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Teosophy: The cause of Karma is imperfection and its goal is to correct it
Topic:Eastern Esotericism Reading
Eastern Esotericism Reading Imperfection exists because the constitutions of great spiritual realities, which can be found in a deformed shape in every phenomenon, are involved in the processes of evolutionary development of material manifestation. Until the spiritual entities that dominate every apparition will reach the stage of the «sublime control» on the substance of its material forms, men won’t be able to aspire to perfection.

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The cause of Karma is imperfection and its goal is to correct it

by Athos A. Altomonte

© copyright by Esonet.it - Esonet.com

Imperfection exists because the constitutions of great spiritual realities, which can be found in a deformed shape in every phenomenon, are involved in the processes of evolutionary development of material manifestation. Until the spiritual entities that dominate every apparition will reach the stage of the «sublime control» on the substance of its material forms, men won’t be able to aspire to perfection.

In order to gain control on the forms on the physical plane of humankind, every spiritual entity (which we will conventionally call: Monad) will have to give stability to the management on the three human levels of spirit, thought and sensation. The physical life is the activity aimed at the improvement of the human function, so that the part of spiritual life involving the soul can be expressed.

In the physical phenomenon called man, illness is the symptom of a temporary imperfection of his being. On the other hand death is the way through which the vital energy that animates the physical function is re-absorbed by its central nucleus. It is then re-directed to a process where the conscience of self can be renewed through trials and experiences that improve its abilities and qualities.

The fundaments of the human project are 3:

the spirit or monad is the permanent central nucleus of primordial energy (divine aspect); it is the cause and the energetic source of every aspect on the phenomenal and material levels;

the soul is the conscious energy that generates the activity of the physical phenomenon called man by animating its formal aspect and attributes;

the physical body is the unconscious container placed for the defense of the consciousness (conscious Self) of the two previous aspects from the serious [1] influences of the material world. The physical conscience is consistent and impermeable, therefore it is a valid protection from the vertigo of the physical elements; otherwise they would ruin the nature of the subtle aspect by perverting their identity.

The goal of the process called ‘human progress’ is to integrate the tensions of the three elements; although they originate from the same nature they have been made to serve their functions on levels of manifestation made by different elements.

The soul aims to match the spiritual entity with the conscience of the phenomenal body. It tends to compose a unison that goes through every plane of the manifestation, from the top to the bottom and vice versa. In a few words this is the building of the Bridge mentioned by the Hermeticists. It is a Bridge or link made by the different planes of the same conscience; it is able to put in contact the different tones (sounds) of the spiritual, animic and physical plane (AUM) and to modulate them to each other. They will then blend into a unique but triple tone. As Hermes Trismegistus said: the Three will go back to being One.

In this teaching the illnesses (excluded the infective ones, but then we should discuss the aspect of resistance and desistance to infections) are basically considered of a karmic origin. Among the most important sources we have the personal ones, the karma of the planet, the karma of the race, which we are linked to, and the karma inspired by the ties of blood (genetic).

In the West, psychosomatic medicine, psychiatry and psychology study the exterior and tangible pathological effects of the conflicts between the metaphysical essence and the physical existence of the human side. Science studies the exterior and symbolical expressions of the conflicts whose causes express through the karma. For example, it is agreed that crime is a kind of illness caused by the excessive stimulation of an energetic ganglia, called Chakra; it develops in an abnormal way the gland it corresponds to with all the consequences. For this teaching the illuminated therapist is aware of the psycho-energetic constitution of man and of the great influence of the karma on every phenomenon. He will then cure the criminal through medical therapies and suitable psycho-environmental conditions, not only through sanctions that might increase the aggressiveness or the unsociability of the subject. This is an extreme aspect of the illness, though.

The most external effects of the conflicts between the subtle and the physical conscience have a symbolical form, which is as a sign of the epidermis or the organ.

