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The Triads
Topic:Eastern Esotericism Reading
Eastern Esotericism Reading

The Triads

Q: Can you explain in deep these Triads?

Principle of the Triad: Trimurti, Trinity and Triad are technically the same structure. The difference is the width of the Being they represent. The Trimurti, like the Trinity, is a representation of the desire of God to manifest (the Cause prime). The monadic Triad (solar or spiritual [the atomic structure]), the animic Triad (the reflection of the first soul or pure thought) and the physical Triad (sometimes said lower Quaternary if physical and ethereal Bodies are considered as two separate elements), are the representation of the occult physiology of man. By analogy we will say that Adam Kadmon is the monadic Triad (the Monad), the earthly Adam is the physical Triad (the biblical nephesh, see the Genesis, the vital element that moves every living creature, included the animals, is the ethereal Body).

Let’s get to the point of the matter; why this representation instead of another has been chosen. Mankind has two interpretations of each subject; one is minor, mythical or legendary, suitable to be understood and remembered by an emotional mind. The other one is more realistic, called major; it can be explained to more advanced minds, which can retain a conceptual idea called esoterical sciences (see what has been said to other friends about the greater and lesser Mysteries).

What was meant to be represented with the idea of trine, viz. the number 3, is the energetic motion of the universal manifestation. This energy has been called God; the fact that it is physiological and its manifest identity, caused it to be recognized as a Unity made of three elements. In the popular cults, this Unity has taken an image suitable to their small minds, an image where every profane could recognize himself and therefore recognize others.

This triplet of elements was at first placed in the anthropomorphic idea of Father, Mother and Son (see anthropomorphic religions). Only recently, deeply misogynous religions (for fear of the divine life principle that woman embodied naturally with motherhood, gift that man doesn’t have) and phallic ones (with a male God and the cult of phallic representations such as obelisks, candles, bell towers, staffs, crosiers, etc..) cancelled the principle Mother (The Great Mother, the space containing the universal manifestation) and replaced it with the Son. Therefore these religions (exoterical and popular) lack the Feminine principle (volume and space) but they have two masculine principles (Father and Son) and a neutral one (the Holy Spirit). If we consider that this is the representation in the form of myth of the universal energy, we will see that two principles, namely two positive and a neutral poles, are technically impossible, although in theology everything and the opposite is true.

The energy is made of two poles, the positive (masculine) and the negative (feminine); from their conjunction (marriage between male and female) the motion originates (the son). Father (positive pole) and mother (negative pole) produce the effect of the son (motion).

Before going any further, it is better to specify that what popular cults call God (God means Of Me, or mine ) is in actual fact the prime Cause perceivable, which moved the supreme Being manifesting itself in the Great Mother (the space of inert energy). The supreme Being that profane mix up with God, is a Non-Principle, unperceivable, not created but self-generated; most of all it is non-manifested because it sits behind the manifestation. Therefore it is not in the cosmos (the creation) but behind it; what we perceive of Him is his desire to manifest. The prime Cause, then, God, is the perceivable form of the desire-will of the supreme being to become visible in this universe (there are many more above and under this one).

Now that we have given a first correction to the exoterical interpretation by compromising with the esoterical one, we can go back to the main subject. Certainly you’ve seen the symbol that I will describe to you. A point at the center of a circumference. This point can be interpreted as the sun at the center of its system (lesser interpretation) or we could see it as the first aspect of the Trimurti-Trinity, viz the aspect of Will (the father); the second interpretation elevates its value, keeping its meaning and substance.

The aspect of will is the allegory of the dynamic aspect of universal energy. The second aspect is love (the mother), which is the allegory representing the magnetic aspect of the same energy. If there wasn’t a circumference (the mother) to hold (this aspect is translated with love for the popular classes; the love of the mother holding the son at her breast) the dynamicity, the energy would explode and disperse, without creating any more. Between point and circumference there is a space, where there is motion (the son); motion defines the forms. Every form is a densification of the same space (energy contained in space) which differentiates for the speed. In other words (without disturbing Todeschini, a scientist from Bergamo who exhaustively formulated these theories in his works) the matter is nothing but energy thickened by the speed of motion. A triad, then, is the unit of three elements: dynamic aspect (will), magnetic aspect (love) and motion-speed (intelligent activity), that is the oscillation that is visible as a form.

