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Law of Attraction and Rejection /1

edited by Adriano Nardi

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Extracts from the writings by Alice A. Bailey and Master D. K.

This is the fundamental law of the whole manifestation and the most important law of this solar system. Strictly speaking it could be called Law of Adaptation and Balance, because it affects the aspect of electrical phenomena that we call neutral. The Law of Economy (see Law of Economy) is the fundamental law related to one of the poles, referred to the negative aspect; the Law of Synthesis is the fundamental law of the positive pole; but the Law of Attraction is the law of fire as a result of the unification, during the evolution, of the two poles.

From the point of view of the human being it is what produces the realization of self-conscience; from the point of view of sub-human beings it is what draws all forms of life from self-perception, whilst as far as the super-human aspect is concerned, we can say that this law of life is extended up to the processes conditioned by the superior Law of Synthesis, of which the Law of Attractionis a subsidiary branch.

More precisely, the Law of Attraction, second cosmic law, is a generical term under which many other nature laws are gathered; they are similar but different in the way they manifest themselves. It is useful to list some of these laws (known as subsidiary laws of the Law of Attraction), allowing the person who studies them to obtain (if they are studied as a whole) a widely general idea of the law and its modifications, of its sphere of influence and field of activity.

Here we must highlight a fundamental proposition concerning all atoms: the Law of Attraction rules the Soul aspect. The Law of Economy is the law of the negative electron; the Law of Synthesis is the law of positive central life, whilst the Law of Attraction rules what is produced by the relation between them and it is ruled by a greater cosmic law, which is the intelligence principle of substance. It is the law of Akasha *.


* Akasha Akasha – It is the universal Soul, the Matrix of the Universe, the Mysterium Magicum from which everything that exists was born, by separation or differentiation. In the various occult books it is called by different names and it is useful to list some of them here; there is a unique universal element with its differentiations.


1. Undifferentiated cosmic substance.
2. Primordial Ether.
3. Primordial electric entity.
4. Akasha.
5. Higher astral light.
6. Fire serpent.
7. Mulaprakriti.
8. Pre-genetic matter.


1. Astral light.
2. Sea of fire.
3. Electricity.
4. Prakriti.
5. Atomic matter.
6. Serpent of evil.
7. Ether with its four divisions: air, fire, water, earth.


We must keep in mind that these three laws are the expression of the intention or proposition of the three logoic Aspects. The Law of Economy is the principle ruling Brahma or Holy Spirit; the Law of Synthesis is the law of the life of the Father, whilst the life of the Son is ruled by divine Attraction and it manifests it. Nevertheless, these three are the subsidiary laws of a greater impulse that rules the life of the Non-Manifested Logos*.


* Non-Manifested Logos – Since there cannot be two Infinites or two Absolutes in a Universe that is supposed to be unlimited, this Self-Existence can hardly be considered as something that personally creates. For senses and perceptions of finite beings, THAT is the Non- Being, since it is the only Beingness; since in this WHOLE, its coeternal and coeval emanation, or inherent radiation lies hidden which, periodically becoming Brahmâ (masculine-feminine Power), it expands in the manifested Universe. "Nârâyana, moving on the [abstract] waters of Space" is transformed into the waters of the concrete substance activated by him, which now becomes the manifested Word or Logos.
«"What is which was, is, and will be, whether there is a Universe or not; whether there be gods or none?" ask the esoteric Senzar Catechism. The answer is "Space"» (Secret Doctrine, I, 56 73 74).


* * *

The Law of Economy is manifested as an impulse.

The Law of Attraction as traction.

The Law of Synthesis as tendency to concentrate in the middle or gather.

When the three laws of Economy, Attraction and Synthesis will work in perfect reciprocal agreement, then nature will perfectly explain its function and the right adaptation of the material form to the spirit that dwells in it, of matter to Life and of conscience to its vehicle.

* * *

People who study the Law of Attraction must remember that the subsidiary laws are in actual fact only the manifestation of the Unique Law; they are nothing but different terms used to express a unique way of manifestation. They are:

Law of chemical Affinity
Law of Progress
Law of Sex
Law of Magnetism
Law of Irradiation
Law of the Lotus
Law of the Color
Law of Gravitation
Law of Planetary Affinity
Law of Solar Unification
Law of Schools

* * *

The second cosmic law, the Law of Attraction and Rejection, describes the powerful force of attraction that links our system to that of Sirius*; it keeps our planet in revolution around the central unity, the Sun; it keeps the lesser systems of atomic and molecular matter in circulation around a center of the planet and it keeps the matter of all bodies of the physical plane and of all subtle bodies coordinated around their microcosmic center.


