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New Era

by Athos A. Altomonte

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(The article was written in 2001 as a greeting letter to collaborators of

Here is the New Era.

We have entered the 3rd Millennium accompanied by very meaningful signals; one of them involves the spreading of the initiatory education.

The method of service of the new era, which is always directed to the benefit of the humankind, remains focused on the Restoration of the Ancient Mysteries. But it will not only use the ancient method of mouth-ear. Other ways will be used at the same time to reach the minds of the aspirants and esotericists looking for the sense of the Initiation; which is definitely not the one advertized by the exoteric part of initiatory Institutions.

Among the “alternative” ways available to many, Esonet stands out. It is a media-related way useful to separate “the fine from the coarse” (as Hermes Trismegistus taught) because the (inner) initiatory way and the (outer) exoteric one cannot remain any longer mixed by an unhealthy ideological “bind”. In order to get rid of the delusion that has many believe they’re walking despite standing still, we must distinguish the initiatory way by decisively separating it from the purely formal and dialectic way of exotericism.

The Pathway - Gilbert Williams

Working on Esonet can microscopically contribute to a world event. It is not a coincidence the timing of many operators who are doing their best to rejoin the sense of many specific “languages” with the various rays, attitudes or personalities, all synonyms to interpret the human nature which, although apparently different, is only one.

Starting from the Fifties, an action was started aimed at creating a generalized mental tension for an intellectual drive to join interpretative fragments of an initiatory tradition that accompanied man since his first approach to the sphere of the “wondrous”, letting his conscience grow like a molecule of the universe.

In order to rejoin the universal principle of an idea it is necessary to drive any characteristic of separation towards a common conceptual point. Precisely for its “associating” (initiatory Commůnion) ability it must cancel in itself any difference in interpretation, language, form and expression referred to the universal meaning of initiation.

The initiation is not a specific element; therefore it cannot belong to a particular church, sect, faction or institution. It is indeed the common goal of the human being, unique and undividable.

Not everybody, though, is attracted by serving (devotional attitude) abstract and impersonal goals. Only the most mature and intelligently prepared can serve others on the initiatory way. They instruct them wisely and lovingly, giving back the sense of ritual theurgy and nurturing in them their ability to understand and discriminate truth from delusion.

The ability to distinguish true from false harmonizes the conflict that arises when commonly interpreting the sense of life (individual) and existence (common to every living form). Harmony (inner Harmonics and Chorda Fratres) is the first instrument used by the (real) initiate to calibrate the rhythm and cadence to “be impressed” to any cycle, or stage of one’s own life. Indeed, any vital cycle must be consciously evaluated with the thoroughness of a reawakened conscience, anticipating the “right time” to infuse in any action.

The major “time” of the individual octave is that of the first Group chosen by elective affinity. This rhythm (evolutionary process) is followed by the wider Group which, finally, includes the whole sphere (space-time) of the human destiny (its wave of life).

To see the octave of the humankind means to feel also the two higher octaves. The octave “modulated” by the five kingdoms of nature that counterbalances that of the whole planetary Logos. The whole of the planetary rhythm is permanently “harmonized” with the systemic time of the solar process (rhythm). Perhaps this view is premature, yet I think that any aspirant must know where he wants to go, projecting himself into a goal and being able to evaluate its costs and income.

What is certain is that initiatory divulgation carried out in the most obscure part of the humankind requires uncommon patience and dedication.

It must be silent and impersonal; we must expect many personal costs and no income because the result will be a prerogative of others. Therefore the service aimed at initiatory divulgation cannot be but “altruistic”. This explains why many people, once reached the “choice” point, duck out to go and try another kind of service, where they can find their immediate gratification and the appreciation of those who will be guided towards a deserted mosaic of individual egoism.

It is difficult to work for an ideal imperceptible future, with no other gain than learning to offer and give with ability the best part of oneself, one’s time and life to someone we will never meet.

It is necessary to obey the rule: who receives a lot must give a lot; who wants to receive must start by giving.

Giving cannot be an invention. Therefore before giving, and giving well, we must learn well. By persevering in wanting to learn, wanting to give, we access the act of will which is the bridle of the Initiate.

I hope that this message help everyone to make the best choice, both in leaving or keeping. However I wish everyone a fruitful future.

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