I won’t add anything else or we would enter the debate, on the other hand very useful, of the principles motion-form, oscillation-evolution and modification of the form. All this can be transposed in the physiology of sound in the equation: motion=vibration, vibration=friction=, friction=sound and sound=color……..

The system of the great triad forming the cause of every kind of representation is the primogenial matrix (the primogenial and indivisible atom where all atoms come from) of every energetic and material form. With regard to this, the Masters have often defined God as the Atom of the atoms. According to this principle it isn’t difficult to reconstruct the human Triads (they are 65,000,000,000 c.).

First Triad: the Monad reflects in the microcosm man the cosmic aspect of Will and in suborder it expresses Love and intelligent Activity (2nd and 3rd aspect). The Monad is what the mystics call the Spirit of God and the hermeticists call its energy the Fire that burns away. Scientifically the Monad is linked to atomic structures (cold fire).

Second Triad: the Soul reflects the Monad and the aspect Love-wisdom; it is indeed pure thought. It is the emanation of the Spirit and it is linked to the Light (cold light). In suborder it expresses the Will (will for good) that, let’s remember it, is the first cosmic aspect of the Trimurti-Trinity and the aspect of intelligent activity that is the 3rd aspect. It is interesting to remember that the aspect of activity of the animic Triad, pure thought, is the Ego or higher Self and they were called by Plato Psichè; Psichè, the platonic soul, is psyche, the intelligent part of man.

Third Triad: let’s consider the best known Triad, because it is the most frequented and where the consciences of most men identify (focalization of the personal self or personality). The physical Triad is made, starting from the top, by mind, astral Body (emotional body) and ethereal-dense Body (ethereal-physical). The reason, also called physical mind, is a strange union between the proper mind and instinct, passion and emotions of the astral Body. To cleanse the astral body means to elevate its attitude, perhaps linking them to high ideals of higher principles. To cleanse the astral body means most of all to make the mind clear and adamant, so clear that it will be able to reflect the thought of the Ego (higher Self).

The mind is called the initiatory Speculum where the sun of the spirit is specularly reflected. It is the sephirah Tipheret of the Tree of Life (see Sephirothic Tree). You will have already guessed that the sum of the three Triads forms the Body of a big occult Triad; it is made of Spirit (Monad), Thought (soul) and concrete activity (physical body). Therefore the physical Triad reflects the aspect of activity (motion) of the whole but it is an uncoordinated activity lacking the Light of intelligence. It will be so until it is guided by the thought of the soul. Therefore the personality of man will reach its goal, which is to express the intelligent activity of the big occult Triad when it will be consciously linked to the spiritual conscience that links all the three Triads.

At the top of its material evolution (3rd Initiation) the physical Triad as well will express, through the mind, the aspect of will; through the development of emotions into pure sentiment, the astral will reflect the aspect of love.

I would like to underline a concept: in the empyrean of exoterical religions a Pantheon of divinity appears. These representations are manifold; even religions considered monotheistic say that their Unity is in a trine truth. One and three is religiously a statement, whilst literally it represents the paradox of a multiple unity. This appears to be a contradiction in terms. This is not the only paradox of popular religions, though. In each of those divinities is represented a particular form of energy. It takes a feminine aspect if it has a negative polarity (-) and a masculine aspect if it has a positive polarity (+). For example the divinities of the Olympus show the planetary forces of the solar system to those who can read them. They are a manual of astronomy and nuclear physics ahead of their time. There are also the representations of psychic and sexual energy (i.e. the often misunderstood and never comprehended divinities of the Tantra Yoga). The strength of the libido is Eros, which joins Psiche and Logos. These are only two examples of anthropomorphic representations. I hope I won’t cause any harm in saying that there isn’t an anthropomorphic God or Divinity, as the ordinary religious iconography imagines them. Consider that the soul itself lacks physical, emotional and instinctive attributes, belonging only to the physical and animal sphere.