* The Sun Sirius – The fire of the mind comes from a constellation of which modern science hasn't so far recognized the relation with our solar system, given the huge distance, for which the sun "Sirius" is the source of cosmic mental aspect and influences it psychically. The Logos of Sirius is for our solar Logos what the human Ego is for personality.

All the branches of the Law of Attraction that operate in this system manifest themselves as a force that gathers and tends to cohesion, which has the result of adhesion and leads to absorbtion. All these terms are necessary to give the generic idea of the fundamental quality of this law.

* * *

A Celestial Man (that manifests himself through a planet, note of the Editor) is ruled by the Law of Attraction; he has transcended the Law of Economy and he is rapidly going under the Law of Synthesis. Therefore let's observe the gradual expansion of the domain and the fact that:

First. The Law of Economy is the fundamental law of the atom. The Law of Attraction is taking over the government of the atom. The Law of Synthesis is felt weakly by the life of the atom. It is the law of life.

Second. The Law of Attraction is the fundamental law of man. The Law of Economy is for man a secondary law. It rules the matter of his vehicles. The Law of Synthesis starts being steadily felt.

Third. The Law of Synthesis is the fundamental law of the Celestial Man. The Law of Attraction fully dominates. The Law of Economy is transcended.

The dense physical body is not a principle for the Celestial Man, therefore the Law of Economy is transcended. The Law of Attraction rules the material process of construction of forms. The Law of Synthesis is the law of his Being.

* * *

We can consider pralaya as the work of "abstraction" and the method that brings the form under the destroying aspect of the Spirit, which works always under the Law of Attraction, of which the Law of Synthesis is a branch. The fundamental law of the system rules the relationship of all the atoms with the aggregation of the atoms of Self with Non self. From the occult point of view it is the most powerful demonstration of strength of the system; if the law should unconceivably stop working, the system of all the inherent forms, planetary, human and others, would stop existing. Thanks to an act of will the planetary schemes last; thanks to an act of will the system is; thanks to an act of egoic will man appears. When the Will of the Logos, of the Celestial Man and of the divine human Ego is directed to other purposes, the substance of their vehicles is affected by it and its disintegration occurs.

* * *

The atomic matter is living substance, because each atom is a minuscule life that throbs with the vitality of the third Logos *. Since these lives are negative energy, they respond to their polar opposite (by the Law of Attraction and Rejection) and with them we can build forms that are expressions of the second Aspect. At the end the forms themselves become negative and respond to another kind of force, becoming receptors of the life of the first Logos, when the fourth or human kingdom is reached.


* Three Aspects of the manifested Universe – There is an Unlimited and Immutable Principle, one unique Absolute Reality forgoing every manifested, conditioned Being. It is beyond the limits and possibilities of human thought and expression.
The manifested Universe is contained in this Absolute Reality and it is its conditioned symbol. In the totality of this manifested Universe we must conceive three aspects.

1. The First Cosmic Logos, impersonal and not manifested, precursor of the manifested one.

2. The Second Cosmic Logos, Spirit-Matter, Life, the Spirit of the Universe.

3. The Third Cosmic Logos, Cosmic Ideation, the Soul of the World, the Universal Soul.

From these three fundamental creative principles, in subsequent gradation, follow in orderly sequence the countless universes that contain an incalculable number of stars and manifested solar systems. Each solar system is the manifestation of the Life and Energy of a great Cosmic Existence that, lacking a better expression, we will call Solar Logos.

* * *

The pranic emanation (prana or active heat animates everything and it is the propulsive force that stimulates the evolving form) doesn't participate much in the construction of the form; this is not its field; but it keeps the form by maintaining the health of the parts that compose it. Other solar rays act differently on forms and their substance. Some play the role of destroyers of forms, others carry out the work of cohesion and attraction; both the duties of the Destroyer and of the Keeper are carried out according to the Law of Attraction and Rejection.

The latent fire (corporeal heat) in matter attracts the latent fire in other forms. They touch each other; recognition and awareness follow. The fire of the mind (it is the self-conscious thinking unity, or soul) continuously burns and it is fed by what is attracted or rejected. When the two fires blend, the stimulation is hugely increased and the ability of contact intensified. The Law of Attractionkeeps working until another fire (the fire of the Monad, note of the Editor) is attracted and touched, completing the three-fold fusion. Don't forget, on this subject, the mystery of the initiation Staff*.


* Initiatory Staff – It is a complementary transmitter and a powerful magnet through which, during initiation, a mental energy is momentarily intensified and applied to the centers of the initiate with powerful strength. If the Hierophant and the two seconds wouldn't let it pass through their bodies first, he would not be able to sustain it. Such strengthening of the mental energy produces expansion and knowledge of the truth as it is with long-lasting effects.


