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Art and Ars Regia

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Whilst reading the text that a Br. Wrote, I found the following statement:

...Perhaps this is why Royal Art is an art rather than a DIY handicraft...”; I am quoting it to show how sometimes, quite superficially, misguiding comments are based on errors of interpretation (based on personal opinion, rather than on the cross-check of definite references, which is the common practice for an esoteric researcher); these comments create doubts rather than light.

Freemasonry divides the main work of the initiate into three parts: Ars Muratoria, Ars Regia and Ars Pontificia.

Esonet has dealt with these three Arts several times under different aspects (see: The Three Magisterial Arts).

Therefore I wouldn't want to bore the researchers by repeating the same concepts once again. But at this point I think that it is quite necessary to make a distinction.

Ars Regia develops higher faculties in the mind of the initiate. This is the origin of the metaphor of a “crown”, (symbol of royalty) that surrounds a “compass” (symbol of intelligence and mental openness).

In the East the Ars Regia corresponds to Raja (Royal Sanskrit) Yoga (Unit); this practice involves the mind and its qualities, such as the will aspect, fundamental for the creation of a center of steady conscience to be used as a lever, in order to coordinate, integrate, dominate, transmute and transcend the imprisoning psychic energies and therefore to burn the obstacles that prevent the realization of Self. This happens thanks to the «Power of the Snake» (see the Power of the Snake), the Kundalini energy (the snake of fire, the fundamental creating energy of the universe), which, by ascending, illuminates the seven centers, chakras (area of nervous ganglia) of the backbone and the head. All this finds a confirmation in another symbol: the Caduceus of Hermes of ancient Greece.

Therefore, it all fits in; the association of the Ars Regia with any sort of art doesn't make any sense.

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