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The wind of the idea

by Athos A. Altomonte

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wind of idea

Dear friend, briefly, rather than following something or someone, we should learn to feel the "spirit of the idea"; that is the most genuine guide. You can call it "inspiration", if you like, but this term doesn’t give the full "emotion of certainty".

And if you find someone so generous as to share with you "his own perception" of the Idea, you will not follow him but you will both find yourselves on a common path that leads indeed to the world of the Idea.

Plato called that plane: Hyperuranium. It is the path that leads towards the generating and creative space that is perceived as an inner wind; you feel it but you cannot let anyone else touch it.

Therefore try and find who can teach you to recognize the wind, because the wind of the Idea is nothing but the spirit of the humankind.


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