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Energetic vampirism and mediumism
by Adriano Nardi
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By energetic vampirism we mean the phenomenon carried out by disembodied entities known as elementary entities, which live on the lower astral plane.

Once separated from their spiritual counterpart and from their physical bodies, these entities remain in their astral covers, also called shells (animated by their own lower qualities). They are irresistibly attracted on earth by the elements similar to their coarse nature. This energetic need leads them to draw energy from those who ‘open the door of their house'. The duration of their staying on the astral plane varies; but it invariably ends with their disintegration.

The first people responsible for allowing the unmerciful survival of certain entities in this limbo are mediums and operators of lower psychism. Therefore it is best to avoid mediumistic and spiritualistic practices, even for fun, in order for these elementary forms of life not to gather around the circle of mediums and researchers of psychic phenomena, feeding on their magnetic emanations.

A Teaching states: ‘The medium is an inn where liars stay'.

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