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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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: The Comte de Saint Germain
Topic:Question & Answer
Question & Answer…we read that the Comte de Saint Germain was a delegate of the White Brotherhood; was he one of those men called the Masters of the Hierarchy? Is it a grounded claim?

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The Comte de Saint Germain

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Q: ...we read that the Comte de Saint Germain was a delegate of the White Brotherhood; was he one of those men called the Masters of the Hierarchy? Is it a grounded claim?

A: Dear Friend, it is true that, like many other figures that make history, S. G. Is a Master. I will take this opportunity to share my thoughts on the subject.
Unfortunately I often read and hear about Masters and spirituality as if it was merchandise available to anyone. It is not so. Indeed, to approach them is a (initiatory) journey full of exams. It is certainly not the folkloristic idea that creative people pass on through unlikely literatures.

I never read, hear or see someone who poses this issue in sensible terms. For example: which characteristics must we achieve to be ‘accepted’? Which Rules must we follow to become a Disciple on trial (and of which trials)? What and how must we change to become ‘desirable’ to the eyes of a Master? Towards which Master must we head and why? Certainly not because we ‘fancy’ this rather than that. Perhaps because he has a beard rather than being hairless...personal sympathies! I wonder how we can even think such things!

Then, what determines the association to a Master rather than another? I think it is essential to establish it. On the contrary, it sounds like we talk about Masters to create an alibi; I talk about it, therefore I exist, but this is not how it works. The contact is determined and proportional to its usefulness. Usefulness and utilization are the central point of the ‘first goal’. For example, to join an army one must be a specialist, it is not enough to have played cowboys and Indians as kids! Why should it be different with the hierarchic approach?
And also, who knows the Hierarchy and where it is, and who are the Masters and what do they want; what purposes do they set themselves and what is the final project for which some of them are still among us? In front of these questions some keep whimpering with spirituality trickling devotion, like a candle trickles wax. But it is quite clear that Masters don’t know what to do with verbal devotion. They don’t like it. Devotion is shown with actions. Their purpose is not to be flattered and wheedled. It is so explained:

‘I would like to see the cooperation not written on paper and in verbal insurances, but rather in actions. It is appropriate not to talk about love but to show it in one’s actions. It is right to omit claiming one’s own devotion as long as it is manifested in deeds.’

Devotional adulation is one of the many heritages of popular superstition, which has turned the One Religion into the mass of conflicting interpretations that tear into pieces (yes, tear) the humankind.

Let’s ask ourselves, then, what am I good for? What can I do? Nothing! And then let’s learn something useful and to be useful and usable! This causes something to snap. Let’s stop blabbering about Divinity and let’s learn how to become useful; and why not, let’s learn to become a necessary help! This is the only approach towards a Master that, what’s more, hears us only for the inner massages that we can direct at him. And not trough whimpering and psalming appeals accompanied by music and incense. As I already said, adulation is a concept to be associated to the ‘cult of personality’ that the Masters don’t have, just like they don’t have personality. Therefore any personal reference is an undesirable feeling to the eyes of a true Master. Even if there are human parodies that reveal themselves as false, precisely because they enjoy the worship of ‘their own disciples’. But what masters and what disciples?
In order to know a Master we must pass his Door.

That is, the old and accepted Disciple that is his physical correspondence. And this is not a metaphor but the truth. Let’s find, then, the Disciple and he will ‘lead’ us to the Master. There’s no knowledge of other methods. Unless we refer to some exceptional occasions when certain aspirants not yet qualified have been used as ‘bearers’ of messages or promoters of some particular situation. But exceptions don’t make a rule.
Finally, there must be a reason if it is called Hierarchy and not in any other way. Let’s think about the meanings of the word Hierarchy and perhaps we will be able to perceive the intentions of those who called it so and why.
I apologize if my intervention sounds particularly harsh, but on the inner issues I prefer to work to achieve them, rather than to hear talking about them around a campfire.
As far as St. Germain is concerned, ...yes, he is a Master of the White Hierarchy. As you know there are conflicting opinions on the matter...it depends on the level of the researcher. As I said earlier, find the Disciple and you will find the door.

Q: I would also like to know, since at present He rules with the purple ray....what does it mean ‘rules with his purple ray’?

A: Purple is the ‘exoteric’ color of the energy called Ritual or Great Ceremonial of Nature. All that in Nature, even cosmic Nature, undergoes the influence of cycles-cadences-rhythms, that is everything and everybody, falls under the influence of the so called VII Ray. It is a very topical subject to be studied further.

Q: I have always believed that the Master that we call ‘Comte de Saint Germain’ was also called Master Rakoczi. Isn’t that true? Isn’t it the same Master?

I think there is no point in nitpicking. I will say that yes, St Germain and Rakoczi are two ‘mortal cloaks’ used by the same Master who, on the other hand, has also been Roger Bacon, Christian RosenKreuz; a definition rather than a name, Francis Bacon, etc… At present this Master ‘supervises’ the project of exteriorization of the Hierarchy, ‘leading the most external troops’ of the White Brotherhood, viz. the accepted Disciples.

Q: ... I wonder at this point what is the purpose of a ‘Master’…a term that the more I read the more it sounds inappropriate…

: When a little conceited mind stops thinking with its mouth, it starts overcoming the first obstacles erected by intellectual obtuseness. If it orderly accepted to solve its own spiritual blindness, then it would also be able to grasp the clarity of every aspect and the need for everything. But since this is not compulsory, neither finding a true Master is indispensable.

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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