Can you imagine how a Mind without animal passion thinks? Elevate your hypothesis to the nth power and you still won’t be able to imagine the Thought of the Monad. How far is what is improperly (restrictively) called Divine Intelligence from the Thought of the Monad? If you can lose yourself in the immensity of this idea, will you ever be able to believe that God has done or said the incredibly human things that some devotees have written in their books? Is it possible that he is so careless, mediocre, vindictive, banal, neurotic and factious etc.? Isn’t it truer that many have projected into Him their frustrations, their desire for supremacy on other peoples, their pride, passion, fears, anguishes, exorcisms but most of all their complete ignorance on his essence?

The wise man of the old times called the supreme Being – the Man who nothing can be said about; its location, if we can call it that, was called the – Unclothed, viz. lacking any perceivable or debatable attribute. This is still true today for every true mystic.

We can perceive the Work of God. In the Work there is his presence. In every creature there is his presence. God is present in every man. Every creature can be reached by God but nobody can reach Him. Only religious plebeians have started talking about God as if he was a man, with human emotion. They explained him and his thoughts as if they knew Him personally. Later the religious plebeians, in order to affirm their power on popular fears, even started talking on behalf of God. God then disappeared and the humankind was in its darkest era. The Iron Age, called Vulgar Age or Kali Yuga. I said that God disappeared but many others use a harsher metaphor and say that God was killed.


Q: What do you mean by ‘good or bad orientation’?

Jesus the Nazarene said: you are sinners because you are Pharisees (I report this statement approximately). The Master meant that their mistakes were to be considered sins because being Pharisees, viz. priests, they knew exactly what they were doing and saying. Socrates talks about epistemè, the science based on an undeniable truth: the sin exists only where there isn’t science (episteme). Where there is science (undeniable truth) there can’t be sin. The man who knows that what is good at present (to satisfy passion) causes badness in the future and pain, doesn’t do it (I’m still reporting approximately). Socrates, then, states that only who is not conscious of what he does, does today what will bring him harm and pain tomorrow. Although the subject is very big and involves Ethics and Morals, we can simply say that a bad orientation is not to know the consequences of our choices and to let us be guided by the passion of our animal form (today I feel like doing this, tomorrow that).

Good orientation is knowledge, to know what we do and what consequences this will have, especially for the others. To understand deeply the common sense of action and reaction. We are generalizing, of course, because orientation and good orientation move both on the horizontal plane of life, the material one.

What is interesting to the Disciple is the re-orientation that from the horizontal plane of life, in its material aspect, leads to the vertical plane that links personality (personal self) to the intelligence of the Ego (the third aspect of the soul).


Q: sorry for the question, but I usually wonder about ‘dualities’ because I don’t look favorably on them, at least until I find what ‘joins’ them.

Either you look favorably or unfavorably on rain, this won’t stop the drops from falling.

What you don’t like, anyway, is not duality in itself, because it doesn’t exist, but rather the inability of the lower reason to perceive at the same time the physical and metaphysical component of every manifested element. In other words the duality exists only in our physical eyes. It is the mirage of a mind that doesn’t see the live energy around an object and inside it, in its volume. An object seems inanimate but if we look at the microscope we can see that it moves; it is not still, but has life and energy.

In order to clarify the idea we can say that duality between spirit and matter doesn’t exist for the man who perceives the solid and nuclear. If you separate the word from the thought you make a duality; if you consider the thought and how it expresses the idea through the word (sound), you will understand why in a synthetic principle there isn’t duality. Duality is the inability of the mind to embrace a synthetic principle. We must unravel it through reasoning (horizontal plane of the mind, which you will find soon that it’s two-dimensional) and consider it in sections. How many sections does a mind need to assimilate a principle? Two, three, four or more? Let’s see it this way: how many bites does a person need to eat a sandwich? Ten bites? Eight? Or only three? What if the person is a child? How many bites? Everything is open to question because it is relative to the ability of the mind (to the width of the jaw). The difference between physical and abstract mind is two; whilst the metaphysical mind (Buddhic) is one and synthetic.

In the individual reality the necessary steps to travel the distance of those minds are as many as the bites necessary to eat the sandwich. All is relative, surely, but relativity (and duality) stops existing in the Ego.


Q: This seems to me a very interesting point, especially because of what I found out with my studies on the effects of food. I verified that both the effects of food on the body and of ‘pushing’ oneself to some transformation, following a teaching, create a ‘synchrony’ with a deeper part of oneself.

