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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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Journey Great Work: The Journey through the Great Work /2.2
FreemasonryWhen it is said that man has reached the half light, it is a symbolic expression still in use in the initiatory psycho-drama, to say that he has reached with his own reason, a physical interpretation of a mysteric (viz. non common) view coming from the superior sphere of his own inner Hierarchy. Hermeticists and Rosicrucians refer to this inner Hierarchy of spiritual values.

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The Journey through the Great Work /2.2

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Archetypes, Principles and Rules

When it is said that man has reached the half light, it is a symbolic expression still in use in the initiatory psycho-drama, to say that he has reached with his own reason, a physical interpretation of a mysteric (viz. non common) view coming from the superior sphere of his own inner Hierarchy. Hermeticists and Rosicrucians refer to this inner Hierarchy of spiritual values, calling it the Body of Light (of the Initiate).

This "luminous transmission", also impeccably quoted in the Masonic tradition, occurs through that Bridge or hierarchic ladder (the Royal Arch of the Scottish rite) where the archetype is interpreted and reduced to a Principle,* then the latter is passed on to the lower levels (of understanding) in the form of concepts and ideas; these flow back towards the basis of the inner order (the levels of physical conscience) in fluid and mercurial thoughts whose relative forms, though, no longer have timelessness, exactness and consistency.

A clear vision, then, but limited to the area of the mind that can be reached by its own Triad (super-consciousness) with the relative reawakening of that perceptive element called ordinary conscience.


* Principle - The Archetype One is the Archetype of every Form (Archetype of every energetic form, therefore it is called the Great Architect of the Universe). He emanates himself by projecting the specular reflection of his own essence, thus building with the fragments of Himself the archetypes of all the Forms below Him in the Hierarchy of His manifestation. From the highest (in vibratory intensity) to the material thought Forms.

The human Form as well has its own lesser archetype, which perfectly reproduces, by reflecting it, the Archetype One. This archetype is the Monad of man ("the Son, made in the likeness of His Father", also called the "igneous seed"). It is possible to conceive the lesser archetypes on the initiatory Way through the inner understanding of the symbols of Tradition. By opening them and everting their content, of three-dimensional essence, it reveals the concept and the sound and for the Adept it is not difficult to grasp the "fundamental note" kept inside it.
Many greater and lesser archetypes were transmitted from their natural seat (the divine level for the former and the metaphysical one for the latter) to that of the physical thought, thanks to the first Great Initiates that reached them, because they wanted to help the Brothers that would follow them on the Path. The Principles were constituted and made known, made of mental essence but reflecting in their own concepts, ‘the spiritual light’ of those archetypes. In the archaic and modern esoteric Doctrine Principles are called Laws or Laws of the Great Book of Nature. The Principles come from the cosmic Laws.

The sense of these Laws will be explained in these notes which will accompany our journey, just like cities run along the sides of a motorway. These short illustrations already appear when the occasion arises; unfortunately, though, it won’t be possible to mention all the Laws that have no connection with our topics.

I think it is essential that the researcher immediately understands the use that he can make of the Laws and the advantages that derive from their proper use. The Principles like the lesser archetypes (attention, only these and not the greater ones) live a perfect but limited intelligence, they are totally devoid of those emotions that have such an effect on the human mind (i.e. astral) therefore (margin of) error and tolerance (to breaking) are unconceivable and simply nonexistent, for those intelligences. This is a modest explanation of how the Wave of Life that is moved by the Principles can crush what (or who) is not harmonious with one’s own motion.

The reason why Fate works with the "determination" that we all know is not because it is insensitive or cruel, as it is believed by popular superstition, but only because it is insensitive to the obstacle created by the error that it doesn’t recognize, and that therefore doesn’t exist. The Wave of Life in the human "fate" recognizes and as a consequence only moves in the symmetry of that ‘cosmic harmonics’ known as the Law of Cause-Effect.

To allow us to understand the "life" of archetypes and Principles up to the point of harmonizing with them, the Laws were created; but for the unaware person, they seem to ‘be on the side of the strong ones’. Here is that the (canonic) Rules come to the help of man. If they are understood but most of all if they are applied, they have the characteristic of defending the unaware man (of the Motion of Life) from the clashes and rebounds of those energies.

