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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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: Let’s talk about the « Esonet Project»
Topic:Esotericism Reading
Esotericism ReadingEsotericism is not a philosophy but a method of research.

Documento senza titolo

Let’s talk about the «Esonet Project»

by Athos A. Altomonte

Esotericism is not a philosophy but a method of research.
The Greek word esoterikos (in Latin intelligere) means to look inside; but where? Inside symbols, hermetic concepts, initiatory teachings, ritual representations; in the search for hidden meanings into images and words, trying not to confuse the content with the container.
For the initiate the search starts from himself, because Man is the greatest existing symbol and the most secret Book of humanity. On the other hand, for the esotericist the greatest book is the initiatory history of the humankind, which doesn’t have any boundaries between East and West. This project goes towards this binary knowledge.
The most refined goal of every researcher is to restore ancient mysteries. At first sight this might seem enigmatic, if we didn’t know that to restore ancient habits means to find the operating key to great and small mysteries. Therefore the aim is to give back their functionality to the teachings petrified in words, ritual representations and symbols.
The result is to reach the metaphysical aspect of every idea.
These ideas are not novelties in the East or in the West.

Sri Aurobindo wrote: «…our ideal is a spirituality that doesn’t retire from life, but conquers it with the power of Spirit. The West considers the intellectual, emotional, vital and material development of the human being as its ideal; they have overlooked, though, the higher possibilities of their spiritual existence. They have ideals of progress, freedom, equality, brotherhood, reason and science, efficiency, better politics and social and economic organization, unification and earthly happiness of the race. These are certainly great ideals; the West hasn’t understood, though, that a spiritual transformation is necessary to completely realize these ideals. The East has the secret for this transformation, but for too long it has diverted its look from the earth. The time has come to heal this separation and to join life and Spirit.»

Brunelli said «…it is obvious that the initiate must use his mind as a creative instrument, not only to rationalize, speculate and so on. In the world of mind the first principles of what happens on earth originate; the world of tomorrow is born every hour today, here, in the mind of men who can use the instrument of force: the creative thought.»

The Esonet Project wants to join the two esoterical hearts of the planet, following the traces of initiatory science, knowing that its evolution is not popular imagination, but the principles of modern science. This is the reason why the esotericism of the Esonet Project is in conformity with science. We are positive that spirituality and science are joined by the same factor that is Man. He is the universal Athanor, the alchemic furnace where the work of initiatory transmutation occurs.
Conscience, mind and heart of Man are the same at any latitude; only profane cultures can disjoin his identity and separate his ideas. But how much importance do conventions have on the subtle identity of Man?
The initiatory science aims at understanding Man, not accumulating information. To understand the mind of man means to understand the Project Man; to understand his soul means to understand the universe reflected in him. To understand his subtle conscience means to meet the image of God impressed in him.

Albert Einstein said: «…cosmic religiosity doesn’t know dogmas or Gods in the likeness of man. There isn’t yet any Church that bases its fundamental teachings on cosmic religion. …culture should allow young people to acquire an harmonious personality, not only specializations… to develop the general attitude to free thinking and free judgment, not only the acquisition of a special knowledge.»

Man, the Temple of the Humankind

Man is what he thinks; the true identity of Man is therefore his thought and the initiatory path starts in his brain. The brain is the secret room where thoughts and feelings are kept. There we can find the Threshold of the inner Temple.
From this we can see how, for the esotericist as well, it is necessary to distinguish the activity of the two lobes of the brain; indeed philosophy is thoughts and as such it can undergo the influence of the two cerebral aspects: feminine and masculine.
For example, oriental philosophy, characterized by an intimist vision, reveals the perceptive-feminine influence of the right cerebral hemisphere. The western philosophy, characterized by an extroflexed vision, is typical of the analytical-masculine activity of the left cerebral hemisphere.

To specialize on one of the two models of thought or to know both is not enough, because they have merits but both lack something.
The Eastern point of view is deeply intimist and spiritual but it lacks action. On the other hand, the Western side is far too ready for action but it lacks depth. We should then appeal to the rule of the advantage. Therefore, independently from our roots, we could join the typical oriental ability for deep exploration with the typical occidental will to do.

By joining the advantages of the initiatory traditions of East and West, we will avoid the Eastern excess of standstill and the often superficial impetuosity that is the main problem of Western philosophy. Everybody knows, though, that to find a solution doesn’t mean to solve the problem. Indeed, in order to obtain a substantial balance between the feminine and masculine aspects it is not enough to know them; we also must know how to re-compose them. Assuming that we ourselves are the field of action, the alchemic transformation must start from our mind, by refining thoughts and feelings. Through the conscience, the soft light of reason must meet the light of spiritual intelligence, with a work carried out all inside us, not outside. We must never abandon the idea that we must learn to know and use our conscience. To achieve this, journeys or pilgrimages are useless.

The sun is inside us (See solar plexus) and we must find a way for its light to mature our deepest potentialities. Only once they are matured they will be able to express on the outside. Although what happens ‘outside’ doesn’t concern our process of growth, it can qualify the service for the common wellbeing to which the Initiate commits.
The aim of the Esonet Project is to show, through written ideas, the path that leads to know the most precious things that we have inside us, maybe unconsciously.

Athos A. Altomonte

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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