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The Three Columns of the sephirothic System

by Athos A. Altomonte
graphic by: Fabio Gasparri

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The structure of the symbol is supported by three Columns. The one on the left is the Column of passive nature, while the one on the right is of active nature and in the middle there is the spiritual one.

The three Columns support the Temple of creation made of material conscience, feelings and spiritual energy.

On the three Columns "flourish" 10 universes (sephiroth) which are 10 spheres of sensitive conscience. A further eleventh is added to these. It is an "invisible passage" which at a conscience level can be compared to a black hole in the cosmos.

Every sensitive sphere (sephiroth) is linked to all the others by 22 paths. Through the 22 ways the divine will spreads sacrificing Itself, to the point of reaching the densest levels of its own expression, re-veiling (veiling twice) Itself.

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