The Rules, in short, can be used in three ways with three different results and this depends only on the ability and experience of the Adept. With the first method we try and outline a journey characterized by the utmost adaptability (to reach the goal at best), which means to know and "obey" the Rules, like would obviously do any good helmsman not in competition. This involves being able to move knowing in advance exactly what to do and what to avoid. When we reach the threshold of the second method it appears totally natural to conceive how any Rule has in itself an implicit and driving force because it follows the Wave of Life that permeates the Principles (the Laws), since it is its reflection. To give a short description of it, we might use this literary formula: by complying with the "rhythm" of the Rule (the modus operandi) the Initiate has the advantage of operating with that favorable "force". This is how everything, in the Work of the Initiate, can become natural and simple. Many believe that this easiness of execution is the result of magic formulas or strange ceremonials. Nothing is more puerile.

The Initiate is able to move "in favor" of this force which, expressed by Principles, moves the course of the cycles-cadences-rhythms of Nature, be it manifest or not, which are indeed called the Wave of Life. This "appears" to smooth his Path, almost as if he could "put it at his service", but this is another human delusion.

In actual fact everything happens because the Initiate uses, with his conduct, a line converging to that of his own archetype. From here arises what is pictorially called an alliance or, more technically, a harmonic assonance between the intention of the generator (the archetype) and that of the conductor (Personality).

This second method produces a considerable acceleration in everything that that man who uses that force is and does, but constant attention is necessary in order to avoid that this force, arriving "in excess", overturns the situation and this time to the disadvantage of the operator.

Before dealing with the third method it is a good idea to underline again the essence of a Principle of primary importance.

The force whose motion permeates the whole manifestation is made of two other superior and unperceivable aspects, if not through motion itself. The magnetic and the dynamic aspects. To assimilate through our own perception the fluid reality (impermanent, where everything changes and nothing maintains its exterior characteristics, the realm of illusion, for those who believe in the stability of that reality where the only real element is only that motion) of that (perpetual) motion means, by reflection, to be able to penetrate the psychic dilution with the permanent harmonic reality of the magnetic aspect. Of this magnetic force the mind of the Initiate perceives and interprets in his own language the attracting sense emanated by it, reducing it to his dimension with the feeling of ‘love’ but of the highest and impersonal model that he can conceive (I recommend the researcher to remember this note when he will be guided to consider the Law of Love).

This is how a cosmic energetic quality can be reduced to an emotional characteristic. What’s left to remember is the dynamic aspect that in that force is not motion but the element that produces it. It as well can be reduced by man’s mind to an emotional characteristic, becoming "will". Of course it is unthinkable to convey the "key" of an esoteric teaching through the few elements entrusted to the shortness of a note; nevertheless in this instance as well the central element useful to address the "personal research" of the scholar is shown with the highest exactness allowed.

The third method goes beyond the sum of the knowledge of the two aspects demonstrated above. The central element in relation to the two previous systems can be characterized by a unique term, forerunning. With this term we mean the ability of the Initiate to anticipate, preventing them, all the knots that concur in creating, in the world of effects, events and scenarios that are not agreeable both for quality and difficulty. This means eventually to operate economically (under the Law of Economy) but it is not enough, there is much more; the possibility to orient events and to move the other elements that participate in them.

Those that forerun the relativity of events appeal to the third method which is that of arranging in advance "the form" of their plans and the "quality" of their own actions in order to make the most of the "future" confluences of that (three-fold) force in the world of effects.
They can also determine the "volume of the quality" (also known as energetic coloration) converging in those energetic space-temporal knots called the "events" of the magnetic (attracting) or dynamic (destroying) aspects; as a consequence they will recognize in this the ability to irresistibly attract and inexorably destroy, the art of what was called by the Priest-warriors the art of fighting standing still.

Through this art, the "Initiate-warrior" doesn’t physically fight the adversary or the obstacle but with his intervention he changes "the characteristics of the event" that the adversary or the obstacle contains and conveys (for this reason the forerunning of events confuses the mind of the adversary, who only lives of the vision of effects and for this it is believed to be an invisible work), with the result that they will necessarily change their own action which, on the other hand, the operator had already foreseen. This is to forerun with one’s action the motion of the Wave of Life that "touching" the World of Forms (the World of effects) creates events. The ability to avoid events allows to act by one’s own judgment in order to condition their trajectories up to changing the "scenarios" and the other elements that manifest them.

And this is not yet clairvoyance, magic or ritual power, but simply a power of the mind that is "not much appreciated yet". We will deal together with other details on this method, in the conclusive chapter dedicated to the power of the Psyche.

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