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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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Use_of_languages: Examples of hermetic-symbolic language
FreemasonryLet’s start making contact with the meanings of some of the most common signs among the representations of the “sacred”....

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Examples of hermetic-symbolic language

by Athos A. Altomonte

© copyright by Esonet.it - Esonet.com

Let's start making contact with the meanings of some of the most common signs among the representations of the “sacred”.

1) The white point represents the cold energy of the spiritual strength. White Light is the expression of the divine Will and it reaches the Archetype One (or Father, or Generator or Great Architect of the Universe) becoming the dynamic aspect (nuclear energy) of the cosmic manifestation.

Eastern traditions find in it the will of «He who sits behind the manifestation» that causes the vibration (sound = motion) of the inert energy of the cosmos called the Great Mother. Their meeting generates all forms which are made of substance of the maternal aspect and are animated by the sound-vibration-motion of the paternal aspect.

2) The black point of hot (electric) energy represents the primigenial Light or archetypical emanation, obscured by the material substance of the cosmos that overlooks every form and the space (see the myth of the fall of angels). Therefore in the manifestation «God's will is veiled».

3) The empty circumference is the metaphysical zero, in whose space (field of cosmic matter) every form, minor or major, is generated. Its aspect is “maternal” because it is able to contain the dynamic motions of the “paternal” energy.

4) The circumference with a dot in the middle represents, according to the different representations, God or the solar Logos. The prime Emanation is “contained” steadily in space, defined the celestial Bride, or Great Mother, showing itself as the «center of all universes» or of a universe or of a unique solar system.

5) The motion, wave of life, joins the first two aspects, the dynamic and the magnetic ones. It generates a third aspect that in the East is called “Son”. It is the metaphor of the big and small physical forms, generated by the universe, even the human one.

6) Two joined circumferences represent the continuity and the infinity. Continuity stands on cycles-cadences and rhythms which are at the base of the Great Opera. (see Great Book of Nature).

Furthermore, the symbol of the infinity expresses the progression of the ascending and descending cycles (sinusoidal motion) that produce the transformation of the time-matter energy.

The wave of life represented by the symbol of continuity of infinity is the metaphor of the cycles of emersion, birth, growth, energetic tension, crisis, decline and vanishing of every living phenomenon, human as well. The disappearance of every living phenomenon, as we know, is only apparent.

Appearance and disappearance are the visible part of the big process of transformation and regeneration of the universe. It is a process that, by keeping the rhythms of the advancing of the vital boost, keeps producing and reproducing new cycles of emersion, birth, growth, energetic tension, crisis, decline, disappearance and regeneration.

The secret Doctrine shows time, cadence and rhythm of the inner growth. In a young conscience (aspirants, novices, apprentices or disciples on the path of trials) they move by 3 years. The rhythms then become of 9 years in the more advanced level (minor initiates); they then reach 21 years once reached the “inner masterhood”.

The three years cycles move in the physical matter, the nine years ones in the thought matter and the twenty-one ones in the soul; they express the timing of the personal Work of the Initiate.

7) This is the symbol of the complete separation of conscience between spirit and matter of man. That is between his land (material mind) and his heaven (spiritual intelligence).

In other words, it is the symbol of the maximum state of “profanity” and immersion of the physical reason into the lowest and instinctual aspects of one's own animal nature.

8) This symbol is called mobile Cross or Cross of the Disciple (minor initiate).

It is called mobile because it stands on the passional, fluid and mercurial elements of the inferior nature of the man who looks for the light of intelligence. It is the first moment of conflict in the conscience of the aspirant that, in his inner search, puts himself between good and evil, right and wrong (see symbology of the mosaic floor). It is still under the influence of the instability, the excesses and the instincts of the inferior nature that rebels to the transformation of its own energies.

The symbol is comparable to the rotatory motion of the “physical” Sun. It is a very ancient symbol and it is in every people's memory as:

It is an ascending force, not to be confused with the descending representation used by the Nazis.

9) It is the symbol of the two “Ways or Bridges” of the human conscience that mature through the act of its liberation. Like two “Ladders”, one of them descends and brings superior energy whilst the other one ascends elevating the energy of the physical matter (see Ezekiel's ladder).

The descending path is the channel of action of the spiritual monad (the inner God to every living being) also called golden Bridge for the solar color of the physical-spiritual substance that makes it.

The ascending path, on the other hand, is built by the personal Work of the initiate when he acts of his own will. This is called silver Bridge for the lunar color of the mental-animic substance that makes it.

The secret Eastern Doctrine transmits the same teaching by calling sutratma the descending Bridge and antahkarana the ascending Bridge.

10) When the two paths work in unison (see sonorous figures) the Cross of the Initiate becomes fixed. It is the symbol of complete balance between physical and metaphysical conscience of the Initiate.

Afterwards the symbol of the fixed cross has been used to indicate similar concepts.

The first represents the influence of the spirit in the matter of the world.

The second expresses the influence of the cosmic trinity in the manifestation.

In the human body this sign represents the spiritual illumination that flows towards the energetic centers. Amongst them, we can mention the head, the throat, the heart and the hands.

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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