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Men who want "Wings"

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Index: The physical mind - The superior mind - The Work in White


In the humankind we find three classes with different characteristics: a «grey majority» prisoner of the impulses of the lower nature; a «variously colored minority» that fights to free itself from them using the instruments of knowledge and historic memory; a «dark minority» that uses superstition and ignorance to subject the masses.

The various initiatory Schools apply this subdivision to represent the methods used by the "colored minorities" to elaborate the strategies for their "liberation". This is why different methods share the same goal: to transform oneself in order to be free from the bonds of materiality.

In the Caduceus of Hermes the concept is symbolized by a pair of Wings; therefore we can deduce that the meaning of "transformation" is combined with "liberation".

It is certain that the initiatory principle is reached at the end of a process of elaboration and liberation that involves the three big planes of human essence: body, mind and spirit. Therefore elaboration and transformation becomes the track that guides towards initiation, through the overcoming of alchemic stations, where the laboratory is mind and the athanor is conscience (see The living athanor).


The physical mind

The first liberation occurs by perfecting thoughts and feelings of the concrete mind linked to the material aspect (see earth element). The alchemist rationalizes himself and frees himself from an excessive dependence on physical, instinctive and passional sensations (see water element). Ancient hermeticists called this method metallic Transmutation , whilst spiritual alchemists called itmental Alchemy. To transform metals is a symbolic way to define the work to do on oneself in order to change the perspectives of the material and physical-animal nature. By following the criteria of ‘subtle archetypes' the spiritual alchemist ‘macerates, dissolves, coagulates and sublimates' the primitive identity, creating an impersonal mind that elaborates equally subtle feelings and ideas.


The superior mind

Through the impersonal mind the spiritual alchemist reaches the high planes of his conscience, opening the ways of intellect to creative intelligence (see air element). The latter is different from the intelligent ordinary mind because it doesn't identify with the impulses or the chaos of emotional reason (see detachment).

Creative intelligence is supported by intuition. When it develops it allows intuition to turn from an occasional, uncontrollable and uncontrolled phenomenon into a steady presence in the ordinary conscience; the latter is then able to perceive the rhythms of nature first and then planetary and systemic rhythms (see Great Book of Nature).

On this subject we can quote a passage that concerns the energetic conditions evolving from rhythms. It is particularly valuable because it has been written in old times:

«…it is necessary to mentally penetrate the silence of high levels. The quietness of the mind depends on rhythm. If it vibrates in many directions and registers thoughts from every side, the rhythm can't act. Calmness and peacefulness are necessary to reach balance. The law of vibrations and the study of the atomic state of the substance are strictly connected. When atoms and their activities and interactions will be better known we will be able to control bodies with scientific rigor, synchronizing rhythms and vibrations. Rhythm and vibration are identical yet different. They are aspects of gravitation. The Earth itself is an entity that retains all things to itself on purpose. It is an obscure subject, we know very little about it. Its respiration strongly affects the vibration of the physical matter. Furthermore, this process is connected to the lunar phases…».


The Work in White

The last process elaborates a liberation that moves on the contrary of the "common feelings".

The spiritual alchemist is not surprised that initiatory culture moves against the stream of profane models. The initiatory process, as he knows, aims at "freeing" the spiritual plane (see fire element) towards the outside (at the bottom, according to profanes), allowing it to manifest itself on the physical plane. The Work in White consists of bringing "heaven on earth", that is the inner (subtle) world towards the external (material) world; "pontiffs" (those who build bridges between heaven and earth) call it consecration of the matter . We then reach the status called "illumination".

The «three primal causes» (physical, mental and spiritual plane) are linked to the wholeness of esoteric branches, where the difference between eastern and western initiatory schools refers to the languages they use, rather than the substance of what they transmit.

To summarize, mental liberation starts with rejecting mundane cultural models and individual prejudices and egoisms. It continues in a wider perspective by fighting injustice, bullying and abuse of power. The fight then becomes more sophisticated and the mind stretches towards the higher planes of conscience. At an earlier stage it was sufficient to change the way of thinking ; now it is necessary to change oneself in order to advance, changing the structure of mind and conscience.

In this direction a sharp initiatory teaching highlights that «…the understanding of "mysteries" doesn't occur thanks to the transmission of notions, but for the effect of the change in mind and conscience that allows the Initiate to comprehend what was hidden before».

To grow in order to understand, then, seems to be the formula that leads to knowledge. Therefore we are back to the matter of illumination as the sign of an initiatory arriving point.


Little illumination, access to the lesser Mysteries

Working on the mind (see accelerating the electro-cerebral synapses)

The first achievement of the spiritual alchemist is to allow the part of subtle conscience (the part of animic conscience not involved in the lower, physical-animal nature) to manifest itself in the material reason (physical mind) up to illuminate its intellect.


Great illumination, access to the greater Mysteries

Working on the conscience (see knowledge by contact)

The main achievement is to allow the spiritual conscience (see monadic conscience, monad) to manifest itself in the subtle conscience that, on its turn, has established itself on the physical plane illuminating it.

The basic notion of this process is resumed in the expression «psychic precipitation». It is important to notice how the esoteric sense of the process moves in the opposite direction than the common thinking. Indeed, in the profane and exoteric culture it is said that man "goes up" towards the soul or the spirit. The initiatory culture, on the other hand, says that the subtle part of man proceeds towards the bottom (in actual fact the outside) for the purpose of manifesting itself in the material world through the conscience of the physical man. Mysticism agrees with this, defining "soul, or embodied spirit" the conclusion of the process of exteriorization of the "spiritually illuminated' part".  


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