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The Heroic Path

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Dear Friend, for some time I have been following your exchange of messages and I appreciate your position in standing up to emotional and often messy criticisms. I find, but it’s only my personal opinion, that the quality of your matter is pretty good, although still coarse in its words. That is, to quote you, I find that your sword is of good workmanship although your fencing lacks strength. And it’s about the sword that I am about to write.

Various disciplines (there is a different one for each kind of energy, disposition and character) broadly divide the nature of man-woman in seven paths (see Jung and Assagioli, but also Alice Bailey in her treaty on the seven rays, and Batá etc.) What you seem to belong to is the heroic path (Jung-Assagioli) or the path of the sword (the Japanese Budō) or of the warrior (A. Bailey).
Of course everybody talks about sword in terms of “Act of Will” (see the Psycho-synthesis by Assagioli), courage and self-sacrifice in antithesis to evil. We are, therefore, at the direct confrontation without intermediaries (usually better) between good and evil (as you say) or between beauty and ugliness (as I say).
This is the nature, therefore the energetic path, which governs those who are “destined” to fight and destroy (conceptual) obscure, shapeless forms that are antithetical to beauty and fairness. Therefore, the operators of justice.
The same disciplines agree in saying that the energy where the “beings” who “obey” these energetic characteristics operate is the “destructive and liberating will”; indeed, they must add to itthe “loving” impulse of understanding and rescue.
Taking the cue from the writings on death, we can remember that death as well is a work of “destruction and justice” put in place by the being that determines the personal form in the sphere of matter. An act of will that on one side allows to liberate the energy imprisoned in the (imperfect) form and take it back. On the other to reuse it in order to “build” a new better one. The path of the warrior, in other words, is the “incentive” that determines the drive to destroy all the wrong, damaging and unfair things we find in our path. But the initial fault is the passion that must be sublimed in the “patient wait” which allows to make the lunge at the right time.

I agree with you that the astral “journey” is all inside the mind, or rather in the conscience disorder of the mind. Yes, because astral is the sphere of emotional and passion thought which Easterners call Maya, viz. plane or veil of illusion. Only by elevating the state of conscience of one’s own lower self (physical personality) up to perceiving the essence of self, the inner journey will take you to the subtle planes of the mind (egoic sphere) up to the spirit (the sphere of one’s own archetype or inner God) where the ultimate illumination occurs. The mistake made by beginners diverted by incongruous advice, is to “leave” or “go up”. In actual fact it is not the physical personality that must go up, because that would destroy it (see Icarus’ myth). So much so that the “initiatory method” teaches to build in oneself the opportunities in order for the spiritual entity to emerge (it has been wrongly said that it descends) in the form of material conscience and take possession of it (« will take possession of your earthly domains and you will rule with wisdom your people [the people of thoughts]...»).

In order to obtain the inner vacuum or space for the “soul” to manifest itself, it is necessary to clean up the useless stuff, reaching the Essentiality or Synthesis of self. Devotional catechism confused this condition with one of exterior “poverty”.
This essentiality cannot but arise from the demolition of any delusional form and the annihilation (not destruction) in oneself of any mental model belonging to the material sphere. Only later this material sphere will be “enlightened” by the part of greater conscience that will emerge on its surface. This space, or vacuum, can be reached in many ways, as many as the “human types” are.Certainly the method of the “destructor” is the most direct and therefore the quickest, but “it doesn”t allow for errors’. Whilst, for example, the devotional way (energy) allows all the possible errors; this is why it is so crowded.
But when making our choices (which will lead to as many types of experiences) we must remember that it is difficult, when not impossible, to show a “type” different from us our characteristics and the possible advantages of our journey. Who belongs to a nature of a certain “type” is also moved by the characteristics of that energy. Each being is like a pendulum that swings moved by drives and impulses of his own natural energy, the only one he obeys and the only one to be recognized. For each of us his own way is the only true and possible way, even though it is not recognized by the others. But only by getting rid of the formal cage of this subjection that we will gain the freedom of thought represented by the wings at the top of the Caduceus of Hermes.
It was said that Rosicrucians spoke a hundred and more languages.
In actual fact it was the allegory of the freedom of thought and the ability to understand and put themselves in the right form towards the many forms of mental subjection. Popular wisdom reminds us of the importance to “talk to princes like a prince and to peasants like a peasant”.

Dear friend, keep going on your way to recognizing yourself; but don’t wait or expect that other “types” could or would understand you. An old saying teaches us that in case of war, the warriors are called to the help of the citizens to die for them, but they will then be driven away because their strength scares them. Therefore every time you will face delusion, viz. Maya, which is always, have “your warrior” take a silent stand. In the invisibility he will wait for the most suitable moment to shoot his arrow, which will reach the target without interfering with the serenity of the “peaceful citizens” who don’t even think about fighting.

Your “war against evil”, as you call it, cannot be recognized and you cannot expect it to be accepted by the “citizens” who only think about keeping their serene wellbeing, each in the compartment of his own subjections which also protect them from facing any form of evil.

A fraternal greeting

torna su

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