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The invisible geometries of the cathedrals

by Athos A. Altomonte
graphic by: Fabio Gasparri

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The first "invisible message" from the Cathedrals is given by the invisible geometries of their pediment. It sketches the Sephirothic Tree (the Tree of Life) inherited from the Hebrew cosmogony. And all those who considered it a heresy ended up being their most loyal guardians.

The "invisible message" of the great Masons has survived to the apparent death of the Order which had risen from the ruins of the Jerusalem Temple.

The project of the Great Work was revealed and re-veiled on the Cathedrals’ pediment. This was reproduced in the allegory of a Tree (the four elements) whose roots drive in the sky (fire element), whose trunk reaches down (air element), with its branches (water element) touching the ground (earth element).


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