At the moment of application of the Staff the initiate has conscience of the meaning of the Law of Attraction in the construction of the form and in the synthesis of the three fires. His ability to progress depends on his ability to remember such realization and to apply the law himself.

* * *

The quality that emerges through the process of manifestation and by impulse of the divine Life is love, which works through the Law of Attraction, for the purpose of producing a final synthesis of conscience. Let's not forget that the goal of actual evolution is the development of conscious awareness. The whole process tends to this accomplishment.

* * *

Law that produces the cyclical effect

The general law that produces the cyclical effect is the Law of Attraction or Rejection, therefore connected to the Law of Periodicity and Rebirth. Cyclical evolution is entirely the result of the activity of the matter and of the Will or Spirit. It is produced by the reciprocal action of the active matter and of the Spirit that shapes it. Every form conceals a life. Every life tends constantly towards the similar life that is latent in other forms. When spirit and matter resound of the same note, the evolution will end. When the note emitted by the for m is stronger than the spirit's, we have the attraction of forms. When the note emitted by the spirit is stronger than that emitted by matter and form, we have the spirit that rejects the form.

Here we have the fundaments of the battlefield of life, with myriads of intermediate stages, which can be expressed as follows:

a. The period when the note of the form rules is involution.

b. The period of rejection of form from the Spirit is the battlefield of the three worlds.

c. The period of attraction between Spirit and Spirit, with the consequent retirement from the form, is the Path.

d. The period when the note of the Spirit rules is the time of the higher planes of evolution.

The fundamental principle is that the Law of Attraction is the manifestation of the powers of the spirit, whilst the Law of Rejection rules the form. The spirit attracts the spirit during the greater cycle. In the lesser cycle, the spirit temporarily attracts matter. The tendency of the spirit is to join and blend with the spirit. Form rejects form and produces separation. But during the great cycle of evolution, when the third factor, viz. the mind intervenes, and when the goal is the point of balance, the cyclic manifestation of interaction between spirit and form appears, which has the result of the regular cycles of planets, of the human being, of the atom. Therefore, with repetition, conscience develops and the responsive faculty is acquired. When this faculty has such nature that it is an integrating part of the equipment of the Entity, it must be expressed on every plane; cyclicity is always the law, therefore the method of activity is the subsequent rebirths.

The periodic appearance rules the rays as well as the kingdoms of nature and the forms that they contain. It even determines the activity of God. The races embody, disappear and reincarnate, like all lives in the form. Reincarnation, viz. cyclical activity, is at the basis of any phenomenal appearance and activity. It is a pulsating aspect of God's life. It is the expiration and inspiration of the process of divine existence and manifestation. It is what is hidden behind the science of chemical affinities, behind the relation of opposite polarities, of marriage, be it between man and woman or between the soul and its expression, personality. It is the cause of sexual relation, which works according to the great Law of Attraction and Rejection.

* * *

It is not my job to go into detail about the errors and unfortunate consequences, the many perversions and sadic cruelties that originated from the abuse of this natural function (sex) carried out by man and his companion; this is not an explanation for their foolish understanding of the Law of Attraction and Rejection.

In the symbol of sex is also expressed the reality of love itself. In actual fact love involves a relationship, but the word "love" (as well as the word "sex") is used lightly and without thinking about its true meaning. After all, love and sex are one thing, since both express the sense of the Law of Attraction. Love is sex, and this is love, since these two words describe the reciprocal relationship and the unity between God and His universe, between man and God, between man and his soul, and finally between man and woman. The reason and the relationship are highlighted. But the unavoidable result of this relationship is the creation and manifestation of a form through which the divinity can manifest itself and exist. Spirit and matter joined together and the universe was born.

Love is always productive and the Law of Attraction is prolific with effects. For the same great law Man and God joined together and Christ was born, guarantee and demonstration of the divinity of man. Man and his soul try and join together as well; when this happens, Christ is born in the cave of the heart and it is manifested in daily life with growing power. Therefore man dies every day in order for Christ to appear in all his glory. Sex is the symbol of these wonders.

* * *

Love is always productive and the Law of Attraction is prolific with effects. For the same great law Man and God joined together and Christ was born, guarantee and demonstration of the divinity of man. Man and his soul try and join together as well; when this happens, Christ is born in the cave of the heart and it is manifested in daily life with growing power. Therefore man dies every day in order for Christ to appear in all his glory. Sex is the symbol of these wonders.

