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Teosophy: Jealous deities
Topic:Question & Answer
Question & Answer

Q: … once that an adept has lifted “the Veil of Isis”, the mysterious and jealous divinity (??), he doesn’t have anything to fear; but until then he’s in constant danger.

Another thing I’ve thought about concerns the “scheme” of the sun which is repeated in everything but, if the sun is the magnet around which all planets orbit, what is the magnet in our body?

In order to distinguish the meaning of many initiatory concepts from exoterical narrations we must learn to filter the “languages” in which the events are told. These languages are based on metaphors which misshape the contents of what they tell, creating confusion in the neophyte’s heart.

Even in the initiatory Teaching we must distinguish the various goals of its several aspects. For instance, the moral concepts work as a direction for aspirants who are looking for an individual “Way”, whilst the Masters[1] recommend to the most evolved Disciples the «Restoration of the ancient Mysteries». This doesn’t mean to express devotion to the Teaching or its popularizers. It means to extract the meanings hidden in the myths (see oneiric culture: dream and illusion), meant to strike the imagination of “childish minds”; to give them back to the rules of evolution (to think, to say and to act), to use them in order to change oneself into something other than a dull and passive soul, full of good intentions that don’t reflect reality. In other words, human essence should prevail on its apparent nature; in the same way the meaning of the initiatory rule should prevail on the appearance of the myth or the metaphor in which it has been wrapped up.

In both cases the “veil of illusion” must be torn apart in order to reach the truth.

The heresy of ascribing “bad dispositions” to the Deity
If it’s true that we must distinguish before understanding, we’ll start by distinguishing the figurative representation from the implied meanings.

For a start, saying that the Divinity (Being or pure Principle) can be jealous, irascible or vindicative is a contraddiction in terms; an heresy in which the sacrilege of God is prefigured.

But contraddiction has always accompanied the common religious sentiment, especially in its totemic aspect; here the goal is to exorcise fears and realize wishes by ingratiating imaginary divine ghosts, whose humors are as inconstant as those of its creators.

The main contraddiction is the paradox of the darkest part of humankind who has claimed of «humanizing God to deify itself». By doing so humankind, childish and irreverent, ended up re-veiling (veiling twice) a jealous God, vindicative and irascible, which seems keener on “separating” then “re-uniting”, used to attribute or deny particular privileges and assign prizes and punishment. A clearly patriarcal Deity, based on the pillars of a massive spiritual irriverence, which transmits in the “generations” a disgraceful image of the Divine.

Particularly disgraceful for those who place it at the top of tyrannical cults.

Since I’m against any philosophy founded on the “bad inclinations” of the Deity, I’ll only express a brief comparison.

When unskilled, unlawful or simply irresponsible climbers dare to mountaneer in impassable places, with insufficient means, in critical situations or in adverse climatic conditions ... and they die, their death is blamed on the «killer mountain». The same blunder is committed on the sea, the road, the fog, and so on. According to the common hypocrisy, these elements lie maliciously in wait for peaceful wayfarers. In any circumstance, the irresponsible or immature person always prefers to blame something else for his mistakes, ascribing them to “fatal destiny” instead than himself, on the incapacity, negligence, presumptuousness, arrogance or incautiousness of who, unable to evaluate the reality of a situation, ends up by losing control (see “Karma of merit and demerit”).

The “Veil” of Isis
In every tradition we can find the ideogram of the “veil that hides the beauty of truth”.

From an old Commentary: « ... and entering the third Chamber of the Temple (allegory of the 3rd Initiation, Editor’s note), the Postulant faces the veil that separates him from the Mirror of Truth…»

Like a veil of “flesh” covers the unborn child at the beginning of his life and the eyes of the old man when he’s close to the end, the veil of illusion covers the sight of the adult until the end of his profane life, until he falls into his initiatory re-birth.

Tearing away the veil of illusion and ignorance and realizing the sublime vision of Self as a soul is the final task of the Initiate.

It is written in the Ritual of Rosicrucians:

« … what time is it? It is the first hour of the day when the veil of the temple was torn away.

And darkness and consternation were spread on earth.

And Light was darkened.

And the tools of the Masons were broken.

And the Flaming Star disappeared.

And the Stone was broken.

