through which the "relative" comprehension of the "whole" reality is developed are included in the teachings that are traditionally called esoteric Commentaries.

Commentaries and Books of Truth, passed on through ordinary ways, have all been subjected to deep manipulations, because the exoteric hierarchies have always tried to demonstrate that they were their true representatives, reducing them up to the point of containing them within their authority.

But the universal Principles impressed in the Commentaries and in the esoteric teachings of the Initiatory Hierarchies irreconcilably move away* from the exoteric principles stated in the interpretations of the members of lesser hierarchies** and they oppose their use of ‘power’ that is still carried out.


* Manipulation of the Teaching - This explains why every time a Master or an Initiate has made himself visible to the members of those hierarchies, they have first praised him and then, not being able to own him by subjecting him to their service, they have inevitably tried to destroy him, by deleting his teachings, or rather by reshaping them to their own advantage.

** Profanation of the Mysteries - The Ancient Commentaries tell us how that "Profanation of the Mysteries", which in the initiatory system introduced the error of counter-initiation, occurred: «...it happened that for the privilege to be initiated it was enough to pay a sum of money. What cannot be bought other than through an unceasing effort towards virtue and perfection could be bought with a little gold. After that, many Hierophants and High Initiates were forced to repudiate the Hierarchy that came into being in order to insure the survival of the secrets of Initiation».

Today the effects of that profanation are still visible at every level of the initiatory system, in Freemasonry as well. It can be seen in the ordinary Mason, who is blinded by the pedigree that he is made to believe he acquired trough his ritual paraments, on the contrary of the initiate, who only admires the knowledge and ideal contained in those symbols.


As a consequence of those manipulations, the esoteric Commentaries adapted to the "initiatory light" expressed by those lesser hierarchies have become mostly incomprehensible, often lacking a logical thread, and their instructions are apparently unachievable. In the teachings the researcher has now learnt to recognize the sign of those manipulations. There is a complete lack of practical and technical indications that would allow to reach the goals shown, even the least distant from an initiatory reality of modest proportions, such as that of an Apprentice; all the decisive answers to the most ‘natural’ and general questions are missing, such as who am I, where do I come from, where do I go and why?, questions that spontaneously arise in the mind of those who set off on a Journey on this Path.

It is easy to observe in those Commentaries, in the interpretations made by popular culture, a kind of diffused inurement to the incongruence and nonsense that have been produced by mutilated and even worse stitched up literal transpositions, hiding behind the idea that often "mystery" and ‘dogma’ are often illogical and intelligible and therefore ordinary mortals are not supposed to know.

But every researcher can demonstrate to himself the cruelty of a reality; the top of each Pyramid of those hierarchies, be it called sovereign, pontiff or great master, does not have more "light" or "initiatory knowledge" than the best man at the bottom.

This first revelation leads the young initiate that understands to abandon the titles given by grace or offered with the touch of a sword. Aware that, by rule, he only has to rely on his own strength, he becomes himself a researcher (of Truth). For the soul of man this is the first great test of maturity that he shows himself and the World of Initiates.

The sense of loneliness that follows is only relative; indeed, the abandonment of the ephemeralness creates the psychological conditions where, meeting another researcher, by the Rule "by recognizing you will be recognized"* he will be "seen" as he is, a "real" Brother. This meeting always leads to the joining with other researchers who are in turn connected to other Brothers…with more and more Universal concepts**.

This is the traditional liberation method, going from a lesser to a greater Chorda Fratres; from ordinary Freemasonry to Universal Freemasonry.


* «By recognizing you will be recognized» - I would like to remind you again of the elements that characterize this method.

The first is the deep and heartfelt renunciation of the identification with what is called symbolic initiation and to the Hierarchy of men that bestows it. This first Hierarchy, made of men with exoteric, visible and concrete characteristics, is however considered indispensible for the process of exteriorization of the initiatory system, in order for it to be visible to the Profane that sees it from the outside.

But those similarities with the outside world make it naturally useless for a passage to a higher level. Therefore its abandonment is considered as a painful but necessary act of growth of the initiate.

Loneliness is in actual fact a stage where in the lesser Adept the habit to interiorize himself is concretized. A necessary effort, then, that brings also the habit to overcome all obstacles and difficulties relying mostly on his own strength. From this habit self-control originates and with it the drive to a strong (psychic) alliance with the best among one’s own inner strengths.

The initiatory recognition doesn’t come from a literal formula, a simple look at a particular gesture of the person or an unusual word whispered in his ear, as it happens in the imagination of lesser initiates.

The Rule of "by recognizing you will be recognized" that refers to the Law of Magnetic Impulse is carried out for a particular way of observing and perceiving what surrounds us.

Without going into the specific technicality of this Law, we can remember that it corresponds:

a. - To the mutual impulse between souls, outside and inside the form;
b. - To the mutual egoic recognition;
c. - To the factor that produces re-orientation in the three worlds of matter, thought and spirit;
d. - To the cause of magnetic relationship between a Master and a Group or a Master and his Disciple.

