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Operative Chains of Unification

by Adriano Nardi

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dedicated to Athos A. Altomonte's work of instruction

We have learnt to build a Chain of Unification, a symbol present in the Masonic ritual that still today is conceived only physically and allegorically. Symbols are the external and visible forms of inner spiritual realities and this is also true for this symbol; the symbolic representation of the Chain of Unification (Chorda Fratres), veils the existence of real and operative Chains, relative to initiatory systems, that can have a different nature depending on which plane they work. The Chain of Unification is in actual fact the operative manifestation of the Order, as a force (meant as use of energy and its flow) as well as protection (see the laws that rule group activity).

We said that there are several operative Chains of Unification.

Worldwide there is a structure which is very efficient because it is widespread all over the planet; it is also the best known. It is called the Triangles of Good Will. The triangle made of three individuals (which is the basis of every system and Freemasonry is no exception, indeed we find many energetic triangles in it) is the basic geometrical form that makes the "fabric" of a worldwide network. All men and women of good will can participate to it, without distinction of race, faith, caste or color. From every vertex others blossom each time new individuals join in, in a composition that follows by analogy the ethereal body of the planet. This aspect is important because it shows the adaptation of the work of man to the laws of the Great Book of Nature. In actual fact this ‘fabric’ is an efficient form in the continuous movement of energy and it follows the energetic grid of the planet.

The Triangles work on the devotional ray; with their job they purify the astral plane of the planet (for example monasteries, centers of prayer and meditation have always contributed to this activity) with invocative activity (see Invocations passed on to the humankind) of Light and Good Will.

There is another, much more sophisticated ‘model’, which is the basis for the work as real Chain of Unification; it is called the Star System. It is founded on the synergetic work according to the geometrical principle of the hexagram, also known as the Seal of Solomon (also made of two triangles). This geometrical model contains the energetic septenary (the Seven Rays) and for this reason it is also the most efficient symbolic representation of Man (see the Hexagram and the development of the triangles). Indeed, a Star has its own precise energetic quality; it is vitalized by seven centers, which are the expression of the seven main energies that rule the manifestation in each kingdom.

The image is taken from the website The Planetary System it is part of their logo. Further studies on the development of the work in the Star System can be found in: "Principles for the development of a System" in the Documents section.

The reference principle remains unchanged in its process of expansion from the individual to the Group and then to the Planet. The work according to this geometrical principle is carried out on the mental plane. The wonderful implications and possibilities of development of this symbol can be feebly perceived by those who are familiar with the sacred geometry inside the Masonic Temple.

We know that in nature energy moves on the principle of sphere and spiral; we need to keep this in mind when we connect a geometrical form to energies in order to express its presence and motion (indeed, this system uses the term vortex when referring to energies). Despite it being very efficient as a symbol, the hexagram is a representation of truth much more qualified, therefore less illusory, yet relative. With will and visualization we can create geometrical thought-forms useful to give order and sequence to the motion of energies, provided that we keep in mind that the motion of energy in nature doesn’t follow the broken lines typical of a geometrical figure. It would be more appropriate to say that the mind divides into frames what it cannot contain as a movement; therefore the geometrical representation will be effective on the mental plane in order to understand and interpret the idea of Motion, the Son, the Appearance, which is the only divine aspect of manifestation (the third) that man can inquiry and study, since he cannot make "finite" the aspect of the Will to Contain, the Mother (the second), the Infinite, or the aspect of Will of Manifestation, the Father (the first), He Who nothing can be Said about.

Another configuration that expresses an operative and real Chain of Unification, this time on the spiritual plane, is that configured as an energetic center; it is formed by a group of souls (it is necessary to understand what it means to work as souls), which is the requirement for any real Initiatory group – this is the meaning hidden behind the expression esoteric group work, of which Freemasonry will be in the future, today not recognized yet, aimed at Group Initiation. When a group is able to express itself on this level, it becomes aware of being part of a greater System, for the relation that the Pole of Attraction, a Master or an Accepted Disciple, around which a group formed, has with his Brothers, Who, in turn, form a Greater Center. That center will respond, for energetic quality expressed as a group, to one of the seven main energies, known as Rays. As in man every energetic center responds to one of the seven energies, likewise on a planetary level, there are Seven Centers which will be in resonance with the groups that "play the same note"; they are the points of reception, assimilation and transmission of those Seven Energies for the Planet. The development of these Chains of Unification leads to the fact that the Humankind in the whole qualifying and refining its activity as one of the energetic Centers of the Planetary Logos (the third main planetary center through which one of the three divine aspects is expressed) allows the Planetary Life to express its quality as one of the Centers of the Solar System. This process is at the basis of the consecration of the Planet.

I think it is interesting to highlight here that Freemasonry is the qualified "container" to welcome the Chain of Unification at all levels, emotional, psychic and spiritual; this depends on the men and women that work within it. The consequence is the urgency to educate and qualify new generations of men and women able to give life to another Freemasonry – without inventions but through the Restoration of the Ancient Mysteries – as opposed to the declining one that we learnt to know – also a result of the short-sighted when not inconsiderate work of man by ineptitude or guile – and treasure the favorable emerging energies that the Age of Aquarius will bring for this purpose.

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