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Imago Templi /6.10

by Athos A. Altomonte

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The metaphysical Zero The spiritual space

What we need to do now is analyze the concept of absolute zero or metaphysical zero as it was passed on to us by the Initiatory Tradition.

The value of absolute zero lies in the meaning entrusted to it, which is to symbolize inside itself the membrane that separates manifest from immanifest. The concept of transcendent.

We might call it the tangible boundary of the Universe.

It is the macrocosmic boundary in its widest expression; it is nevertheless reducible to the same values and rules in the microcosm of the Man dimension.

The Sacred Sciences recognize 12 dimensions of space and time plus an "utmost container" and they apply that measurement lattice (12+1) both on the plane of the macrocosm and on its microcosmic reduction (regression) of the (underlying) lower Universes.

We will start from the expression of this concept and then go down, regressing into the details once we reach the next chapter dedicated to the Tree of Life and Sephirotic Path of which all the elements contained in this chapter are nothing but the premise and necessary introduction.

The greater Catechisms teach us that the internal space of the symbol zero is neutral (spiritual) because "a portion of the Cloth of Him who nothing can be said about" appears in it.

Its circumference, although made only of magnetic energy in its macrocosmic essence, must be considered of female gender.

The in its two-fold aspect allows the appearance of the One and the Sound that manifests it in the Vibration and Motion (see the image on the right).

vibrazione e moto

Its invisible field contained by the circumference that holds it (the centripetal energy of the 2nd Aspect), manifests the Wave of Motion (the centrifugal energy of the 3rd Aspect) of the Will (dynamic energy and source of creative Force in the Universe, the 1st Aspect) of the cosmic energetic current called Life; by enclosing it, it allows the visible manifestation of any Form at any level of existence.

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