If by deeper part of oneself you mean the lowest, the unconsciousness, yes; but if you mean the more interior and high, the answer is no. Food contains characteristics and radiations of the earth (the Element Earth is the last one: Fire-Air-Water-Earth); when the latter are absorbed by the body they stabilize in its cells, determining their organic and emotional characteristics!! From this originates the classification of mineral man, animal man, psychic man and spiritual man. Food affects the cells of the physical body (the cerebral cells as well, of course) and it unconsciously influences every activity of it. There’s more: the radiations attract man to the territory where he draws his substances of nourishment and (energetic) life. It is a kind of intoxication (beneficial? I don’t think so) that determines a chemical addiction to the territory.

The addiction to the characteristics of food increases with the habit to certain taste of food and gastronomical customs of a people living in a certain place. If food affects body and mind, though, the Disciple knows how to affect his diet so that it is at his service; it will give his physical body and emotional mind (astral Body) the effects he wants to.

Food becomes an occult vehicle, then, for emancipation. It is a precious alliance that contributes to its Metamorphosis (called purification by devotionals).

I think that illness is indeed a lack of synchrony with…

Illnesses, except for contagious ones (but we would need to discuss this further and highlight the element of resistance), are generally of two types. We have illnesses of a karmic origin (Karma of the Planet, Karma of the people we belong to, Karma of the familiar stock [genetic] and personal Karma. These are only the most important) and illnesses with a psycho-somatic cause. In the latter we must consider all the pathologies which represent the exterior and tangible effect. The exterior, superficial and organic effects are the symbolic manifestation of the inner uneasiness and reveal the nature of the cause.

In other words, when we examine the symptoms and signs of the illness and we interpret them as part of a symbol, we will find out its cause and remove it.

Anyhow it is as you guessed. Psychosomatic illness is the effect of a dissonance between the intentions of the Ego and the materialistic and passional activity of personality, which is deaf to its appeals (the voice in the [inner] silence). Jesus the Nazarene shows this issue in the symbol of the two fishes. One is at the top, represents the soul and it is left-handed; the other at the bottom refers to personality and is right-handed. Each of them pushes to the opposite direction and this represents the opposites, material and spiritual conscience, that must become complementary.

This is clearly visible in the thread (in the shape of the 8, symbol of the repeating infinite) that joins their two mouths.

The most esoterical interpretation of this symbol is zodiacal and it shows that the zodiac of personality moves from Aries towards Taurus, whilst the zodiac of the soul goes from Aries towards Pisces and beyond.

N.B. The 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 apostles represent the 12 zodiac signs surrounding the spiritual Principle.

The event of communicating between soul and personality is called by popular esotericism ‘revelation’. Technically, this event is acknowledged by the esoterical science as a sign of a certain kind of inner ‘telepathy’ that ‘joins’ two elements of conscience, the physical and animic mind [the Buddhic plane], which belong to the ‘same area of conscience’. Without it the true connection with the Aura of the Master, the constant and not occasional link, will be impossible to realize…


Q: Is it necessary to purify oneself first? I often think about this; I believe that the purification on the physical body reflects positively on the energetic body. Can you tell me anything about it?

Reflect on what we’ve said about the effects of food and its use. Then think about what has already been written to comment on other questions. From now on Meditation will not be a pastime any more, but a means to think about what we know and even more to what we don’t know yet.

To ask questions and receive answers is not enough. We need more.

To think (remember the initiatory Speculum we have mentioned) and to understand what has been said, to develop it and link it, through analogical bridges, to other considerations, is necessary to join an idea with others, a thought with others, a knowledge with others. This expands the abilities of the mind. The expansion of conscience, after all, is nothing but the reconstruction of a jigsaw. Don’t forget that we are the jigsaw, not the Master.

P.S.: I would like to ask you a favor. Could you give a message to the people you know? This is an area of divulgation and study, therefore there aren’t private communications. Everything is debated in the Classroom (that is the site) and publicly. I will try to deal with useful subjects of general interest. Nobody is so advanced to need a mouth-ear education, viz. an instruction of Ray. It would be better, then, if everybody saw the comments given to the others, because you could find answers to questions you wouldn’t have imagined.

Athos A. Altomonte

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