This instinct, or inclination, to synthesis and unification can be studied in relation to the laws of the universe and nature. It is strongly connected to the Law of Attraction and to the Principle of cohesion.

* * *

Law that rules the process of restitution

The process of incarnation, the life in the form and restitution (by action of the death principle) of matter to matter and of soul to soul are processes ruled by the great universal Law of Attraction. Think that one day death, expected and agreeable, will be described by this simple sentence: "It is the time when the attraction of the soul demands that I leave the body and give it back where it came from". Think which change occurs in the human conscience, when death will be considered the simple and voluntary abandonment of the form, temporarily taken for two precise goals:

a. To master the three worlds

b. To allow the substance of the form "stolen, borrowed or owned rightfully" according to the evolutionary stage to elevate to higher perfection thanks to the impulse given to it by life, through the soul.

Therefore the Law of Attraction rules death as well as everything else. It is the principle of cohesion that preserves the asset of the whole body, makes its rhythm and the vital cycles steady and governs the mutual relations between its parts. It is the highest coordinator in every form, since (in the soul) it expresses the first divine aspect, the will. Perhaps this will surprise you, because you are used to consider this law as a manifestation of the second, viz. of love-wisdom. But the principle of attraction works in all forms, from the atom to the planet. Nevertheless, if it is coesive and integrating, it is also a means of "restitution" by which the human soul periodically reabsorbs itself in the shadowing soul. This function has not been studied much so far, because it concerns its highest aspect and therefore it is connected to divine will or the Monad (spiritual will). Only with the straighter progress of the work of Shamballa*, in the future, men will start distinguishing (as they must and want) between personal and spiritual will, between intention, plan, proposition, definite polarity and then the matter will be clear.


* Shamballa – A center in the Gobi desert, called in the ancient books "White Island". It exists in the ethereal substance and when men will develop the ethereal vision they will recognize its location and admit to its existence. It is "a very mysterious place because of its future associations". (Secret Doctrine, II, 413)


Like everything that is manifested, the Law of Attraction is divided into three aspects of divinity:

1. It puts in contact life and form, spirit and matter third aspect.

2. It governs the cohesive and integrating process that produces forms second aspect.

3. It causes the unbalance that disintegrates and transcends the form as far as man is concerned and that has three stages:

    a. Restitution, where the body dissolves and gives its components, cells and atoms, back to where they came from.

    b. Elimination, identical process that involves the forces that make the astral and mental shells.

    c. Absorbtion, where the human soul joins its source, the universal soul that overshadows everything.

This last stage is an expression of the first aspect.

If it is understood properly, this illustrates and demonstrates the huge power of the Law of Attraction and its relation with the law of Synthesis, ruler of the first divine aspect. Integration is foreboding of synthesis. If it is repeated many times, cyclically, in the long cycle of the soul that incarnates, it generates the ultimate synthesis between spirit and soul, which is the goal of human evolution. After the third initiation (the initiation of integrated personality) we have complete freedom from the attraction carried out by the substance of the three worlds; therefore we have the faculty to make the most, with perfect knowledge, of the Law of Attraction and of the various stages that rule the creative process.

* * *

The proper death, according to the Law, is when the goal is reached and the aspiration stops. When the ethereal body of man, or of a planetary or solar Logos, disintegrates, it is not positive any more towards the entity that lives in it and the latter can evade. In oter words, that shell is not a source of attraction any longer, it is not a magnetic field any more; therefore the Law of Attractiondoesn't control it and the form decomposes.

It is important to point out that the Art of Dying is governed by the fundamental Law of Attraction, which is expression of love, second divine attribute. This is not true for sudden deaths, which are ruled by the first aspect, the destroyer. The condition there is different; the event can be caused not by individual karmic needs, but by group reasons, even very obscure – so much so that it is not worth talking about them now, because the reader doesn't know enough about the Law of Karma and its group implications and he ignores the relations and duties established in past lives.

Here I will just take into consideration natural death, caused by disease or old age, viz. caused by the will of the soul which, at the end of a pre-established cycle of experience, uses the normal means to pursue its purposes. In this cases death is natural, and the human gender must understand it with greater patience and hope.

Under the Law of Attraction at the end of a life, the soul deliberately exerts such attraction that it overwhelms that relating to the matter; this is another definition of death. When there isn't conscious contact with the soul, as for most men nowadays, death comes unexpected and welcomed with sadness. Yet, it is a true and proper attraction of the soul. This is the great spiritual concept that must be proclaimed to fight the fear of dying. Death is ruled by the Law of Attraction, therefore the vital body escapes the dense matter scientifically and progressively, and the soul stops any contact with the three worlds.

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