And the Word was lost. »

I think the idea of what a veil is and what it represents is pretty clear now, so we’ll go to the search of the meaning of Isis.

About the myth of Isis we know she was the Bride-Sister of Osiris, God of the spiritual sun. Mind you: spiritual sun, not physical sun of the exterior and profane cults.

Osiris is the Deity of the spiritual sun and his cult is interior, connected to the opening of the solar plexus, which at that time was an extraordinary result.

Therefore, how can we think that Isis, his reflection, can be the representation of the physical moon? Indeed, it is not so.

The cult of the spiritual sun is an interior one (see Ur, cult of Ur, from which the word cult-ure and nat-ure, that is native of Ur). It is obvious, then, that its reflection will be of a spiritual origin as well.

Isis (see feminine), reflection of the spiritual essence, is the physical conscience that enlightens at the presence of her “celestial bridegroom”: the spirit, and she’s a widow in his absence.

After the Egyptian tradition many other traditions have kept the old concept of “widow”. In many tales the spiritual chosen is born without a father, that is his mother is a widow, so that his father is meant to be only the interior Deity (see Monad). This is not only true for the “chosen ones”, but also for every Son of the Man.

Even the Master Jesus, although he had a physical father, according to the religious iconography was the child of a father absent in many ways. If we understand the esoterical aspect of that story, we realize that there isn’t any conflict between the physical and the spiritual nature of “man” because for every man and woman, the physical nature is only the exterior cover of the spiritual essence (see Art. dressed in skin). That is how the substance of “son of man” and the essence of “son of God” cohabit together.

We can conclude saying that the meanings of veil and Isis are those of the never ending axiom: Know YourSelf.

The “sun” of the human essence
After what has been said it is not difficult to hit the mark of the matter.

It is clear by now that with interior sun we mean the spiritual aspect that is placed at the top of the interior essence. The spiritual aspect radiates magnetic energy (therefore attractive) and the symbol of the magnet is used to represent it exoterically.

I don’t want to confuse the matter, but it would be very useful to study in detail the concepts of Monad and interior God, about which a lot has been written on Esonet as well.

To describe the spiritual aspect many theosophists use the image of a Solar Angel. It is a beautiful and fascinating image, but I don’t agree with it, because if it’s true that this metaphor, like all the others, is easily “assimilable”, it is also true that it ends up causing the regression of the neophyte’s mind into the “garden of imagination”. If he can’t get out he’ll stay there for goodness knows how long, idling away the time with the symbols of a Teaching of which he’ll never know the operating side. For this reason I will not fall into any sentimentalist dialectics, even though this might disappoint someone. In fact, I believe that initiatory science is governed by binding rules, that Initiation is a serious business and difficult to realize and that it is not possible to face one or the other by using fancy romantic words.

The aspirant needs realism most of all. Therefore we’ll leave metaphors to one side and we’ll try and realize a more consistent concept.

The points of reference are the traditional ones.

The opening of the solar plexus (see the article “Arjuna, human Icon of the Path of Action and the 12 Yogas of inner Illumination”), precedes that of the heart chakra, where the intelligence of the soul is (Solar Angel) and where the approach to the spiritual aspect starts (see Antahkarana Bridge).

Using an analogy, the spiritual (individual) sun is the Monad (the inner God); the soul is its reflection (the solar Angel) expressed in the matter (the physical body of the human being) through the activity of the Ego or superior Self. Finally, the impermanent personality (the inferior self) is their shadow that falls on earth.

Esonet’s Editorial Staff

[1] Note: it is a custom of aspirants to focus their attention on the “figure” of a particular Master that they most love or that more than others has charmed their devotional imagination.

This limit stops them from acknowledging a truth: that every Disciple can benefit and be inspired by the common Aura of all the Masters of ray.

The aura called Hierarchy is made of 7 main Ashrams, ruled by the 7 Masters of ray and the 49 Ashrams of sub-ray (7 x 7=49) governed by as many Initiates.

This so called exoterical realization (though this value is true only if it is compared with the spiritual level), is meant to develop the way of progress through the method of the: «Service to Humankind ». It is made of a “network” of 56 Ashrams (7 main + 49 secondary) and of their associated elements in every degree of function.

The correlation that the 7 Ashrams of ray correspond to the 7 Chakras of the planet is not well known.

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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