This law has also an occult name: Law of the Polar Unification. This implies the connection of the opposite pairs (passive pole/active pole of the whole energetic body of man), the fusion of dualities (masculine soul/feminine soul, consequence of the activity of thought of the left and right lobe of the brain) and the marriage among all the Souls and that One and Universal soul where they all come from.

We need to understand how a simile recognizes and attracts his simile. A thief recognizes another thief, a policeman always recognizes a colleague in plain clothes. An athlete recognizes another athlete, a military man another one, an artist another artist, a lover another lover and so on. The characteristic of this element that everybody can find in his everyday life, is that the attracting recognition between two similes, despite occurring in the presence of strangers (to that category), can be completely invisible and ignored by everyone else, if we want it to be. By analogy, it is simple to imagine how this ability of ordinary life can be used in extraordinary life, viz. what occurs through invisible lines to superficial eyes that look but don’t see.

«...we must remember that each of us is recognized by the radiance of his own light. This is an occult fact. The subtler is the substance that makes our bodies (ethereal, astral and mental shell) the brighter will the inner light shine. Light is vibration and the degree of the initiate is established according to the measurement of the vibration; therefore if man is committed to the purification of his bodies nothing will stop his progress. As the process of refinement dims down, the inner light shines brighter and brighter, until the atomic substance will prevail in the bodies and the glory of the inner man will be great; the Real Man. Therefore we are all classified, if we can use this word, according to the intensity of the Light, the frequency of the vibration, the purity of the tone and the clarity of the color. Who is our Master depends on the degree we are at; the secret is in the affinity of vibration. We have often been told that when the appeal is strong enough the Master will appear. When we build with right vibrations and tune up with the right (psychic) notes, nothing can stop us from finding the Master (being found by him!). Science has already found certain electromagnetic waves that change depending on the fact that a person is at rest or is thinking intensely or is in a state of psychic unbalance...» - Considerator

This is a step in the right direction to measure instrumentally what Masters and initiates have always measured based on their own natural perceptions and investigating on all the energetic Centers of the body (the Chakras). To complete this note we can add that the mental waves which Considerator was referring to are those called alpha, beta and theta. We certainly cannot enter this topic but we can indicate the two methods of measurement, on electricity and heat, carried out by science.

The first positive clinical measurement occurred with the introduction of the E.E.G. or electroencephalogram. Electroencephalography studies the electrical potentials originated by the cerebral cortex and derived by the scalp above it. The potentials vary depending on the cortical area; therefore in a normal adult low voltage waves are recorded from the frontal region, with a frequency of 18/28 cycles per second (c/s), beta rhythm; from the occipital areas come waves of 8/18 c/s with a potential of 38/78 microvolt, alpha rhythm. Important variations come from the emotional state of the subject in exam, as well as from the age and the maturity of the Central Nervous System. Thermography is a diagnostic technique to test the difference of temperature in the human physio-pathological habitat, with the support of thermo-sensitive emulsions or a color-coded presentation on a computerized electronic video. Red indicates the presence of a strong energetic activity (blood-heat); then there is orange, yellow, brown and blue, which indicates a particularly cold and therefore inactive area in the part considered. Thermography is also a method for the early diagnostic of diseases such as tumors, which unleash a ‘hot’ reaction of the body with their presence.

** The Masters and the journey of science - Z. Vevina, July 1923 -

«...with strenuous methods of self-discipline pivoted on the purest and most perfect spirituality, they have been able to consciously evolve within themselves wonderful qualities, able to give them an almost divine power and they have decided to sacrifice their chances of a transcendent life to support and direct other men in the painful journey of their progressive evolution. Very few people can say by direct and personal experience that these personalities exist; their isolation from the human mass is a necessary condition for the work they carry out. These highly spiritual needs to act according to laws out of the ordinary were already highlighted by E. Keyserling in his "Travel journal of a philosopher"».

From an esoteric Commentary: «Adepts, Masters and great spiritual Personalities have fought until victory for the control on the physical world. They have wrestled with the same miasmas, fogs, dangers, tribulations, pains and turmoil of our daily life. They have walked the path of pain step by step, they have had all the experiences, overcome all difficulties and they have come out victorious from it all. These Greater Brothers of ours have indistinctly crucified their own personal self; they have known the extreme and complete renunciation that every initiate must know. There isn’t an aspect of anguish, sacrifice and painful Path that they haven’t experienced and here is the justification and efficiency of the means they use. Since they know the quintessence of suffering, the depth of sin and pain, they can tailor their methods precisely depending on individual needs; also, at the same time knowing, as they know, that liberation is obtained with the sacrifice of the material form through purifying fires. They can act with steady hand and persevere even when it would appear that the form has endured enough suffering. They can love of a kind of love stronger than all defeats, because it is based on patience and experience.

[…] theirs is an intelligent and illuminated proposition, inspired by cooperation in harmony with the Hierarchic Group Plan, which thus adapts to the Plan of the Planetary Logos. Finally, they are gifted with the knowledge of the power of sound. To reach the power of sound is the occult sense of the saying that true esotericists have knowledge, dynamic will, courage and know the Rule of Silence; therefore they can know, want, dare and keep quiet».


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