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The descent of VITRIOL

by Athos A. Altomonte

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V isita I nteriora T errae R ectificando I nvenies O ccultum L apidem


Parts of us lie abandoned deep down in ourselves. They are our doubles, the actors that played our roles. Parts of us, of our personality, which are the memory of what we have done and what we have been, lie forgotten in a dark room called the subconscious.

Those doubles are the characteristics that we have covered ourselves with in order to represent the models that we have interpreted and then abandoned (son/daughter, student, sportsman, lover, soldier, employment/job/profession, husband/wife, mother/father, youngster/elderly, etc...) as we moved into other roles, changing attitudes and situations.

But even if we have forgotten them, these actors are still awake and live in us, affecting us with their occult presence. Not only they live in us but they feed on our vital energy, which is therefore impoverished without a specific purpose.

We should become aware of them by entering our inner Chamber of Reflection (see Chamber of Reflection in Imago Templi - Book 1) and decide how to manage their future.

It would be nice, fair and useful to start our work of restoration by freeing those parts of us that we have imprisoned and forgotten in the darkness of our inner hell. We abandoned them in the ‘Interiora Terrae' called subconscious.


Therefore we need to go down in that unknown land and take the light of reason. We must go down and meet (this is not a metaphor) those characters that are the living symbols of the choices in our life. In our basement we meet proper human images that reflect the most hidden and forgotten parts of ourselves.

These are the first parts that we must ‘transform' and ‘free'. They are the foundations that we need to re-build before we can erect new walls for our inner Temple.

The descent in the underworld is the first action to be carried out by those who look for their superior identity. This is a process called interiorization, which is followed by disintegration (dis-identification of the profane models) which is the liberating stage of the process, followed by reintegration , viz. the identification of ourselves with high profile ideas, such as those that characterize the superior Ego. All this might seem like a dream, an illusion. Nevertheless it is used in modern science, since S. Freud classified it as Phantasmatic study (1942). Here the ancient meanings of the Raja Yoga, of the science of the soul of eastern mysticism, the ‘Know thyself' of ancient Greece and the alchemic process all match the present meanings. The inner metamorphosis is therefore an operating and achievable reality (see the Middle Way).

Medical science tested the induction of states of trance through hypnosis and regressive hypnosis. Remembering through hypnosis, though, had the fault of causing dependence as well as undesired transference and imprinting. The method of waking hypnosis was then used, with the important advantage that the subject could determine the duration and depth of his experience. The necessary condition to carry out this experience and make the most of the inner journey is to develop a high psychic ability: the inner vision (see The art of Visualization in On Metallic Transmutation 5).

Indeed visualization allows to meet but most of all to communicate with our own ‘inner ghosts'. So much so that it can guide them and bring them back to the surface of conscience , freeing their substance and allowing us to get back those portions of energy that otherwise would be unused forever.

This energetic enrichment is not only an act of inner justice (free the ghosts that we have created) but it also means to free ourselves from their occult influence forever; the so-called ‘temptations'. Furthermore, re-generating all those latent forces means to put back in action a lot of psychic energy. Not only the rejuvenation of physical personality , but with so much energy available it means to give back ‘strength and vigor' to our propositions, actions and future.


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