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How to find the world of spiritual thought
by Athos A. Altomonte
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Enthusiasm is an appreciable virtue, especially when it is accompanied by sincerity in the intentions. Sincerity is what matters. With sincerity we can do almost anything. Any mistake is acceptable if it is made with sincerity. What is not acceptable is the arrogance of false scholars.

It is essential not to stop asking questions. By joining enthusiasm with patience we can get anywhere we wish, without leaning on anyone, but relying only on our own strengths. Perhaps, like a cyclist, if someone gives us a water flask, we take it and say thank you, but without stopping, keeping pedalling up to the top.

Asking more and more refined questions is the best way to grow and to open the mind to different visions. Asking questions is a constructive exercise of childish shrewdness , whilst chatting in order to show off only serves the purpose of expanding the small ‘self' that, indeed, we should silence to leave room for the intuition of the Ego.

The spiritual afflatus is far away from the rules of the physical mind. In other words, it is a utopia for any concrete mind. Therefore only by developing the (impersonal) intellect we can perceive the subtle ‘ voice of the soul ', as the soul is the only vehicle between personality (the profane aspect in ourselves) and spirituality (the divine aspect in ourselves).

The man who thinks that he can perceive the soul through the concrete mind is a blind ignorant person, who can only waste his time in the sea of delusions.

Sciolism is useless. It is necessary to understand by developing intuition. Intuition is the first arch of the bridge. But how to develop it and make it steady (knowledge by contact) is an inner art (Ars Regia or Bridge) that is taught by those who already have this bridge and can teach us how to build it.

By exploring the world of words we learn to open them, to penetrate them up to the point of ‘touching' the inner meanings. We then discover that the world of meanings (esoteric plane) is inside the world of words (exoteric plane). Once we have found the inner meanings we will understand that by going through that plane we can access the world of abstract thought (initiatory plane).

The world of abstract thought is the threshold of the spiritual one, and there are no shortcuts.

We must not get distracted, this is the trial. The plan is drawn; it must be followed without looking left or right, but only straight. We must not camp on the sides of the path. We must not sit around bonfires of vanity, like those belonging to people who have given up the inner journey.

It will be useful to remember what Ulysses did before hearing the ‘song of the sirens' (delusions): he asked to be tied. Therefore, when we approach any possible source of cultural temptation, we should tie ourselves to the chain of our own will to prevent ourselves from being distracted from the straight road.

Straight inside us (initiatory journey) and not straight outside us (profane journey).

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