The epidermic “signs” are the manifestation of the inner uneasiness; they express the nature of its causes and its origins. Therefore by examining the symptom and by interpreting its signs as if they were parts of a symbol, we can discover that the cause is very different from the physical aspect. Going back to the teaching, it states that the psychic degeneration, the psychological discomfort or the psycho-somatic uneasiness are the expression of three levels of tension in the disharmony between the intentions of the Ego (the ‘arm’ of the soul) and the passional activity of individual personality.

Usually this is expressed in the most serious way when the lower self, which is egocentric and hyper-trophic, is deaf to the tensions of the superior Ego. On the contrary, the conflicts fade until they disappear when there is harmony between the different elements of the conscience. The initiatory unison is called: inner peace.

Jesus the Nazarene [2] used the shape of the “‘fish” to express the opposite motion that moves the impersonal (spiritual) element and the personal (sensual) one. One fish rotates clockwise and another anti-clockwise. The one at the top represents the soul and it is left-handed; the fish at the bottom represents personality and it is right-handed.

In the image they proceed in opposite directions, indicating the conflict of opposite elements (principle of duality) which the mind of the individual conscience, through its work of transmutation, must make complementary.

Duality doesn’t really exist; it is only a long moment of non-recognition between the subtle, spiritual and divine conscience that is aware of itself and the physical part that identifies with the animal substance of the being. The medium self, in this instance, is the soul that generates the thought.

Whilst the physical conscience needs a long journey of renewed identification to bring back the true conscience of self in the materiality, the soul keeps its conscience untouched, because it doesn’t break the identified with the spiritual essence of its monad. The conclusion is that the shortest way for the personality to find itself is to “weave” an alliance with its soul, going through the Ego that, first, must learn to comprehend.

The element of conscience appears dual, but it is unique. This is demonstrated by the thread in the shape of half 8 (the symbol 8 lying horizontally is the symbol of the infinite) that links the two fishes by their mouth. The esoterical interpretation of this link and the two fishes it joins is related to the major Zodiac where the personality moves from Aries towards Taurus, whilst the soul moves from Aries towards Pisces.

Esoterical Astrology teaches that in the link between sign and ascendant, in the thread that joins them, it is hidden the interpretation of a destiny and the best journey to complete for an incarnation. It finds the anticipation of every trial and every support that the karma makes available to us.



1. the square wave, grave and material, to the sinusoid, infinitely extended, are two aspects of the energy that moves the wave of life through cycles of manifestations, creating forms and phenomena. Every cycle is subjected to a periodicity that we can resume in this code (wave-sound): emersion (appearance-birth of the cycle or the form), tension (evolution-growth of the cycle or the form) and immersion (disappearance, dissolution-regeneration of the cycle or the form).
In the emotional habitat called sphere of the desire this energetic concentration becomes physical conscience. An energetic field (aura) of vibrations (tone) so slow (square wave) that it can get accustomed to the energetic immobility of the physical matter.
On the contrary of the material energy, the energy of the conscience keeps the memory of a higher level of vibration to which it tends to go back, by the law of affinity.
The occult identity of the physical conscience, therefore, is moved by this modest similitude of which it doesn’t have any safe references. It stimulates its own physical attributes in a journey that we can consider backwards, that is: coming back to the source of its own subtle nature.
In its progress the part of materialized conscience develops the physical mind. This is ruled by the sensations of the animal nature; they all come from the outside and they are so prevailing for the physical conscience that they overwhelm every inner feeling. The only remaining feeling is a weak echo expressed at the surface of the waking conscience as a sense of just, good and beautiful.

There isn’t enough room for more details. We can only underline that the adjective “‘grave” is the threshold for a collateral but relevant subject. It deals with the analogy between the energies of essence, conscience and form and the energetic aspects of motion, sound and vibration. Every phenomenon that finds its expression as form or aspect is made in the substance of vibrating energy; therefore every kind of form or aspect is linked to the sound, its tones (colors) and its vibrations. (back to the main article)

2. The Nazarenes still exist and they’ve always been a Community of Therapists; they were also the esoterical element of the Essen Community. The Essen culture has lots in common with the terms of this Commentary. (back to the main article)

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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