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The Friars Major
by Athos A. Altomonte
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Q : … in the indefiniteness between myth and history of an Order like the Rose & Cross, I don't understand if the latter has influenced Freemasonry and what is the esoteric sense of this alleged link ?

A : Dear friend, ‘seen from the distance' I can only say that R&C (Friars Major) are the western extension of the Master Masons as you know them. It is a joining link used to ‘transmit' a wave (Bridge) of knowledge (the perennial Teaching), which, after leaving the Orient, keeps developing towards the West. Likewise it happens for an Idea that, once reached the brain, must be perceived (left lobe), then fulfilled (right lobe) and finally expressed (word or action).

The ability of those who perceive the Idea (the Illuminated) must be at least equal to the ability of those (Initiates) who must wrap it into an understandable formal aspect (project or teaching), harmonizing the metaphysical structures of the Idea for those that will achieve it in actual fact (the Builders).

This is why I think that every esotericist should re-cognize the three spheres: the Illuminates (spiritually), Initiates (that formulate the project or the teaching) and the Builders (of Ideas), which will concretely achieve its formal aspect.

These are the three spheres of an initiatory Hierarchy and they correspond to the different ‘ modus operandi ', (specialization) of the initiatory conscience.

On the contrary, Initiation is the path of the person who leaves the ‘world of words' and heads towards the plane of archetypical Ideas (spiritual metaphysics), leaving behind the translucent spheres of reflected ideas (the illusions of the physical mind). I hope I have given you some fragments on which you can build a thought.


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