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What is the purpose of the word?
by Athos A. Altomonte

Q : does the re-awakening to a new life occur only after having lived and overcome the nigredo, operation that ‘kills' personality, ego and pride ?

A : What is the purpose of the word? I think that it can be defined (using a metaphor) the ‘cloth of the soul', since thought is its (of the soul) material manifestation. The special fact is not the meaning it conveys, which is a convention created by man, but its ‘sound'.

The meaning is a ‘psychic precipitate' that ‘materializes' the thought; tone and vibration are the occult part of transmission. Whilst the word transmits the meaning elaborated by the mind, tone and deep vibration transmit the feeling suggested by the heart. We can lie with words (especially in writing) but nothing can affect tone and deep vibration.

The word can create and destroy ideas, whilst the sound can start, stop and change feelings and consciences. This is the art of ‘building with sound'.

With regards to ‘nigredo', we must say that in ancient times psycho-drama was used profusely to impress the minds of less sensitive people. Today we would say that ‘nigredo' is detachment. It is certainly easier said than done, but we don't progress through imagination or fantasy. We either know the methods or we don't; sparse bits of them will never make a Unity.

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