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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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UniversalFreemasonry: Looking for the privilege of knowledge
Topic:Question & Answer
Question & AnswerQ. : Why some techniques (Words of Power) are never revealed in Freemasonry, as if they might be dangerous or badly used?

Documento senza titolo

Looking for the privilege of knowledge

by Athos A. Altomonte

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The questions asked below refer to the article “ Orgonomy and protecting techniques ”.

Q. : Why some techniques (Words of Power) are never revealed in Freemasonry, as if they might be dangerous or badly used?

A.: I can guarantee that Masons can't reveal what they don't know about or they have never owned. As I have written before, the symbolic initiation is not a true initiation, but only a virtual representation of the Initiation.
In another occasion I compared the symbolic initiation, not only Masonic but also devotional, to a crib: it is useless to look for the “Mystery of the Nativity” in it.

The virtuality of the Masonic initiation, like the one of devotional cults, has very little to do with the initiations to the “Mysteries” of the ancient Mediterranean Schools; it does only in the collective imagination. This doesn't mean, though, that both institutions haven't known and welcomed true Illuminati (Enlightened); but their presence has been more an exception than a rule

However, this subject has been discussed extensively in other articles.

Let's say that “to resist the shadow of materialism”, that is the spreading of the exoterical commercialization of the initiation – a nonsense, you could say – some Brothers take care of preserving the brightness of the sign which have been passed down. The aim is not to lose irremediably the “light” of the last traces.

It is worthy saying one thing about the “secret”. “Not-saying” is not the key to “mysteries”. Those who wait to “be told” a secret will waste their time. The key of the occult instruction is not, in fact, saying or not saying but showing or not showing .

Mysteries are shown, not told. Who understands this knows where to look for and how to deserve this privilege.

Q : If I wanted to cause (through smell) a mass perishing , all I needed to do would be to spray some tons of chemical rubbish from the sky and hey presto... the whole city is depressed and prey to base instincts? (See “ Orgonomy and protecting techniques.”)

A. : Actually it is just like that. Knowing the subtle implications of the physical senses (touch, taste, smell, hearing) we are aware that smell is comparable to sensuality and desire.
And to understand that we are continuously bombarded by, as you call them, chemical rubbish from the sky, we just need to agree about the meaning of words.
Through the ether, from the sky, through the TV, every moment, “tons of rubbish” both sensual and passional, are dropped on us. They capture audience's attention, drugging their conscience and intoxicating their astral bodies (emotional mind). The worst thing is that many don't know how or can't defend themselves from this bombing, because their “physical self” is focussed only on the astrality.

Q : Isn't there the risk that this “perfect mastery” of the inner bridge, instead of being reached by the initiate/apprentice himself, is exerted on him by someone else (possession); for example an elder Brother, someone above him or some other kind of entity?

A. : I wouldn't bother answering, if I didn't think you were honest. So think, dear friend: do you know what you are talking about? Do you figure out what really is an elder Brother? He is not a common idiot, maybe with tiara, wrap or great collar.
An elder Brother, as we mean it here on Esonet, is the spiritual Initiate. He is someone who visibly shows the will of the mind putting its project into practice. A spiritual Workman, then.
You see, then, that such an Initiate has already won thousands of battles against the “Hidden evil”. He has passed trials and given many assurances before being “Accepted” by a superior hierarchy as a servant of the soul.
How is it possible, then, to doubt him, to think that he could “deviate” an applicant? What meaning do you give to the word «Master of wisdom» or «Master of Compassion»? The meaning of a Being that takes advantage of a poor human shell just for fun?
I think that sometimes spirituality is mixed up with spiritism.

Only through base psychic phenomena (see articles) we can find the phenomena of possession, obsession and vampirism.
In these terms this question is paradoxical; indeed, I dare say that there is no doubt.
If we go further up towards the “Superior” of that Initiate: Well...! What can I say: my mouth is shut. I don't even talk about it as a paradox; so much is the respect I owe them.


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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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