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The Journey through the Great Work /2.5

by Athos A. Altomonte

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From Ars Muratoria to Ars Pontificia, solving aspect for all the issues raised by Mystic Cosmogony

So far we have outlined the contents shared by any Mystic Cosmogony; aspects of languages and emotions that every man experiences during his psychological childhood as an answer to wonderful things and in his search for the fleeting sense of life.

The first impact with the occult side of life in its least esoteric interpretation is dramatically veiled by the pain of the memories of a spiritual humanity but with a child-like mind. The latter is “abandoned” in a matter that lacks any kind of “wonderful” attribute of the spiritual Archetype; it vaguely remembers that it’s where it comes from and that it used to be its safe guide and reference.
This “drama”, is perfectly represented by the “expulsion of man from the Garden of Eden”. He was then entirely physical because completely covered by the “animal skins” of his own Form. He left that soul forever, which is forgetful of the deep anguish of him who, left a safe and protected place, wanders in darkness not being able to find a direction “without a source of external Light”.
In actual fact for the man who painfully evolved only through his own inner Light up to the Threshold of Initiation, this drama, still keeping its real proportions, is assuaged by the understanding of the need of that act of “apparent abandonment”. It is a double need that the Initiate slowly recognizes and starts to accept as a sublime gift of self to strengthen the tension in that Work called “Evolution of the Humankind and Evolution of the Planet”, of which he is an integrating part in all its counterparts, from the most concrete to the most spiritual. Of course, because all energies that form the Clothes of Man are part of the bigger Cloth of the Planet that we experience and we enliven in a function called Universal Communion among all living Things by the esoteric Catechisms.
The drama we mentioned above is the drama of individualization of man who, from the Animal Kingdom and under the aegis of a common and global intelligence that ruled “from the outside”, constituted by himself and without any visible influences the Human Kingdom, the new and penultimate of the five Kingdoms of Nature, which the Great Architect decided to make part of his domain at the end of the Work.
This time, in the constitution of this “new” Kingdom of Nature, for man it was necessary to be “expelled and removed” from the protection of a Superior but predetermined and absolute Intelligence, in order to get to the learning part “not without the pain of the error of he who lost the clear-vision of the spirit” of an individualized determination that will be called Free Will.
This happens when an answer is developed in the conscience of man at the presence of the Ego, initially only an intuitive answer; it will be sufficient to recall the superior energy of the definite Triad into the inferior of mental matter. It is the Light of the Soul, which we felt pushed away and refused by until then. But this was only appearance.

To the help of the Initiate, free in the mind but still “fixed” to the cross of his own manifestation in the matter, rush the “right motives” of the labor for the Evolution of the Humankind. But not only them. As it is well known, the work of “sacralization” of the Planet as well, which he experiences and enlivens through the constant use and therefore refinement of the planetary energies that he uses by continuously creating with them his own energetic Clothes; from the ethereal to the astral, from the mental to animic. Not only this, through food and respiration man transforms the densest elements of the matter, which he differentiates from dross, in finer and finer energy and thought, emotions and actions, depending on the personal qualities and characteristics of Thought that he has reached by continuining his evolutionary journey up to the point of constituting, with it, stable and perfect forms because «...the Son will create in the domains subjected to Him by Will of His Father and in His name he will rule with fairness».

Ancient Commentaries state that with those energies (of Thought) continuously regenerated through a more and more qualified use, slowly, man first and the Initiate then, qualify more and more the Space that contains them, elevating their vibrating power. To develop this few instructions means for the Greater Initiate to access the Door as narrow as the eye of a needle in the “occult side” of the Great Work in White of the High Degrees, which on these terms “founds the Great Alliances with the 5th Kingdom of Nature”, the spiritual World.

This explains the postulate present in every Eastern and Western esoteric School and Philosophy: think with integrity and you will do good; do not fall in low (vulgar) or negative thoughts; always think positive and you will see in every thing and event the reason for the Good; but if you cannot do that, stop thinking what you are thinking.

Man reaches the understanding that “the pains and dramas of life” don’t originate from a kind of unknown and obscure punishment but, on the contrary, are an integrating part of the “12 labors of Initiation” and of the effort that he faces as a participant to the Great Work of regeneration of the matter up until it is made sacred, by Will of the Great Architect of the Universe. This Initiate not only accepts gracefully the duties that await him, but he treasures any teaching of that Tradition built by the effort and experience of those who preceded him in that Path of Understanding and Knowledge.

This Path connects all men to the universality of their own existence and it is indispensable to alleviate the tension and effort of those who walk it, accelerating the stages of the Initiatory Journey that we call «from Chaos to Light».

In the journey indicated as the “Path or Initiatory Journey”, the Wisdom of Tradition, as sum of experiences of those who have already carried out that evolutionary stage built a “reasoned route” in the graded selection of its symbols and their meanings, allowing to cross in a quick and economical way that stage “of spiritual unconsciousness” which is indeed called from the darkness of Chaos to Light, up to the conquest of that Initiatory dignity which represents, for man, the achievement of the intimate consciousness of his own animic conscience.
Here originates the assumption that the dignity of Initiation does not reside in the “language of the method” or “of the doctrine” that man chooses, because closer and more understandable to him, but in the nobility of that human spirit that can instil itself in its own lower form, having blended in itself the intimacy with those symbols and meanings.

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