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Imago Templi /6.12

by Athos A. Altomonte

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The Number Two, duality

The Number Two in the macrocosmic definition is the "Circumference of super-sensitive Matter" that forms, enclosing it, the sidereal Space and "container" of the universe (the Great Mother).

In the microcosmic reduction, for man, it is what holds the volume of every object (even thought) inside which (three-dimensional) the Sound (the Lost Word) of the Archetype One is revealed.

It is the element that contains the space that (apparently) separates and contains everything of the objective world as well as of the subjective one.

Even if it is not essential for the Masonic Work, this number is important for the Mason as well as for any man who mistakenly considers himself as a separate entity.

The Two represents in man the conflict of opposites, of (animal) instinct and rational mind; likewise later on between Personality and Superior Ego.

The Symbol, then, shows the incompatibility of intentions in a (personal) sphere where the two separate poles don’t communicate or they communicate by oppositions.

This is also the Sign of the error from which the "Evil" is born in all its manifestations, but it is also the Sign of sacrifice and pain of "he who doesn’t remember", of the man crucified in his own physical manifestation (it reminds us of the Cross and the four nails of the Four Elements that embed the Cosmic Man).

It is interesting to remember how in certain Schools of thought the Personality of man is called the soul of the form, whilst the word Soul indicates the superior Ego.

Whatever word we use, the dynamics of the mind’s effects always follow the same route for everybody.

Once the instincts are rationalized in the control of the concrete mind, the effects of the presence of the superior mind that is forming in the interaction with the Ego appear into the Personality.

Man, then, must not act any longer to dominate the opposites, but he works to balance the relations of domain up to making them complementary.

With the alignment of the superior mind with the lower part of the Triad starts the effect known with the word ‘shadowing of the Soul (Superior Ego) on the soul of man (Personality)’; the beginning of the illumination of the form (mind’s).

This will be followed by the steady constitution of a Bridge between lower and higher Ego, a work that we will recognize in the terms "alchemic marriage" or "celestial marriage".

With the creation of the Bridge it will follow, by osmosis, the slow fusion between the two egos; the absorption between the two truly appears to man’s imagination "as the love fusion of the bodies of two spouses". In the Bodies of man a transmutation will follow – the real increase of Light of the Mason Initiate.

In this instance as well the alchemic analogy is at least proper.

In actual fact, with the meeting between the two, even coarse metals (minerals contained in the body) subjected to a highest energetic tension produced by the presence of the Ego (from the sub-atomic plane) in the Form, will react with an increase in radiance of their bioenergetic sphere. The latter will slowly transform the same internal structure of the "metals" of the physical Body.

The same transformation process will occur for the "philosophical metals", outside and inside emotions (Astral Body) and thoughts (Mental Body) of man.

This radiant luminosity from the three inner Fires shows itself in the Initiated man through His eyes (Center of sight), His thoughts (Center of mind), His gestures (Centers of hands) and His words (Center of the throat).

Those are the true Bridges through which that Regenerated Personality – the Pentalpha irradiating the Power of the Ego – really achieves what many only talk about.

The achievement of the Work for the benefit of the Humankind with Wisdom, Strength and Beauty.

This is what the White Science of the High Degrees passes on to us.

The Symbol that represents, in that Tradition, the fulfilled (transmuted) Man and himself Bridge between the concrete and the metaphysical is passed on with this image.

For the moment we don’t need any more than this.

Anti clockwise goes down

Clockwise goes up

The Two in the Science of Sounds represents the sound of octave. Let’s gradually familiarize with this "new" language as well, which refers to the Monochord and the Pythagorean School.

Chordís Length, 100 %

Division of the Chord that produces the sound of octave:

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